From the maybe to the why bother (paraphrasing Angst on a shoestring by Bette Midler)… aka “I could get out of bed today but why bother!” Miserablism or not so much.

Hello Skinlovers!

Living in a powder keg where everyone around us are so intent on giving off sparks… The region has definitely gone to hell in a basket, and while we try to hang on tou the last vestiges of “civility” that to is eroding fast, I mean of course when you coat things in a thin veneer it will crackle and crumble, and the savage will be unleashed….

One said to ones self:
Maybe Christmas will be different cheerier more vibrant this year, instead we got religious moslem nutwings trying to school us by saying that we must not greet or wish the Christians a merry christmas, to top it up the worst one “Dr. Amjad Qurshah” tried and shame people into that disreputable behaviour by claiming it was unislamic to do so. Well, the internet rose up to the occasion and ripped him a new one (especially since the hypocrite went to the land of the unbelievers, he was in Austin Texas), they told him off saying the spirit of Islam was understanding and tolerance and acceptance of the 3 religion of which christianity is one, we respect Jesus and mention him and Mary the mother more than the bible does so what is up in his twisted brain. People like him are running around and should be muzzled. The King said tolerance is one of Jordan’s Hallmarks and it is, we have always lived in peace and we don’t need ignorant shit stirrers like him trying to cause trouble. SO we will celebrate Christmas and rub his nose in it, and many did, because shit-for-brains we will not be told what to do, what to wear, and least of all how to think by some sludge creature that just crawled out of the slime, so one said should one attack and one replied “Why Bother!”.

One said to ones self:
The death penalty has been brought back and that sure is going to get people riled (11 people were executed recently), of course all the “civilised” people were outraged at that, how could we dare to call ourselves civilised and summarily kill 11 people (heads up more are on the way), they thought it barbaric. 88% of the population thought it was Justice not revenge, the people killed were found guilty of pre-meditated murder and savagely killed others. Now I am one of those who believes that the death penalty does not deter people from committing crimes, in Jordan the only things that carry this penalty are the following: Rape, Murder and Child-molestation(so I have been told) but mainly murder, unfortunately we still have laws on the books which allow the rapist to marry his victime if she is of age, but What THe Falafel seriously, he causes irreperable damage to her psyche and then gets off scot-free, well, some families refused that and they want their revenge and justice. FYI the marrying of the victim to the perpetrator is to save the “Honour” of the family, What honour you allow a rapist into your family REALLY?
So the justice system is twisted, again “Why Bother” (you see a pattern developing here).

One said to ones self:
Nuclear option, the government andpowers that be are pushing the nuclear option over sustainable renewable energy, and one wonders to ones self who is getting the kick-back, because the aggressive way they are marketing it does boggle ones mind. You are trying to convince the people, who most are quite savvy and do not want it to build a reactor in one of the worlds most deprived water deficient lands (nuclear needs water and with what ease it would be to destroy the whole region by simply cutting off the water supply to the reactor and bam! BYE BYE, you would not even need to destroy the reactor itself) but that is the worst case scenario.
The one that also pops in to ones head is this, Jorda lays on one of the most tectonically unstable faultlines, and the next big earthquake is not a matter of if it will happen but when? And you still insist we can manage to build one (by the Russians no less, Chernobyl anyone maybe they learnt from their mistakes), and if the Japanese couldn’t control it (Fukoshima anyone) how the hell do you expect us to be able to.
Add to it they keep on saying and mouthing solar energy wind turbines, we cold even go for geo thermal to power all Jordan but the government under the leadership of the nuclear commission say it is not sustainable, uhm conflict of interest anyone?
A country that has more than 200 days of sunshine cannot sustain solar energy, nuclear power is the way to go….. Green and eco-friendly why Bother!

Ones says to ones self:
Ebola fright….. Why Bother.
War…. Why Bother.
Isis/Isil/Da3esh……Why Bother.

Ones says to ones self:
The government is there to look out fo the good of the people,yet by some strange twist of fate, this present government decided to vote on taxing pensions, 39 senators voted to abolish that idea but out of a 100 the motion wasn’t carried. Alhtough one senator a female who is also a TV personality argued the point that these people have already paid their dues and taxes, and that is why the pension should not be touched it was both illegal and shameful to do so.
But of course no one listened, what would a female (professor of economics in a university know about such lofty matters, although she is sitting on most of the financial groups and units), but hey lets increase the poverty and thus the crime and then turn around and say why is this country getting out of hand! Pensioners Why Bother.

One says to ones self:
People and their driving…. Need I say more? Why Bother!

Ones says to ones self:
Have you ever noticed that in this town most “life-coaches” are divorced women? What’s up with that, answer is maybe they’ve learnt the lesson the hard way and will impart some sort of wisdom by taking a few deep inhlation and exhalaltions and try to convince one the world will align itself to ones wishe (but unfortunately the universe will not!), so Yoga, Pilates, the gym, life coaches positive postings on facebook will make life better! Why Bother.

One says to ones self:
Maybe we should bring book burning back (since the diesel to heat the houses is expensive), first books on the bonfire would be or should be anything by Paolo Coelho, followed by the Celestine prophecies, The Secret, and all the self-help books available.
Why Bother…..

Ones says to ones self:
The New Years Eve is upon us, yaaaaaay let us celebrate, and then Anhedonia raises its gorgeous head and one says, you guessed it. WHY BOTHER! 😀

Misery loves company so let us sing a song of isolationism, because if we try to hard to be happy and positive something invariably is going to pop up and smack us in the face.
So my advice is this, Keep your celebrations simple, keep your friends close and tell and show them how much you appreciate them, tell your loved one you care (you never know how long they or you will be around as this year has unfortunately taught us), be of good cheer there’s nothing that is so bad that it doesn’t drag some good along with it (old Danish saying).
Take a deep breath, roll yourself out of bed, and look life in the face and say is that the best you’ve got, I am here and here I will stay.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Christmas and you get to the new year with grace and your dignity intact. 😀Within 1501712_489995134451124_2141434234_n 000 Doomed small 000 Bed o nails Spree 000 Shift your thinking 1511004_646854332052859_1535010559_n 1912430_10151898479311790_328517948_n 1948057_227779797414070_1257728850_n Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 9.29.53 PM (1) A unf poison 402725_286867098041442_228697947191691_820662_1730576777_n 0 1 Just so 0 1Shove  parasol-umbrella-choc-mocha-[2]-65-p 0 1 II Shove parasol-umbrella-16294124951vintage slip postcard Ursula Misery IMG_20130917_181812 IMG_20130609_143558


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