On tolerance in this insane world……… Seriously people what the………

Get Real Small

Hello skinlovers.

In light of the world today being a mess, where everyone is running around trying to make someone else their punching bag and scapegoats, I find myself looking at things under a microscope.
What brought this to the surface is that after a tragic car accicdent a young man was killed, he was a christian, and the loathsome horrid disgusting comments from people claiming to be Moslem (which they are not if they behave in such an odious manner) disgusted me on so many levels.
We in Jordan are known for our mixed society and above all tolerance (yes like any dysfunctional family we have our tiffs and spats but on the whole we band together) but the level of disgusting behaviour I saw on FB recently has made me disgusted with the direction this country is headed in. I mean when a cleric has to outright come out and say it is okay for a Moslem to condole a Christian then you know something is wrong.

Never have I seen it done in my short span on this planet, that our Jordanian clerics had to outright say that compassionate humane behaviour isokay, what the frack is going on? This is NOT the Jordan I am used to and I want the Government and Authorities to do a purge on all and anyone who tries to start religious discord amongst our family. We are NOT Saudi, we are not Lebanon and above all else we are not of that breed of monster where we think it is okay to trash grieving parents with shameful behaviour like I witnessed in the last few days. Shame on us for letting it happen.

I am of a mixed religious upbringing my Mother was Christian when she marrie up until her three sons were born, then she converted, that’s another story for another time.
I will personally thrash and trash anyone who tries to come at any human who is of another faith. I know everyone believes their “Religion/ Faith” to be the only true one, but no not at all, all faiths are correct for those who believe but your rights stop when you start to infringe upon others and their belif (hear that Trump and the republican party shame on you you low-down shit stirring bastards). And this applies herer too. SHame on anyone who tries to say they are better than anyone else by virtue of an accident of birth.
I despise at all those who think that:
That men are better or more intelligent than women.
That One religion is better than an other.
One race is better than an other.
One life is more important than another.
(and the list goes on and on you get the picture).

All I can say is this, grow up and get a life. Stop interfering in other peoples lives and blief system, and get your nose out of other peoples business.
If your life is so miserable and your soul so small, please do the world a favour and end it, we do not need your kind muddying the waters andmaking a mess of things more than they are……..

Life is short to be wasted on intolerant people……. Just get a life and stay our of ours.

Human rights mean this simple thing TOlerance (not necessarily acceptance) but tolerance if you do not understand it, go look up the human rights bill read it carefully and digest it, if you are in doubt ask someone who does understand it, because a lot of you are going around saying you want that but then you want to oppress others, it’s not the way it is, you either accept it all or shove off, human rights are equal rights for ALL no exceptions. So get on board or move outof the way………

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