The price of “Free-Speech” & “Democracy”…….

Hello Skinlovers…..

Once again ignorance and bigotry and just base human nature has raised it’s ugly head.
Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have heard by now of the cowardly attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo the french caricature and satire magazine’s offices. 12 people killed (maybe it was 11 and one severely injured), you might have seen the attack from cellphone footage posted onine. If not look it up.

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A few months ago Charlie Hebdo posted this:

A representation of the Prophet Mohammad (which is anathema to draw, actually any physical representation of humans or animals is prohibited in Islam allegedly, because it would be hubris to try imitates the creations of God, go figure, unlike Christinaity where it is used for the glory of god and his praise). The tex in the buuble which roughly translated says: “It’s hard to be loved by idiots/assholes” (you choose your favourite expletive.

Basically a criticism of how the extremists have hijacked Islam.

Then Yesterday (I think it was yesterday, remember I am not a news agency but giving you my own personal opinion on the happening) Hebdo tweeted this:

Charlie Hebdo abu bakir il baghdadi

Which is supposedly a representation of Abu Baker Al Baghdadi.

Now enlightened minds would say what is wrong with that they make fun of their own religion and God all the time, here is where it gets tricky.

In a rational world where you would be allowed to question and seek  knowledge the Salaffi’s and Isis, Isil, IS and what have you do not want that! Instead they want blind obedience in a lemming-like way so you follow their own twisted, perverted and psychotic version of Islam which has nothing to do with Islam.
Now to those of you who bleat “Islam is a religion of peace” No it never was, it was never at its core a religion of peace but a religion of warriors where they were told to spread the word of Islam beven by the edge of the sword. THis is what the core is, but Islam became a religion that symbolised Peace, understanding and tolerance (after they had conquered vast tracts of land on 3 continents. Then it developed into the tolerance religion the moderates are talking about, through many centuries of evolvement but that has devolved now because themoderates did NOT speak out in time, they let ignorant mullahs, and imams take over and infest the religion with their toxic ignorance.

In Islam you are not allowed a lot of things the main ones being:

This is when you take upon yourselves the vestiges and gods power to declare some one a heretic, an apostatic unbeliever, this is anathema it is not allowed because only God can judge you.

This is using the element of fear (terrorism if you will) and bullying to get people to bow to your will and to embrace Islam and your version of it, and this too is a sin.

This follows on suite with the other two, this is when you force something upon people and make them conform which makes them detest it and hate it (Karahiyah means hate).
Basically you are forcing people into a behaviour against their nature which makes them resent it, and islam is total surrender to allah through education, and studies, and knowledge in other words to be Enlightened (Ihtidaa), other than that it is a sin to force people into the religion.
When you force people into Islam against their wishes that is a sin and none-binding.

What these ignorant (yet very well organised and funded) arse wipes want is basically the world to go back to the Dark ages, they want everything the way it was at the time of the prophet (logical yes) yet they want to use guns, wear clothes, drive cars and use the internet which was created by the “Kuffar” which is the heathens.
Now here again we sail murky waters. According to our religion we are supposed to respect the “People of the Book” (which means Judaism and Christianity,  some argue Buddhism asit is also mono-theism but let us shelve that discussion for another time) while the new-age extremists consider them heathens (I think some of the confusion stems from what the prophet said in Al’Medina” and post “Al-Medina”). So basically anyone who isn’t a Moslem is a heathen according to them and so they can go to war, and take booty, bounty and make slaves of them, this is the world they want us to embrace, and frankly NOT IN MY NAME.

Now let us come back to Europe, the west has developed a fine sense of humour, it is Irony, cynicism, and satire. Where they poke fun at everything and everyone and nothing is sacred, this is free-speech and democracy, you get to say what is on your mind (again with great freedom comes greater responsibility), the west didn’t learn its lesson from the Mohammad cartoons debacle of Denmark (and other parts of northern Europe).
When that happened they saw the uprising and ignorance of the west about howtringent and regimented the backward illiterate ignorant mind works (for though the moderates expressed distaste in a civilised way) the ignorant ones took to the streets in their usual hysterical way and misbehaved atrociously which only made the Danes more stubborn, and they repeated the offence for spite, the cycle continued.
Even in our own house – we aren’t religious but spiritual we saw the silliness in it all – but where we got divided was the meaning and definition of “free-speech” we were split 50% – 50% on the matter, my Dad was arguing that the Danish government should’ve stepped in, and I told him if the prime minister of Denmark had made a move against it then he would have lost his job, because there it was again the “Freedom of speech” a little aside an anecdote if you want: when the Danish newspaper wante to print the pictures again on the anniversary of their printing them, the Danish government hauled the editors in and told them “okay you want to do that go ahead, but any loss of revenue to the Danish state due to boycotts, or any Danish citizen is harmed by your action on your head be it” there you have no direct interference but a warning of consequences (with freedom comes responsibility and  with actions come consequences).

I become livid when people trash peoples faith (I poke fun at organised religion I know, but I do respect peoples belief in God, like I always say it’s not the divine I have a problem with, my problem is with the diverse “fan-clubs” which think/claim that only they have the direct line to the supreme being).
I am descended form a long line of thinkers and a sufi saint on my Dad’s side while on my mother’s side we are healers and thinkers. So it is n my nature to question and think for ones self, and my parents allowed us that luxury. We were taught to respect all people from all faiths whether we believed or not, understood them or not, but we were taught to avoid fanatics and extremists of any kind.
I am not some bleeding heart that goes around saying peace and love everyone, there are some people beyond redeeming and over the last few years we have seen them float to the surface like some deteriorating decrepit turd, rotten and stinking thewhole region to the high heavens.
This must be stopped, complacency must be done with for if we tolerate this then we lose everything, all our freedoms, our individuality, and that is not a pleasant thing to lose.
We in Jordan are blessed with the fact we get along (okay we bitch about each other, a snipe andswipe but we get along. You see gatherings of mixed people from all countries and different creeds having fun).

