The Drama of it all. FB fascists strike again….. And again….. And again….. Did I mention FB are a bunch of numptys? :-D

Hello Skinlovers…..

Grammas back.

Funny thing happened to me a few days ago, FB Nazis disabled my account proof of identity pending. This is really funny (funny peculiar not funny ha ha!), because they pulled a stunt like that a few years ago, in 2008/9, and I did send them proof of ID.
Now according to them you get your account disabled if:
You have violated terms of behaviour (I didn’t) In fact I have been Sweet.

If you have a fake name (which I do not as they could see if they got their heads out of their arse and checked).

My theory is this I did a bit of USA and Israel bashing,  Usa mainly republicans and right wing Christian zionists, and ISrael, seriously all I stated were the facts, the murders, the land-grabbing, the total sociopathic behaviour their government indulges in.
Other than that nothing nada, all was my usual humour and fun-filled offerings.
So I guess someone or more than one reported my page.
And they disabled/deactivated it.
So for the last few days I have sent them a barrage of  emails:

Hello there.

I was asked for and  ID (which I provided you people with a long time ago). And I resent it, and I cannot access my account this evening, although I could this morning what the hell is up with that?

Please restore my account, and this constant need for re-affirming ones identity I thought you only had to do so once….

Thank you

from Jordan once again.

As mentioned in several emails prior you guys suspended my Fcaebook page with no warning or  reason.
Rather fascistic don’t you think?

Once again here is a copy of my passport.
I blacked out the numbers (which are of no use to you).
Anyway here you go again now it’s been 3 days since you deactivated it.
Also I would like an explanation of why you deactivated it and then demanded an Identity confirmation, and I think I have sent it to you twice already in the early 2000’s.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that you just deactivated my account with no explanation, no reason and then send me an email demanding my identity.
How about you do the same to the idiots who reported my page or claim that I am not who I am.

Thank you.

This is the original email:


Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. We require everyone to provide their authentic first and last names and birthday so you always know who you’re connecting with. Your account is temporarily suspended because your profile doesn’t list your authentic name.

To reopen this account, please reply to this email stating your authentic name (as it would be listed on a government-issued ID like a passport or drivers license). Once we know your authentic name, we can update your profile and reactivate your account.

Your name can’t include:

– Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, or punctuation
– Characters from multiple languages
– Professional or religious titles

Other things to keep in mind:

– Nicknames can be used as your first or middle name if they’re a variation of your authentic first, middle, or last name (like Bob instead of Robert)
– You can always list another name on your account:

– Only one person’s name should be listed on the account – profiles are for individual use only
– Pretending to be anything or anyone isn’t allowed

If you ever come across another profile with a name that doesn’t follow our policies, feel free to report it by using the “Report/block This Person” link located on that profile.

We won’t be able to open your account until you respond to this email with your authentic name. Once we update the name on your account, you won’t be able to change it again without contacting us.

For more information on our name policies, please visit:

The Facebook Team”

Enter the snark:
Hello there.

It’s been two days nearly it doesn’t take that long to look at a scan  or an image.
What is up with you people. Seriously.

And if I wasn’t who I said I was how come I have 3000+ people on my facebook with whom I correspond and interact.

Even my damned email says it.

I got snarkier:
How dare you say it doesn’t list my authentic name???????
How dare you suspend an account without prior warning that is also rather fascistic of you.

On what basis did you make that assumption, I have submitted my passport copies before and confirmed my ID more than one.
This is ridiculous.
If someone asserts that this is not me tell me whom and I will deal with them accordingly.
This is typical of your behaviour FB hiding behind pseudo regulations and policies, it is not the first time.

I find it mind boggling that you dare do that time and again, and not just to me.
Are you just targeting people from our region or?
Because it seems like it.

Now get your act together and reactivate my account. This is borderline harrassment.
Well you get the gist of it
I just had had enough. I have work and an exhibition to see to and they pull a stunt like this screw them.
Anyway I got a reply which said basically we will review the documents and if we need more documentation we will get back to you..

And I think to my self seriously…..

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