La La La A Lesson Learnt. Aka What I learnt I from my Exhibition……..

Hello skinlovers.

So here we go again, I drove you all insane with the postings of my solo exhibition which started in in September and wrapped on the 8th of October, which was in the Zara Gallery in the Grand Hyatt Amman (after 14 years of inaction).

So let us start with how things were and how they progressed (I wrote about the opening and such in a couple of posts), now I shall walk you through the process not quite in details but an overview.

Let us start out with the XXXJd’s flat fee you pay for renting of the space and all that, fair enough.
Then let us go through the fact that when you price you have to add the percentage that goes to the gallery. Not to forget the tax levied on the whole thing.
You get a nice banner, a bunch of invites and a poster, you also get the invites sent via their mailing list which is cool.
Then you are asked to send in 5 pictures of your works and you do, and in my case I am asked to send in some more because some fragile soul thought the pictures you had already sent were too “Spooky” (Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, I do not indulge in candy-box art or art naif! Still trying to mull that one out).
So I send in the works and I specify that I want this to be the invite and the poster:
Triple Goddess Three REDUX A copyDo they oblige, nope noppitty nope nope. 😀
They chose to go with this one instead (see below), while it represents me, it really bears no reflection on my art. 😀
Zara Solo PosterIt’s a facismile of my logo in technicolour.
I thought it reminded me of the stickers we used to put with our names, subject and grades after we’d covered the books with dust covers for school.

The invites were a bit better (not by much, but that is just me being fussy because I didn’t get my way). 😀
Zara solo Invites front and back
I am not being bitchy but that is just the way I felt, my friend Cathy said she liked them and she is a graphic designer, she thought they were cute, so I rest by her judgement whilst reserving my own.

The exhibition came and went, and there were a few artworks sold, some showed interest in the art, when I was told of some who were interested in a certain pieces I was like “Yeah right, in a pigs eye they will buy. My art is not in their taste” (and boy was I right).
So this goes as a present to someone who will showcase it and so she can have people over and they will see it. It is called product placement.
What made me giggle were some so-called social media wizards, who were invited as friends (that is up for review for now fyi) not as their jobs who said the following:
O I didn’t know.
O well see you there on one of the other days. No you will not.
What they didn’t know is this I was invited and I promoted an event that was also on the same day as my vernissage, yes, I know who you are and this will not slide so easy.
I will not forget this.
On the other hand some people showed up and I was pleasantly surprised and I was appreciative (just so I don’t sound more like a bitter cow than I am).

On the whole the exhibition was a sucess, I showcased my work in a catalogue style to feel the pulse of what people would like, and now I know (if only I didn’t) so we can call this the most commercial of my solo exhibitions, I also made most of the pictures in a certain size (A3+) because I know a lot of people are moving into flats/apartments and making bombastic art is just foolish (but it seems that is what the collectors or a “majority” of them want).
The fact is I showcased so many varied styles that people could see I wasn’t just two dimensional.
I enjoyed myself, and I think those who saw my works appreciated it, and I find myself thinking ahead to the next endeavour.
I am moving onwards and upwards (as if I could reach much higher), now maybe people will realise (as one of my clients for make-up said a few days ago, I enjoy that you take your time, because I feel as if you are creating a masterpiece and that makes me feel special). And she hit the nail on the head, I do my make-up like I do my artworks, a little bit of me goes into each piece.

So in summation, an excellent experience thanks to Tariq Nazzal of the Zara Gallery, it was truly fun to put everything in your hands and not think about it.
Sharaf frames for framing my works (even though some people didn’t like the frames which I did because they had a vintage feel).

What I take from this experience is this:
I do not need to fight and bitch about things if they don’t go my way, instead giggle and shrug it off.
I do not need to get all defensive about my works.
I do not need to micro-manage everything when the person I am dealing with knows their stuf, just heap all the works on him and let him run with it.
I do need to chillax every so often.
I do need to realise not all things created are art.
And finally, it is okay to be a tad commercial you don’t need to compromise your values just bend them ever so often.



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