Into the skin…. A piece about skincare and stuff.

Hello Skinlovers, Gramma’s back!:-D


This time I thought I would get back to my passions (other than wealthy manimals with deadly and fatal allergies), I am talking skincare and beauty……

While we were driven insane by countless heatwaves this happened:

The USFDA has declared that antibacterial soaps are not better than regular so, infact they have compiled a DO NOT USE list (which I will include below at the end of this post).

The USFDA have approved the Differin Gel by Galderma for OTC (Over The Counter) sale, this comes after extensive testing (hasn’t been done since 1988 I think I could be wrong memory is not what it used to be). 🙂

J&J (aka Johnson& Johnson) have partnered up with Xycrobe to research and develop a new system of skincare which is bacteria based, it’s benefits would be a new alternative path for the treatment of acne as a start.

The Buzzword re-emerging is Nutri-Cosmetics it comes up every few years, Imdeen was one of the first but now it is picking up in the USA, while in Europe slow and steady  progress, and Japan it has never gone out of style or fashion.

Another buzzword which is a very good thing to know it is “GreenWashing” when a company claims to be “Green” and Eco-friendly but in reality is not, consumers are more savvy and aware so companies have to watch out when claiming the eco-friendliness and green label.

For those suffering from Hyperpigmentation, Ageing signs, Psoriasis and some forms of heart disease, there is hope Pycnogenol (Pinus pinaster. French Maritime Pine Bark Extract), it’s shown a damned good track record in the healing and alleviation of a lot of the symptoms of aforementioned problems. Not to be too fancy but the active ingredients in pycnogenol can also be extracted from other sources, including peanut skin, grape seed, and witch hazel bark.

For the Manimals out there MMUK MAN is set to start being sold in the USA, it was rumoured in July that MMUK MAN was eyeing a space in Dubai mall for august, didn’t check on that. BUt it is the investment of the future as I predicted in 1982. Make-Up aka grooming for men would take-off eventually.

ANd while we are on the subject of manimal grooming, you know when the Koreans start targeting things it will catch on worldwide, so here we go. Several major companies are targeting men as their clients for grooming products amongst the companies are AmorePacific, IOPE and Innisfree these have launched successful skincare products and grooming exclusively for men.

Did you know there is an acne app for those whose skin is blemished by eruptions.
“MD Acne” a free app  that was invented by Dr. Oded Harth and Dr. Yoram Harth…… Hmmmm I wonder where they hail from. 10 guesses up to one.
Was soft launched in the Uk And USA and now ranks as the nr 1 in Acne apps in the UK and nr 19 in medical apps in the UK.

So when we say eat your greens we are not joking soon it will be WEAR YOUR GREENS! 😀
Researchers (John hopkins & ArizonaUniversity) have tentatively said thatSulforaphane, a phytomchemical is really beneficial when taken orally, but, now they have found out that if applied topically it might stave off the negative effects of the sun. Yup it is Broccoli that’s how good it is. 😀
Supposedly it activates a cancer-fighting gene known as NrF2 which can inhibit certain cancer causing pathways.

Now for some bad news, not only are Gingers at high risk of cancer but guess what? Now it has been shown that if you even have a copy of the ginger gene you could be screwed. Dammit. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse they do.
If you have the Ginger gene you are a high risk person to develop cancer. There you go.

Now for some good news.
FOr those suffering from Aloecia Universalis there could be a solution. The Rheumatoid Arthritiis medication Tofacitinib Citrate in a topical form can regrow hair on head, and eyebrows and even armpits (though who would want that I do not know). They have also said it could also resolve some issues from Plaque Psoriasis (it’s already approved for that).

Also as a positive for hair loss prevention and growth, the glaucoma medication Bimatoprost can be used for growing hair on the scalp (as it is also used in a lot of lash growth serums).

As promised:
The DO NOT USE list for antibacterials:





Iodine Complex (Ammonium ether sulfate and polyoxethylene soritan monolaurate)

Iodine Complex (Phosphate ester of alkylaryloxy polyethylene glycol)

Nonyphylphenoxypoly (ethyleneoxy) ethanoliodine

Poloxamer-iodine complex.

Povidone-iodine 5% to 10%

Undecoylium chloride iodine complex

Methylbenzethonium Chloride

Phenol (greater than 1.5%)

Phenol (less than 1.5%)

Secondary amytricresols

Sodium oxychloresene




Triple Dye

There you go what I do and do well innovative, ground-breaking beauty news. 😀

Put on my other head IMG-20130618-WA0001 IMG_20130208_113656


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