Some friend of mine in Denmark started posting the Mohammad cartoons as retaliation to what they perceived was the attack on freedom of speech, instead of getting angry and ripping them a new one I just pressed the “hide this” on my wall, presto! Problem solved, I wasn’t going to explain to them things and argue with them, they did things in the heat of the moment and they expressed revulsion and anger, so be it, “Free-Speech Democracy” at work, see how it is done.
In other ways you go in and explain to people that just like Brehvik & the Klu Klux Klan do typify Christinaity, then ISIL,IS,ISIS, Salaffi’s & Wahabbi’s do not exemplify or represent ALL Islam, this should be done in a calm and rational way without the usual hysteria and personalising that usually happens, you get the gist?

The long and short of it is this:

If you are a Moslem living in Europe learn that freedom of speech exists, and that the Europeans have a wicked sense of humour, and if you are going to get upset over everything that you see or read and consider it a personal attack, then maybe just maybe you might be in the wrong country and need to get out and find yourself a country more suited to your mind-frame.
Just like they are expected to live by our laws then you should live by theirs. No special laws should be made for you.
You want Shari3a law then go live in a country that has it, there are quite a few.
But do not live in Europe and expect them to kowtow to your whims, you are a guest in their country (yes even if you were born there) you are still a guest, because if you do not integrate then you are an outsider, yes racism is alive and kicking there so you have tok now how to get aroundit).
So to reprise:

No special laws for Moslems.
No Special Priveledges.
No Shari3a law in Europe.
No physical attacks on people who express a different opinion, be civilised, unless you are attacked first then self-defence is a viable option and be extreme about it, hell no one should be a pacifist when attacked physically.

Do promote a greater understanding in a well-modulated calm way.
Do try and explain the essence of your belief without trying to force your opinion.
Do try and be sane and calm in discussions, emotionalism never gets you anywhere.
Do be a good citizen.
Be aware that arse-wipes exist all around you, so take a deep breath step back and laugh at them.
Be aware racism exists in so many forms, again youshould take a step back deflect and redirect it back at them with humour.
Be aware that you are not everyones cup of tea.
Be aware that people will irrationally be afraid of you, whether it is your skin colour, how you are dressed, how you look.
Be aware that you have to keep your voice modulated and calm so as not to petrify the weak souled frightened little rabbits, we Arabs have a tendency to speak very loudly and gesticulate, do that but add humour to it, or you might get into trouble.

This was a little synopsis, I am going to be accused of being an apologist by both sides, I am not, I am saying that you are the master of your fate and captain of your destiny, and every good captain relies on maps and guides and consider this an additional one to add to the myriads of others.

A few questions I want to throw out here just for arguments sake is this:
Who really benefits from all of this?
Who stands to gain from this?
Israel has said they will fight the Islamist threat, you do realise what that really means don’t you?
Follow the money trail?
If you are going on a suicide mission or a mission would you be dense enough to leave your ID in your getaway car?

Again this is how I see things and an opinion and if yours does not agree with mine fine, but do not pollute my comments box with your opinion, because if it isn’t akin to mine I am not interested, sounds autocratic and megalomanic of me, so be it.
This is my blog not some democratic free-for all.

And from my facebook my status which reads:

“As this day is getting to its end I find that all the arguments for and against what happened in Hebdo is akin to a fart in a cyclone a little bit of foul wind lost in a general stronger wind (meaning whatever happens from now on the extreme right in Europe has won), everyone is going to have an opinion and people are not going to have the same opinions.

My two piastres (other than my blog entry) is this:
Charlie Hebdo was an equal oppurtunity offender (for those of you who seem to think they only targeted Islam, wrong, they targeted everyone).

So You can look at it (the Hebdo covers and caricatures) and say “That’s so offensive”, or you can look at it and say “That is just silly”, but the art of satire is to make you think, and if people do not get it my suggestion is then ignore it and if you can’t ignore it, then I suggest you develop a more generalised sense of humor or just do not look.

All I know is this:

People died in a horrific senseless illogical meaningless way, and that has shocked the world. And yes Europe is going to hell in a basket as the right wingers take more and more control.

Now think to whose benefit, and why?”
I think the answer or one of the many answers just popped up on my facebook, and here it is:
Not saying it is the answer but it does lead you down a path of possibility:

Now with loathing and disrespect to all extremists I bid you all a pleasant snowy day, and here are some artworks to peruse enjoy! 😀

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5 Responses to The price of “Free-Speech” & “Democracy”…….

  1. Ganga says:

    Yes, yes, YES! Can I get permission to tattoo this on my face: “If you are a Moslem living in Europe learn that freedom of speech exists, and that the Europeans have a wicked sense of humour, and if you are going to get upset over everything that you see or read and consider it a personal attack, then maybe just maybe you might be in the wrong country and need to get out and find yourself a country more suited to your mind-frame.
    Just like they are expected to live by our laws then you should live by theirs. No special laws should be made for you.
    You want Shari3a law then go live in a country that has it, there are quite a few.
    But do not live in Europe and expect them to kowtow to your whims, you are a guest in their country (yes even if you were born there you are still a guest, because if you do not integrate then you are an outsider!”

  2. Ralph Becker says:

    Eloquent and accurate. You are a person of wit and intellect.

  3. descantia says:

    In my posting I asked a question who benefits and then this pops up in my facebook feed.

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