Make-Up Faux Pas (Or more things in the way of what irks one with clients). :-D

Hello Skinlovers!

Gramma’s back.
I just posted this on FB and thought I would repeat it here, with addendums…….

So without further ado I present to you the mini rant of the day:

“Okay. so here’s a little cautionary tale for you out there.

I was doing a make-up job several days ago, and to save time the mother of my client (bless her I appreciated the sentiment really I did) went to another make- up artist (I am fine with that, and no it isn’t one of my munchkins, it was a female one who shouts at clients sometimes), when she returned from there an hour later, the make -up was shining, the eyeliner had seeped into the lower lid area nearly to the cheeks and the mascara was flaking (the mother said it was because of the heat).

Here is my cautionary:
1) When you are using an eyeliner in the water-line of the eye make damn sure it is a water proof one (those who know me know you will never get me to put a dark liner inside the lash/water line simply because of the seepage, I will use a light liner flesh coloured to enhance the eye). And no dark liner does not make your eyes bigger, might elongate but not bigger…

2) When using a liner under-eye/ lower-lid liner make sure it is a shade or two lighter it gives the definition without the harshness. Again make sure it is the best water-proof one you can find.

3) False lashes, while they can enhance (when they are the proper lengths) most of the times you wind up looking as if you’ve got broomsticks attached to your eyes.

5) Waterproof this is the key-words.

6) Avoid creamy foundations, use liquids (preferrably mattifying or oil-free) and powders.

7) For heavens sake! It’s a damned make-up brush not a magic wand, so in order for us to give you a fantastic look instead of coming in and correcting TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR SKIN MOISTURISE MOISTURISE MOISTURISE! The better the skin the less product you need, which makes for a better make-up.

8) “NATURAL” Learn it, it means looking bare-faced, not effing black liner and shit loads of blush.

9) DAMMIT! If I hear the phrase “she needs more make-up so she can pop in the pictures” Really?
On what planet is that advice sane? WTF?

10) As with everything in this world taste is a subjective matter, but please do not get a hold of us artists simply because you are lazy and then you want to control how we do our work. NO! JUST NO!

11) Obviously you came to us for a look (I know I am being optimistic here). But do not dare to tell me how to do my work, and also if you say I don’t look like myself you will be slapped or bopped with a makeup brush. The reason you try out different make-up artists is so you can see different versions of yourself as interpreted by the artist. You cannot go into this and expect that you look like when you apply your own make-up, then do it yourself.

12) Nothing irritates us like when you are vague in your description of what you want, that is why I always tell new clients and old one, research see what you like, and if it is possible (and it suits you) we will create something that is a collaboration of the style you want and what suits you. It’s not because we do not have an idea of what would look good on you, but it is a guideline so we know what your tastes are.
It makes life easier because a lot of times when you think you are being clear you are actually being very confusing, illustrative pictures help us.
Nothing is clearer on that and illustrates the point more as definitions of colours, your red sometimes looks like Coral or pink to me……

So now on to the whole pricing thing, I keep on hearing about people bitching about my prices.
Well dears. I spent God knows how many yeasr researching,  studying, working, and going on refresher courses, I have been doing this since 1984, so you bloody well better believe that I am going to charge for my services. I see women going and spending shit-loads of money on foreign make-up artists without batting an eye-lid, and yet when it comes to local talents they start whining how expensive we are (this applies to the film industry too), well sit on a chainsaw and spin.
You want quality and longevity, you have got to pay for the quality, there is a difference between something mass produced and something hand-made. So please put a sock in it, and zip-it.
Besides, I guarantee that my make-up lasts (lipstick barring, especially if you are a smoker, and/or you have effing chapped lips and do not moisturise them regularly), you can swim with my make-up and it will not budge it stays put, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR! Eye D 100605_092613 Nocturna Face crumpledSMall
Nothing is as insulting as when they ask “why are your prices so high” why you ask?
Well because (I could add an expletive here but no)…….


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