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The Dogo Equlibrium Factor.

Hello Skinlovers…. Here’s a special shout-out to my Dogo. 😀 Yeah that pooch means more to me than anything else. 😍 Just some Dogo pictures. 😊 Advertisements

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Losing faith, hope and charity.

Greetings Skinlovers. Life throws you curveballs, monkey wrenches in the gearworks. Basically you never if rarely get the life you wished for. The trick is to keep on breathing, that’s all fine and good. Except if you you are being … Continue reading

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Aaaaaah the bitter smell of Jordanian Bureaucracy.

Hello skinlovers. I was wondering why should I write lengthy wordy Svadas (Danish word for a musical composition). While I can sometimes bring things down to basics so here’s a facebook status of mine thought you might get a giggle … Continue reading

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The Power of make-up that balmy soothing meditation that is a well done make-up.

Hello Skinlovers. Here we go. Most of you know my attacks on Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers as being vicious, simply because I believe many are sponsored and misleading, and lack integrity and honesty. But every so often you come across some brilliant … Continue reading

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