Why we are sliding down the slippery slope……. Never ending bureaucratic nightmares…………

Hello Skinlovers a rant…….

This will resonate strongly with all those people who have had to deal with the nightmare that is our bureaucracy.
My personal opinion is that there should be a purge in the upper tiers of the bureaucratic nightmare that is Customs and excise worldwide (but especially in our country)….. They are lording it over the people confiscating and putting taxes with no logical reasoning behind it.

I have copy pasted my status from facebook below:

Here’s a little tale of caution:
So basically that neverending story of our bureaucratic nonsense the nightmare continues.
So I placed an order (I do not blame the company I placed the order with but the bloody customs and excise that has no rhyme nor reason) they seem to be confiscating things:
The following would’ve been confiscated no reasons given or no logical reasons given because of course no logic required:
4K 30fps WiFi Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera,SONY Sensor,Time Lapse,Slow Motion, TWO Batteries Included
SYWHZ G1 Cutaway Body and Rear Adjustable Locknut Doual Action Gravity Feed Professional Airbrush with 0.3mm Nozzle for Makeup Body Art Nail Art Paint Cancelled
12 Color-US Cake Supply by Chefmaster Airbrush Cake Color Set – The 12 Most Popular Colors in 0.7 fl. oz. (20ml) Bottles Cancelled
Wilton 710-5501 Food Decorative Color Mist, Blue Cancelled
Wilton Red Color Mist Cancelled
Wilton Gold Color Mist Cancelled
1 X PointZero Brush Set for Airbrush Cleaning Cancelled
GotHobby 0.3mm Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush Paint Spray Gun Kit Set Cancelled
Ready-to-use Metallic Pearlescent Baby Blue 100% Edible Food Paint for Cake and Icing Decoration Cancelled
Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Pearlescent Cerise Cancelled
Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Midnight Blue Cancelled
Ready-to-use Metallic Dark Gold 100% Edible Food Paint for Cake and Icing Decoration Cancelled 0.02 kg 1
Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Light Gold Cancelled 0.01
Rainbow Dust Metallic Dark Silver Edible Food Paint 25ml
Orange/Gold UV/Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder – Medium 30-40 um-10g Cancelled
BLUE / SKY BLUE Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder 10g Cancelled
LILAC / PURPLE Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder 10g Cancelled
AQUA, BLUE/GREEN Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder 10g Cancelled
Those were just an example of some of the things that would’ve given problems……..
Of course there were more but it’d be toooooo long a list.
Now for the mind-boggling bit, you know what would have been allowed in with no problems. THESE:
B&S FEEL 24pcs Leather Packing Titanize Scissors Style Lock Tools and Single Hook Cancelled
Bidlsbs 5pcs Credit Card Hardware Multitools for Training Practice Lock Cancelled
So tell me again how we are suppose to be setting up businesses and investing and trying to create something that might blossom into a bigger thing.
When the people in certain bureaus and offices are the ones that are shoving the hurdles and making problems and are a dysfunctional unit that is ruining the country, my story is just the tip of the bureaucratic nightmare rampant in this country when small functionaries think they have the power to ruin everything. They make you jump through hoops of fire and then after all is said and done, one little troll will look at the paper and say nope not going to happen (but that seems to be the norm with bureaucrats all over the world)……..
Invest in Jordan my fat aunt Harriet. Not when they have literally driven every small business into bankruptcy and any investors who even thought of coming here saw the nightmare that is bureaucracy…..
Do something for your country I was once told, well, it’s a two way street, my country has to do something for me instead of forcing one to think that it’s time to leave for good and not look back, because this is what is happening, and they ask why is there a “brain drain”? Well sit with me and I can give you sooooooooooo many stories.
We keep on making summits and symposiums trying to bring investors into the country while the people trying to do start-ups, invent stuff are constantly blocked by those who are supposed to be helping them, problem is that if it is something outside their scope of miniscule brains and understanding it is an instant no this cannot be done. Yet when the people go abroad and make a success of it, they try to steal the credit, we all have stories like that.

And the powers that be are shocked when someone from here who made it big outside refuse to invest in our fair land, and they wonder why……. Ask me and I will tell you………

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