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“My son is 16, he thinks he is gay”

Originally posted on Dr. Hasan Abdessamad:
“My son is 16, he told me he thinks he is gay, can he be sure at this age? I’m so in shock, who should I consult? Please help me.” This was a question…

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Into the yesteryears we go, pages from my time as an “Agony Aunt”….. Stress on the agony!

Hello Skinlovers! Gramma’s back to delving into the archives, theis is from my days as the premiere (and only bona-fide) “Agony Aunt” in Jordan. No subject was to tricky and it was fun (these were the safe subjects, the ore … Continue reading

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POPinionisation and the polarisation of said opinions and the drama of it all. Thoughts on Freedom of Expression……..

After all the Caprice De La Drama of the last week, I have come to this reasoning. I think the concept of “Freedom of Expression” no matter how distasteful it is or uncomfortable is a good thing. On the other … Continue reading

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You first (If you expect an apology for being a Moslem you seriously have got it all wrong).

Hello Skinlovers. This one is going to be short and sweet. This goes out to the Nutjobs and fanatics out there…. To whom it may concern in the west. If you expect me as a Moslem to apologise and make excuses … Continue reading

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The price of “Free-Speech” & “Democracy”…….

Hello Skinlovers….. Once again ignorance and bigotry and just base human nature has raised it’s ugly head. Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have heard by now of the cowardly attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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