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A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!

Christmess Hells (Christmas Bells)……. For whom does the bell toll…..

Greetings Skinlovers. It’s been a long while since I wrote anything. So here we go. I think this post will me a potpourri of subjects. The season is upon us and people rolled out the “Christmas Cheer” (you know the … Continue reading

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Ruminations on mortality…..

Hello Skinlovers. Long time, as some of you may have noticed I haven’t been posting in a while. Many things factored in that. Mainly I was overwhelmed, physically and mentally drained. My father passed away on the 20th of July. … Continue reading

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Art for art’s sake a journey through some recent works……

Hello Skinlovers! Just a friendly reminder that I do draw.   W

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Sad days.

Hello Skinlovers. These are indeed treacherous times. When an Orange Buffoon does exactly that which he claimed his predecessor did, and heads of to one of the worst culprits agains human rights, to kowtow to their whims and then some … Continue reading

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Ruminations on the dance (a metaphor of life perhaps?).

Hello Skinlovers. Back after a long absence, well I have been kind of busy with the boomerangs of life’s foibles. So I posted a status which reads: ” It’s been a while since I ruminated on dance so here goes. … Continue reading

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Contemplating your navel and other ills…….

Hello Skinlovers…… So here we go: Whine whine whine whine. Seems that’s all I hear these days. BRATS! “I didn’t get (insert whatever), my life is over I’m depressed” What The Absolute Fuck is going on. Everywhere I turn it’s … Continue reading

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Morning ruminations on Influenazas and Gurus. 03 – 02 – 2017.

Greetings Skinlovers! Grammas back. Been a while so I thought I’d pop by and say howdy and leave you with a bit of thoughts. Morning observations: I do not follow Mac cosmetics middle-east. 😀 Simple reason, that kind of make-up … Continue reading

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