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How to circumnavigate a cranky make-up artist! (advice on dealing with me and my tribe). :-D

Hello Skinlovers Mini rant warning. I repeat once more and with feeling! We the tribe of make-up artist who understand and not just splash paint all over your face are miracle workers but still it is a damned make-up brush … Continue reading

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The Power of make-up that balmy soothing meditation that is a well done make-up.

Hello Skinlovers. Here we go. Most of you know my attacks on Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers as being vicious, simply because I believe many are sponsored and misleading, and lack integrity and honesty. But every so often you come across some brilliant … Continue reading

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Hair today Gone tomorrow! (aka pluck tweeze at your ease)… Am I starting to repeat myself yes I am.

Hello Skinlovers! Here we are again was looking through my files (yes again I do not want to write anything because it will be political and I have said what I need to say time and time again so enough … Continue reading

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