Damned if you do damned if you don’t Human Foibles and Younglings Entitlement……

Hello SkinLovers!

It’s been a while and now I am back with one of my usual rants about people and their foibles….. Especially when dealing with my various areas of expertise….

Truly it is so….
You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t….. People if you have a question about anything you ask the person themselves not the plebs…..

These are some of the things I heard recently and sometimes have to contend with on a daily basis. So I will answer them here:

Do you still do make-up?
Yes I do, I adore make-up it’s the clients who are stolid and stuck in their ways, and magazines want you to work for free (not only them but everyone else it seems). People think that this is a hobby. This is a business everyone pays, how much depends on the workl no fixed prices here.
I love doing make-up for brides as well as teaching people how to do the various tricks I have learnt over the years.
And no I didn’t retire from film-work. I just took it to another level, I design make-up now for films.
I refuse to be subjugated to the whims of another make up artist so that is why I do not take on any roles in the foreign films coming here, because I am just as qualified if not more so than the key/head make-up artist and I do not relegate myself to assistant, they have to remove that word assistant and then maybe I will rethink my stance.
Add to that I do not come cheap as I have had more than 20 years experience under my belt.

I heard that your make-up is very dramatic!
Uhm. I am a make-up professional, so that means I will give you the required look. Now if you want a natural look you came to the right place. BUt also as a Styling image consultant I will tell you and advise you against certain looks that wouldn’t suit you.
Yes I can do dramatic make-up I am an artist after all, but my staple is the natural look.

I hear your make-up is very light.
And FYI it is the hardest to achieve. And I work with HD, HD-RED, and 4K, which means it has to look flawless and perfect nearly airbrushed.
Funny part is I get girls who come to me to do their make-up for their engagement, and then when the wedding comes they do not get in touch with me (feedback being my make-up is too light) yet funnily enough it is the look I gave them they use as a profile picture not their wedding one. Go figure.

Now let us get something in the open here, I have seen people daring to teach make-up and give courses after just one to two years in the business, really how dare you?
I have had discussions with people who think they are make-up artists and persume to try and school me on the art of make-up, bitch please I was doing make-up and re-inventing my styles since before you were an idea in your parents head now run along child.
I have had to deal with the hubris and arrogance of youth who call me old fashioned yet I am the one who is at the fore-front of most trends and fads, since I know all about the techniques and cameras and such.
Again the sheer gall of it all, to sit there spouting nonsens they have learnt from a sponsored make-up tutorial on youtube…. Now really and you expect me to take you seriously….

To be fair I have seen some of the younglings who ooze so much talent and them I respect, I do not however respect the fact that if you are boning someone and they give you the support through whatever way they can (when it happens they have the import rights for a special brand nuff said, clever idea that one), I blame the people.

Problem is that when you aare honest and upfront they do not like it, a said make-up brand brought in someone to teach courses and that someone was no one I’d heard of before (not saying much since I do not follow the unlearned so-called Make-up Gurus online) and the people had the gall to bill him as the best make-up artist etcetra, well, I could name a dozen who were better and not of a certain nationality. Just Saying.
They were going to charge people 500 (JD’s or USD’s I don’t know), but then they brought down the price to 300 and the people that attended got a certificate, you catch my drift.
Results of that course a whole bunch of people who think they know about shading and highlighting created a goddawful mess, some of their clients are running around looking like someone smacked them on both sides of their face with a rag and shoe polish (Bitches. It’s called blending BLENDING where you soften the lines and get them to disappear seamlessly into the face).

Next on to my pet peeves.
Contouring aka Highlighting and shading, no Kim Kardashian and Scott Barnes didn’t invent it, it has been around for a very long time, people charge extra for that in my work it was a staple fixed thing you did for your clients no surcharge. Some people are doing it so atrociously and horrifically that we are forced to convince the clients that no we will not make you look like X or Bozo the Clown.
People learn this more than 98% of the youtube tutorials are sponsored, that means the people reviewing the products have got them for free (ain’t going to happen in this town).
Huda Beauty
Lilly Gallichi
Are among those who are sponsored and also have the agenda of getting you to buy and endorsed product, and there is nothing absolutely wrong with that, the ladies are talented, clever and business savvy. I am not unfortunately….. 😀

The idea that some Guru is going to give you the secret of the universe according to them, is frankly funny, they are human and make mistakes.
Many a time have I read a negative review of a product and I try said product to only find myself liking said product and swearing by it.
Different folks have different needs and likes and that is just the way it is, treat the utterings and mutterings of said gurus as a guideline not a rule set in stone, it’s like horoscope they are roadmaps not facts.

Here are some hard facts:

  • If you do not take care of your skin do not blame the make-up if you get crepey and rausched under your eyes, rule of thumb moisturise moisturise moisturise.
  • If you are a smoker then don’t expect us to perfomr miracles it’s a damned make-up brush not a magic wand.
  • What is fashion and what is fad are not necessarily what works for you.
  • please don’t tell me what colours work and what colours do not work for you, I can use colours you absolutely hate to enhance your look.
  • Don’t you dare tell us what to do until we ask for your opinion.
  • In my world mirrors are prohibited until the end of the session
  • Don’t ever mention what another make-up artist has done for you, unless it is to ask us not to repeat the accident.
  • Know that our time is money and we are not there to suit your whims.
  • Last minute appointments. SERIOUSLY! You know you have a do on a certain date and you leave it until last minute, this means One was your 2nd or 3rd choice, HELL NO!
  • We are not your slaves, we are the ones responsible for how good or bad you look the outcome is your choice.

Now this might sound like a scratched CD caught on repeat, but this is because people really do not learn their lessons. So Repitition in this case is the mistress of all learning.

Have a good one………. UNtil then let me hastag the hel out of this one….. 😀



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