My Bloody Valentine… An ode to a completely manufactured celebration……..

Hello Skinlovers.

This is my ode to this horribly manufactured celebration…….. Yeah you guessed it! Single and alone, even if I was not, this day would not be celebrated!

Ladies and whateverians if you kick up a stink because your significant or insignificant other hasn’t given you a present on this day, well, suffice it to say I am advising them to drop you like a hot potato and move on. If you ne re-affirmation and constant bolstering you are both needy and clingy and who needs THAT drama in their life.

No really if you are going to whine and whinge at the fact that someone forgot to get you whatever (card, trinket, candy jewellery you fill the supreficial price tag as a symbol of your relationships worth here)…..

It boggles the mind that Americans have exported this manufactured hysteria to the rest of the world and it also sickens me. How dare you get upset if your beloved didn’t give you a card, doesn’t that person show you how much they love you every single day?
SHAME ON YOU! Now stop behaving like a spoilt entitled brat and move on……..

When I see grown ups coming apart at the seams because someone forgot to get them a Valentines whatever, it makes me want to push them over a cliff edge, really it does.

If you are single like as one is, you look around and wonder what the big fuss is about?
If you are a practical functioning human being you shake your head and shrug your shoulders in exasperation at the antics of people who are running around asking you for advice on what to bring their beloved for Valentines….. And the look of disdain on ones face says it all, you are asking the sinlge person what to get? SERIOUSLY! 😀

Anyway people CHILLAX if some one doesn’t get you anything on this day, wouldn’t it be nicer to receive a tokenof appreciation on a day where it is not expected?
Any day of the year for instance…. See where I am going with this? 🙂

I for one appreciate random surprises at unexpected times. But that is just me…..

So my lovelies after this mini rant enjoy the funtimes.
Be safe.

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A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!
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