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Hello skinlovers!

A caveat I am not a physician but a long-time contact lens wearer so the advice I dipense should be checked with a trained and certified opthalmologist just in case it doesn’t suit you personally, I am not omnipotent nor infallible…. This was written to help and advise. Just saying.

The advent of Lenses for vision correction and just cosmetic purposes has made breakthroughs in leaps and bounds, you know can get them anywhere and everywhere, by prescription and just for vanity’s sake.
I shall list and give a few technical advice about lenses which I have garnered over they years and I tell you this, if you follow them you will rarely if ever have problems……

This is a post and a shout out to those whiners out there who say the following:

  1. I can’t wear lenses they irritate my eyes.
  2. I can’t put anything in my eyes.
  3. It’s to hard.

Well here goes to reply to:
Nr. 1 . Of course any foreign object placed in the eye will irritate it, especially if you are stupid enough to put a lens in your eye and leave it there for more than 10 hours straight without acclimatising your eyes to them first.
It’s a long drawn-out process but if you follow my advice you will never have problems with your lenses again (advice follows at end of replies).

Nr. 2 . Now that is just plain silly especially if you are a girl and you have worn eyeliner, that puts a monkey wrench in that theory if you have. What you should know is that, you can do this, you just have to take precautions and train yourself.

Nr. 3 . No it is not, you are just being an overgrown cry-baby. YOu can do it, if I could you can too.


You still with me?
Here it is:

I advise you to get your eyes measured and tested for the right circumference and strength (if needed) and also the opthalmologist will tell you what kind of lenses you can use.
The main thing is to remember a scandal of a few years ago when a lot of the companies boasting day use lenses and week use and monthly were simply caught in a lie, because they were all the same, allegedly (have to insert this for legal reasons). They claimed that they were different when they were not, this  allegedly has changed too. Now you can get lenses that are super thin.
My advice is this, always take out your lenses and clean them and store them, I prefer seperate cleansers to the 2 – in – 1 ones, I don’t trust them to do a proper job otherwise. A cleanser followed by a rinse and then store your lenses in a case until next time.
Also always carry re-wetting eyedrops, because depending on where you are and live smoke and stuff gets into your eyes and wreak havoc.

First time lens wearers take heed you have to get your eyes used to wearing lenses, why? Because if you are an idiot you will put your lenses in from day one, and wear them all over the place, causing your eyes to get irritated andmaybe inflamed and then you will run around whining that you are allergice to the lenses (when in fact you are to blame for not thinking it through properly).
Here’s the formula:

You have to learn how to insert lenses into your eyes, the most common way is to pop them right on the cornea (Of course after thoroughly cleaning your hands and face before applying any beauty products) this method is tricky because you instinctively blink as something approaches your eyes, natural reaction (I have always admired those who can do it).
My method is simpler and faster and you do not have to fight with it and struggle. Take lens on index finger, with ring finger of same hand tug the lower lid gently while using the other hand to immobilise the upper lid, then look away (move your eyeball in opposite direction looking away from fingers) insert the lens on the white of the eye, then SLOWLY move your eyeball until the lens fits on the cornea, and presto done, obviously blink a few times to moisturise the lens and eye. And you should not have problems after that.
All this should be done in front of a mirror until you are so good you can do without the mirror.
Main thing is practice practice practice……..

contact lens
1st day you wear the lenses for 1 minute
2nd day you wear the lens for for 3 minutes.
3rd day you wear the lens for 6 minutes
That way your eyes get acclimatised to having them in your eyes, and you avoid the instant negative reaction, also it give you practice in inserting them.

Here below are some examples of lenses and stuff from the interweb…..

COntact lens 1 COntact lens 2 Contact lens Collage
contact-lenses 4 contact-lenses-with-terminator-vision.w654


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