POPinionisation and the polarisation of said opinions and the drama of it all. Thoughts on Freedom of Expression……..

After all the Caprice De La Drama of the last week, I have come to this reasoning.

I think the concept of “Freedom of Expression” no matter how distasteful it is or uncomfortable is a good thing. On the other hand incitement to violence and hate is more distasteful to me.

Usually as a mature adult you can look at something and shrug and say:

Silly people.
Ignorant people.
This is in poor taste.
Not my cup of (insert favourite beverage).

You can also turn away and ignore (you do that and you will be accused of so many faults and weakness of character because you refuse to be swept along with the tide of lemmings whichever way they go).

But to run around calling people Zionists because they misguidedly or truly believe that “Je Suis Charlie” is a support for freedom of expression (to each their own) and then call them Zionists is also unacceptable. Then you have lost the plot. And you are ingorant about the whole mess.

The illustration below is an expression of “freedom of speech” and is directed at whomever thinks killing, and violence is okay. And also to those who have completely lost the plot about the whole mess and are attacking anyone left right and centre, in a childish, hysterical, and irrational display of emotionalism.

Hysteria does not get you anywhere, modulated discussion does, and FYI we can discuss this matter (which has polarised the world) from here to eternity,  but before we do, here’s a little factoid, it happened in their country, their turff and so it goes to reason IT IS THEIR RULES THAT APPLY TO WHAT THEY WANT, and not ours, and as much as we’d love to for our opinion to be taken seriously it will not.

Any opinion you have (and even I have) counts for nothing we are not them and we are not there. It is in fact like farting in a cyclone useless, null and void.
What bothers me really is how everyone tried to hijack this tragedy with silly meaningless remarks, seriously disgusted.

We can express whatever we feel, but not a single one of us who isn’t there and dealing with can spout absolutes on the situation.

As added incentives watch the BBC World programme from yesterday the 13th of Jan 2015 with Flemming Rose (he of the Jyllands Posten caricature fame, insightful).
And watch the Prime minister of France’s speech in parliament from Yesterday too, and you might gain more insight into the mechanisations of the French attitude.

C’est la Vie, c’est l’amour, c’est la guerre.

This is my truth and I am not interested in any other…… (So much for “Freedom of Expression” eh!).

And as usual some Illustrative points made……..


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