The arrogance of it all. The pitfalls of fame (not me someone else).

Hello Skinlovers….

Grammas back again.

Let’s see what is my news.
O yes, I turned fifty on the 26th of November.
How did it go?
Well, here, let me tell you my tale of drama.

I get a phone calle sometime in October from a reputable company, they say we would like to invite you to a great event we are holding. It is with XXXXXXX from Lebanon (this guy is good an talented and very sweet that is NOT the issue read on and you will see) as most of you know I have an aversion to nearly all things lebanese especially since I do not believe that they a superior to us, damn but they work hard and are masters of promotion of self. So I said to them it is my birthday and yeah, why not it would be fun to see how he works.
The day of the event arrives, I show up and we wait. The set-up was like a school room a very extravagant one but still, row upon row black chairs with a stage and my thought was there is going to be a lot of people here damn! I had a table way at the back. So we were milling around talking and meeting and greeting and schmoozing. The main event arrives, and that’s were things went down hill (again I repeat this is not a reflection upon his skill and talent that is not in question) the dude was wearing a sweater and faded jeans, he looked as if he was going to his grandmother’s for thanksgiving (why am I focusing on this you aske, well, there are certain matters of etiquette to follow in events like these smart casual is de rigeur, but not frat boy college kid style, you wear a nice shirt, dark trousers and such)getting over that shock, we took our seats and the “Grand event” started.
Now is where the disaster struck, the dude didn’t even lift a brush, he was droning on iun a monotone voice about t he products, explaining in a low voice so that no one could hear the look of the season while an assistant did the applying.
I started boiling, literally boiling my friend sitting next to me could feel the anger, one of the mother company’s representative came over and asked me what I thought and this is what I said:
“I have a suggestion, maybe he should invest in some public speaking classes. This is unacceptable we were told that he would be showing us techniques or his style at least, NOTHING was mentioned about his assistant doing all the work”
She replied that his boyfriend/manager had told him not to apply any make-up since it wasn’t a master calss, and he has chronic shyness.
I said: “Well, then. He shouldn’t be doing this”

A friend of mine a make up artist who is lebanese too started to defend him by saying that he wasn’t a brand ambassador, and I looked at him like W T F? It stated it on the press release that this was a YSL event and he was here on their behalf and talking about their products how THE FUCK is he not a brand Ambassador???????????
So I got a migraine and that was my night ruined.
I didn’t go anywhere except home.

Now my points.
The people arranging did the best they could here are the problems.

  • Too many people.
  • You should never be so star-struck that you forget to get in writing a summary of what is going to happen so you can inform people about it.
  • You should not let themanagers rid rough-shod over you.
  • You should be sure the person doing the presentation is capable, no excuses.
  • You are responisble.

These are a few points. I mean seriously he might have thought he was smartly dresse but no, I do not accept that at all you are responsible for giving an appearance. What he was dressed as simply told me this: You guys are so unimportant that I am not even going to bother. And of course another point never let your spouse or your boyfriend be your manager especially if the shit doesn’t understand how these things work, just because you want your nookie while travelling so you bang THAT label on them so you get a ticket for them, sorry very unprofessional.
Where stage-fright is concerned take some damned public speaking lessons, get over it or do NOT under-take such a thing, it is disrespectful to the people who take time out of their schedules to see you. Seriously, I do not care how big a name you are. RESPECT is the key-word.

To the organisers.
They did a bang-up job, arranged it well, there is no fault on their side (except for being star-strruck and letting him and his manager get away with what they did). A bit of advice, always make sure you are armed with an appearance contract and that there are fixed protocols (as there should always be).

It was a terrible let-down, obviously I was the only one who felt like that, but the girls from the brand knew that and agreed, also they were aware of the fault but could do nothing.

I am just so sick of us being treated like we were just an incidental, I asked one of my lebanese friends in lebanon if this was the norm when she saw the picture of how he looked she was disgusted and taken-aback. soit isn’t just me.
Of course the social media cronies were all scrambling to take pictures with him, and kissing his arse. Yours truly is not a crony nor will I kiss anyones arse, I had actually said to one of the girls, that if this had happened a few years back I would’ve been shouting at him and his manager and then smacked them with a stool.
But this I did learn kudos to the lebanese they will stick with each other through thick and thin, the way my friend jumped to his defence was admirable, but bitch please, admit it, it was a shitty thing to happen and not professional at all.

So that was my little observation…….

Until next rant…….


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