Schematics of life (aka how to manage the art of falling aprat)…..

Hello Skinlovers!

So I was wondering to myself after all the insanity of the last months how people didn’t fall apart?

The weather causes a total standstill in everything government endorsed which is good because people like moi who know how to drive in snow rain and sleet just look around and see the idiots who do not. And we think hell no why should I risk damaging my car and risk it, so we don’t and then we see on the news what happens.

After that there is the political turmoil of the region, we are a profiteering country (every time there is unrest in the region somehow we benefit and vice versa as our tourism gets demolished anyone else see a pattern).
So I just keep onwondering and that takes me to the murky realms of conspiracy theories. It is strange but our region thrives on hearsay and rumours and conspiracies are a way of life, but that doesn’t mean we are senselessly paranoid nope not at all we are actually quite sane especially since time and time again our theories have been proven right.

What you do is muddle on.
I have been backstabbed, cheated, and lied to, and yet still I have a small glimmer of faith in humanity. I keep on giving people chances.

I get fed-up and I get livid, dishonesty irks me and I want to explode but no I have to stay calm for the status quo, and that is okay too, in th eold days it would have been carnage first ask questions later, now it’s “Meh! Why Bother!”.

The only way to get ahead these days is to desensitise and be oblivious.

O and the well of good-will has run dry, you want my advice my services on the professional scale you really do have to pay for it, especially if you are receiving a salary, why should I do something for free if you are getting paid???????

Any way you slice it sanity is a wonderful thing but I rpefer insansity and isensitivity….

That’s it for today.


About descantia

A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!
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