About Descantia


The Bitch Goddess Fate

How does one describe ones self without sounding pompous? Well one cannot so here it is in your face the not completely insincere truth, which as we all know is subjective and it depends on whose eye are looking at it.

A conservative (Danish style) liberal, a hedonistic prude, a barrel chock-full of contradictions, a smart-arse know it all! Master of make-up, Art, Design (fashion and others), agony aunt.
A performer, a performance artist, a dabbler in the arts, and an astute art critic.

My world welcome to it, and if you don’t like the Multiverse I live in fold space and disappear through that wormhole you slipped through.


6 Responses to About Descantia

  1. You actually live in Amman? Wow. Who are you? I love your blog, and you certainly have an open mind, something very uncommon in these areas of the world, you would know what I mean. WHO ARE YOU? Please? (A)

    I’ll get off your page now, bye (A)

  2. Sara says:

    I’m from Amman myself, your “GGA” post is what caught my attention. Was looking it up and saw your blog rather than the site itself, I ended up reading your words to my sister rather than telling her what our generation has come to.
    Sorry if I should be posting this somewhere else, I just signed up, and I’m not exactly sure of how to do…well ,anything so far! But thank you, for indirectly showing me this site. Loving your blog so far (:

    • descantia says:

      Hey you Happy New Year!
      Post whatever whenever, as long as we get the message across to EVERYONE, that games like these are NOT to be played in our society where some idiot with a gun and a misguided sense of “honour” can wipe out a life. Not acceptable on any level. And we are not in upper Manhattan and these girls are NOT the elite (Sorry but the elite know how to behave).
      My blogs are more rants and social commentary rather than “I woke up and had a coffee” things. Glad you are liking it so far.

      • Mellow says:

        That was the reason I liked your blogs, they’re what I enjoy reading, I’m definitely going to be ranting and commenting on some things that I see around me, they’re most likely going to be angry disapproving rambles of things similar to GAA.
        Don’t get me started on “honour” killings… really.
        Haha, Happy New Year to you too!

      • descantia says:

        That’s the ticket! The world needs more critique not whining! Or more fluff okay I don’t mind a bit of fluff once in a while. 🙂

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