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Lies and the liars who tell them (Career edition)… A word of warning to those who are graduating from wherever, embarking on a new path in life…..

Hello Skinlovers. So I am back again with a mini or huge rant not sure yet, as I am writing this purely from the heart…… Yes I know it will come as a surprise to many but I do have … Continue reading

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Assorted mixtures, historical (hysterical) things that happened on this day. Enjoy.

Hello Skinlovers! I was going to write another scathing rant about people and layers of make-up (aka War-Paint) but then I said why ruin the mood so I decided since I have the internet at hand why not use it … Continue reading

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So you want to sell your grandfather’s old desk, careful you might get yourself into trouble! :-D

Hello Skinlovers. I ┬álove antiques and I know a lot of you people out there do too. here’s a little heads up if you want to sell wooden desks and antiques, you might suudenlly run afoul of the law, there … Continue reading

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