I’m a feminist anywhere in the world (but not in Jordan). Boy am I going to get a lot of nonsensical flack defending the opposing viewpoint but I don’t care, my blog my opinion….

Hello Skinlovers!

Here we go, I know from theoutset that I will be getting a lot of flack from posting this pretty inflammatory opinion piece.
It is a subject I have tackled before, the feminists will accuse of siding with the parriarchial tyranny (and we ALL know that that just is not true).

Today’s subject has the heading of:

“Why I would rather hire men than women in Jordan (not because I want to but because women force one to do it).”
Cue the screams of outrage from the women……

Okay let me explain that sentence.

Time and time again I have come across this problem which has become a pandemic in our society.
Girls get degress, and really good ones at that start working, fall in love get married, get pregnant leave work and become housewives (no there is nothing wrong with that but….). The problem arises in businesses where you need a consistancy and follow up, how on earth is that godly possible when your turnover is rapid and almost never stable.

Example I am always happy to deal with the ladies I get them they get me, boys/young men become nervous around me, don’t know why and who cares, I don’t need to pussy-foot around people who are there togive me a service right?
My phone is with Orange and I am an Elite client, which is brilliant except for the one little detail, they keep on changing my accounts manager because the lovely young ladies leave for various reasons the main one being they are getting married, no problems so far, now they have set me a young man and let us see how that goes. But I digress.

Back to the conundrum, the girls/young ladies get good educations and go for their masters and maybe phds, they work with companies and some actually go to work to snag a husband (yes it is true and you have seen them all over the place, in hospitals, in businesses, and even dare one say in the halls of power working for the various royalty), it is as if we have been thrust back into the 50’s where a woman is nothing if she doesn’t have a man(how retarded is that, yes I used the word retarded deal with it).
It is as if the girls worth is increased by her degrees which most of them will never put to good use, unless they snag themselves a man who is not insecure and will let them work and flourish (yes there are actually men like that they do exist).

If you check the wanted ads, most companies want the following:

  • Female (haven’t they learnt by now)
  • Young (I would rather hire some one experienced not matter what the age).
  • Presentable (What the falafel isn’t being qualified enough, this isn’t a beauty pageant).
  • Single (uhm none of your business).

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea. Now if it were me I would say I want to hire a young man, with qualification who knows the business. BUt if I were to hire a woman I would make sure that I put in the contract that she should not get pregnant for at least three years (harsh maybe but I want to make sure I get the benefits to), I wouldn’t mind adding maternity leave , but of course I would rather hire someone back who knows my business why exclude (problem is a lot do not come back).

I do not blame the girls/young ladies, really I do not!
I blame this sick twisted society which starts nagging the girls as soon as they graduate to get married and have children (GIRLS learn this if you get married wait at least two years before you get children, trust me on that one). Imagine that a girl is 24 and her mother starts nagging and screaming at her that she is going to become a spinster (true stroy several times over) so the girl gets pressured into marrying, and then realises the guy she married is an arse-wipe, yaaaaay mother how’s that feel? You just made your daughter into a divorcee which in some cases is more stigmatised than being a spinster, well done you!
I guess misery loves company, O so you think I am wrong let me draw your attention to the rates of DIVORCE in this country, go check and see before you even dare to think of posting an argument or a rebuttal, figures speak for themselves.

Shame on you women who pressure others into a life of misery, just because you made some questionable decisions in your life, that does not mean you should force your wrong and misguided opinions on others. Leave them alone, and let them make their own mistakes that is what is called growing up.

I know I sound biased against women but I am not, really I am not. I am all for women working and keeping their jobs, and I am a believer in woman being able to do anything they set their minds too, my late mother was one of those who balanced wrok and family life and she did it well, she is my yardstick for what strong independant women can achieve if they set their minds to it, so don’t wave the patriarchal banner at me please I am a feminist.
I believe woman are strong magnificent beings, smarter and deadlier than the male. They have to be when dealing with testestorone controlled neanderthals (whic let us face it if you look at our society is what is prevalant).

Let me ad to this and call me shallow and superficial if you want to, I would hire a qualified person male or female if they were qualified and gorgeous, I love beauty in all its manifestations, and my business is all about the beauty, whether in art or in physicality but I admit to it.
But i cannot see why an office manager in an industrial capacity has to be a stunner (there I would rather have someone plain and efficient).

Ladies you are wonderful, you are strong, you are intelligent,  and you are capable so do not fall into the marriage trap until YOU are ready and you want to, do not give into peer pressure (this twon isrife with it, a group of friends are like a domino chain the first couple gets married and BAM! The rest fall into line.

This is how I see things, from my 48 years onthis godforsaken planet, and no I do not mistake existence for experience. I have sat and observed many a marriage happen and then fail, relationships too, and so I can pass judgement after forming an opinion.
I know it is like that all over the world but youwrite about what you know, I don’t care about the rest of the world but I do care about our little corner of this planet.
And the only thing I can safely say is be true toyourselves and do no give a damn what society expects of you. Why? Because society is sick and warped and they do no care about you when you go home and close those doors.
Opinons and advice are like arse holes everybody has one, and believe me they will want to share it with you. Just like I am doing now.

Be good be safe.


Swor whisperer


Picture represents the feminine force, strength and the warrior spirit most women have.




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