How to tell people off with style (at least I did it nicely, it could have been so much worse).

Hello Skinlovers!

Just in case anyone was in doubt about my skills that also include character assassination when dealing with unprofessional people, here below you will see an example of how I deal with them.

I am going to blank out the names to protect the innocent and the guilty because it’d reflect badly upon the innocent one…..

So are you ready here we go:

“To whom it may concern,

This  email is a little side note for the future so the personnel at XXXXXXX can take note, heed and learn.I am in charge of designing the overall make-up and hair looks for the film.R was in contact with your team with regards to a sponsorship deal for “$$$$$”, and was re-assured countless time that there were no problems and everything would go smoothly…

Well come last week everything your team told R has proven to be false.

First we were told to send a list (a list which took me 4 days to compile because there was a glitch in your site), then when we sent the list off we were told the products were unavailable and that the shipment was delayed in ******, but you would gladly arrange a discount in the store.
According to my knowledge and experience that  is not how a sponsorship deal works.
A sponsorship deal with a make-up firm usually means you provide the film with whatever make up is necessary for it, and it is us the make up designers who decide what is necessary, sorry but that just will not do.Your team has shown an extreme unprofessional behaviour, and being totally clueless as to what film production is all about, it is about meeting deadlines and NOT ignoring phone calls, it is about follow up and remaining in contact with the producers so they know what the hell is going on.Are you trying to tell us that XXXXXXXX is so wretched that you did not have a single item on the wish list in their warehouses, that one is a little bit to hard to believe, so one is expected imagine you have pristine empty warehouses.

We had a deadline to follow and someone screwed up from your side, we requested things and we requested (while explaining why) a whole lot of things simply because the shoot was on location and 300KM away from the nearest XXXXXXX outlet.

Do not attempt to even justify your position, we were willing to liaise a deal so we would pay for the shipping of said products to us if needs be but we had a feeling you wouldn’t follow through.
So obviously we went with our back up plan which was my first plan initially but R had such faith in you and you disappointed him, I was not really surprised.

I said to the team forget them and get MAC instead, well it should please you (or not) to know MAC responded within a day with the contracts and a wholly different professional outlook and behaviour, we had no problems with our list and they will ship it to us forthwith.

Thanks for nothing and for screwing up our schedule just a tiny bit more, this is the type of behaviour we have come to expect with anyone importing materials to the middle -east, so no surprises there, the back-up plans were already in place.

If this is the level of your professionalism, I suggest you take it up to review, because your team really needs to know the difference between a film, a shop, and how tight the budget is with a looming deadline also how a day can affect the film schedule negatively..Once again thanks for the lacklustre efforts and for the disappointing results.R still has the faith in you while I do not, your behaviour and your lack of response and totally disregard in ignoring R’s phone calls have left me with a bitter taste, and I can assure you if anyone ever suggests XXXXXXX as a sponsor for any project I am working on I shall give them a straight answer of a resounding no.

You proved to be unreliable, and worse still totally blasé, and those are two traits that simply will not do when dealing with us.”
An addendum to this was their reply of:
“Please don’t let this person contact us again” after which we promptly replied: “O he is not going to contact you but he is looking for the person who can fire you”Suffice it to say I got 10 mediocre brushes and a whole bunch of make-up sponges.
I can tell you this though I, I used to respect this company (the European and USA branch of them) and they were always good to me but as is usually the case when the brand goes UAE sometimes the people in charge are clueless and full of themselves, the only exception has been MAC and Estee UAE, and for me that is fortunate. MAC had sent me the products within 24 hours of requesting them and the signing of the contracts, now that is professionalism.
You might think I am being a bit harsh, anyone who has worked on films will realise what a monkey wrench that would have been in th eworks if I had not been prepared that is what a make-up designer and department head does.
Some said don’t burn bridges I say blow them up and out of existence if people are not behaving professionally you have to call them out on it.#IloveMACmkup #EsteeLauderUAEarefantastic
#MACaresoprofessional #MAC&MeHappyCamper
#Donotmesswithme #Comeuppance
A unf poison



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