Videos purporting to be of use while spreading a false sense of hope.

Hello Skinlovers.

Grumpy Gramma’s back.

With regards to the “it gets better” video (the arabic version):
It gets easier for whom exactly? Not the ones living in the middle-east/the region. Just because some NGO sponsored a chirpy little video the reality on the ground is far from optimal (as you well know).
People can still get ostracised & killled by their families.
I applaud the efforts and the courage of the participants in this bit of propaganda. But the reality so not safe, and what good is it to know “you are not alone” or “it gets better” says who?
My advice to the younglings struggling is tolearn martial arts, and work on their self-esteem and make something of themselves. Because with that kind of strength NO ONE can bring you down. NO ONE!
Become more insidious and militant but be savvy about it.
The main thing is to keep fighting through the courts and politicos. And get every bit of foreign aid to have the “Human rights of gays” attached to it. Once the wallet is hit then they will start to change their perceptions.
That is how you affect a change.
Maybe it’s because I fought so long that to see this video and the false security and promise it brings that just irks me and rubs me the wrong way.
It’s that usual promise of nothing that gets me. A promise that they can get help and that it gets better. But not really. THey have more role models these days, which is amazing. But still the mentality of the region backwards and obsolete, archaic in its structure.
I want to see REAL help not some empty platitudes of false aid where none is forthcoming.
I feel such sadness for the youth of the region who really stand to lose all their rights and the right to living based on some stupid macho-posturing created by homophobes who run the various institutions that prey on the “weaker” segment of society, the outcasts if you willl.
But that’s just me.
I really am fed-up with the whole west philosophy of “we know what’s best for you let us tell you how it should be” mentality, O really like the spreading of democracy in oil rich countries? Hmmm?
Like the fact you go in create chaos without understanding the culture?
Like the fact at the first sign of trouble you flee with your tails between your legs?

I am old and I have seen it happen too many times to fall for that schpiel.

So no thank you. Harsh reality is that it doesn’t get better. But you can make a stand by not being weak, and not letting anyone run rough-shod all over you.

Stand your ground.
And pick your battles well.

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