Dark day and more to come.

Hello Skinlovers!

I couldn’t write this yesterday I did not know what to say, today is a little bit clearer now the fog of rage has settled.

If you do not know by know our Jordanian pilot was captured on the 24th of December and held hostage…. We found out yesterday that he was murdered in the most horrible manner (the date of his death was on the 3rd of January 2015 and that is why no proof of life was forthcoming), they put him in a cage and burned him alive. Those thugs who have nothing to do with Islam those who have tarnished and destroyed the image of Islam.

And now we wait.

This is the tipping point for Jordan if we do not get rid of this disease infesting our region, from A to Z we are screwed my heart goes out to his family.

Moath was burnt alive now let us do the same to anyone supporting Isis IS ISIL Da3esh and extremism of that kind.
Now is the time for action and showing them that we mean business shred some of their prisoners….

Sad news…..

Now is the time of unity we need to stand together against this form of evil.

Those bastards who claim to do things in the name of Islam put the final nail in their coffin, using fire to kill is a definite prohibited thing, only god can use fire in his supreme justice.
They have nothing to do with Islam as they have proved time and time again, they killed women and children and raped that is not Isalm, and those of you who say it is should go back to the books (true Islam was never a religion of peace in the beginning but it evolved to be that, it had certain rules governing warcraft and how to treat prisoners and the way those bastards are behaving shows clearly they do no know the religion.

Now we wait, according to rumours the Jordanian government have transported the ISIS member caught to be put to death by hanging including the much wanted Sajida (one of the bombers, she failed obviously but she was a bargaining chip in the negotiations for the Japanese hostages).

Well what can one say our hearts are heavy and our blood is boiling with bloodlust for revenge….

Let us see what the next few days bring.
I am sad for the family that has to go through this hell, and I hope his mother didn’t see the video of his death.

We must remember he was a soldier who died serving his king and country…..


black ribbon


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