New Year New observations…..

Hello Skinlovers.

So the new year has rung in and we were once again beset with worries and strife.
Bombings killings and such, mad mad world we live in.

But also the insanity contiues with entitled people asking one for favours and when one takes a little too long to answer because one takes ones time to read scripts and starts to write points, one eventually responds on face book only to find one is blocked.
O well such is life no loss really.
Here’s a hint. If you want me to do your work for you then pay me and you will immediatly gain priority status. But bitch please. Do not assume I will drop everything to work on your project if I am not getting paid, seriously!

On another note.

Here’s how funny things are I have been on a rampage since the fiasco of my 50th birthday celebrations, because I had a migraine caused by none other than being at an event and seeing Fady Kattaya doing absolutely nothing (except droning on in monotone about Yves Saint Laurent beauty products, and his assistant doing the make up application because it seems to his manager that Jordan is not important enough for him to do his magic), yes I am pissed off, I am pissed off that the people bringing him allowed that to happen, and that they were blowing smoke up his wazoo because of who he is, not realising that his disrespect of us was so great that he even didn’t bother to dress up for the occasion, his outfit was something you wouldn’t wear to your grandmother’s thanksgiving, light trousers and a sweater with the statue of liberty’s head on it to a presentation of YSL, really Fady?
No not acceptable on any level. Yet he could dress up for those in Kuwait as they were paying and it was a master-class……..
And then to top it all of P. L. the lebanese make up artist started to defend him by saying he was here as Fady not a YSL represntative and not as YSL ambassador, what a load of codswollop, YSL and the arrangers brought him ergo he is a representative of the brand, while I respect that he was defending his fellow country man, he really should’ve zipped it his bias was showing.
The girls from YSL liban were asking me what I thought and I told themI was pissed off, if it had been a few years ago I would have smacked Fady with a chair upside his head. THe girls proceeded to tell me he had stage fright and was shy and my reply was public speaking lessons and that he shouldn’t be doing what he is doing then.

Do not get me wrong, I am not attacking his talent or capabilities he is one of the most talented fellas we have in the region, I am attacking the fact that he listened to the manager, that gifts center let them get away with it and that the local social media influencers except for one or two were all up his posteriors kissing it. I mean if they were any thing remotely professional they would have seen the glaringly obvious that it was a shambles, within the first 5 minutes he had lost control of the crowd, and to add to that they (the crowd) were rude and were gossiping amongst themselves, that was the level it was at.
Suffice it that my night was ruined one of my friends sitting half a metre away could feel the body temprature from my rage seeping out from me.
Why didn’t I post it before because out of respect to someone, but therein comes the next part.

Last year  I was at an event with the same people (not YSL but GC) and I said to the daughter of the owner I think we (P.L and I ) should take our favourite brands and talk of them and do demonstartions, a few monthes after that while I was giving a talk in the place I repeated it again, and then in Sept or Oct I said it once more. No reaction.
Suddenly I open snapchat and there is P.L. talking about the stuff we had mentioned, so I was like okay so we started, and I send Y. A message saying so I get Guerlain, and she didn’t answer so I said I guess not. Next day I see P. Talking about, guess what? Guerlain.
Of course my knee-jerk reaction was and will always be…….. HELEN KELLER EVERYONES ARSE. So I did.
It’s the classic never share your thoughts or inspiration or even trust people because they will let you down. And most importantly you snooze you lose.

As we say everyone is looking out for number one.
So sad as it may be so must I.

So friendships and acquaintances must be purged from social media if you disrespect me I must be rid of you , yes that even applies to relations, and I am doing so some quickly some slowly.

And that is my new years plans, HELEN KELLER whomever doesn’t toe my party line, because who needs that kind of antagonism.wp-image-2116684210jpg.jpg Bala 7aya Marsa 1501712_489995134451124_2141434234_n
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