They are the fashion pack. No scratch that they are the fashion prats…. Reflections on the “Fashion/Fashel” scene in Jordan (Ooooo I know I am going to get myself into trouble here).

Hello Skinlovers!

Grammas having a mean Red  Day, which means crankier and grumpier than usual….

Some idiot online tried to make a big stink about a fashion event that took place in City Mall (Amman- Jordan), and he was going on about how it wasn’t Jordanian and it was against our traditions and blah blahblah cue the same backward ignorant sentences that masquerade as being worried about how our traditions and norms are not followed.
Well I have this to say to that arse wipe of a fossil “GROW UP!”

In it the writer claims this goes against all our traditions…What traditions? Society evolves as it should and people who want to drag us back into the dark ages can get the hell out of Jordan and bugger off.

The fashion show in question showcased nothing indecent or suggestive (unless you are a repressed religious hypocrite who gets turned on by an ankle), all the clothes were from retailers in the mall and there weren’t any girls parading around in lingerie and bathing suits so what was the scandalous thing in that.
Anyone who reads Arabic can find said article on Jarasa home of the ignorant (or at least ignorant for today).

Fashion scene in Jordan really? How amazing it is none-existent especially when you go intoshops and everything is already two season gone at the least.
You cannot sustain a fashon magazine or a fashion industry if you are already demode, you cannot put the blame on the fashion and beauty editors but onthe owners of said magazines who do not want to shell out the money needed to send a team outside to photograph the selection of the various new fashons, so they have to contend with what is available in town, as for the beauty debacle I can give you this example:
Va – Va – Voom is selling the Estee Lauder case (you know the ones they release each christmas that has glosses and lipstick and blushes and eyeshadow pallettes, well the one they are selling here is last years from the states makes it seem as if we are the dumping ground for all their leftovers and second sortings. And this makes me angry.
Companies that import make-up and other stuff are worse, they expect things to be sold via word of mouth, and that is ridiculous, it just isn’t so. I have refused to step into Abu Shaqra or buy any of their brands here in Jordan because of the none reciprocal way I was treated.
I wrote to  their PR and asked if they would do some Goodie bags for some talks I was giving which would be good PR and advertising for them, and this wasn’t the first time I had dealt with them (under another PR person who moved to the USA) well the person I contacted is some one who knows me, she had the gall to ask me to submit a guest list of attendees, and I was gobsmacked, the nerve.
I did send her the email with the list of VIPS (mostly from the royals and other important families here in Jordan) and added that I wouldn’t need their stuff since I was in contact with someone else (their rivals) who didn’t bat an eyelid and said how much do you need.
It boggles the mind that they cannot fathom that if you want people to buy your products you have to think of product placement (that means making sure the top make-up artists in town have said products in their bags), when people see that we have certain products in our bags that leads to people trusting it and thus buying it. I have ranted about that in another post.

Back to the fashion scene, in terms of designers we have a bunch of young ones who are not getting the exposure they deserve (okay some of them I use the term designer loosely), these people struggle so hard and everyone is flocking to foreign designers, also unfortunaly a lot of these “designers” think that propping a sketch to a tailor and letting him or her do all the hard work, learn this:

As for originality in this town forget it, you cannot be original since the items offered are all copies, this leads to  multiple “repeated” looks and it is scary (in the village of the damned story), next everyone winds up looking as if they’ve been cloned and a transgendered (this too I have posted about it in another blog).
Cloning is alive and well in Jordan while originality is being stifled and strangled by society and its twisted damned conformity and limited choices, so people buy the same things and wind up shafting themselves….

Another thing is that these people in this town will not appreciate nor respect Art, Fashion nor beauty that is local because everything that is foreign is great, well, I can safely say it isn’t but when it comes to getting something Jordanian they will try and haggle you to death and then they would say it’s too expensive, not caring how much time and effort went into said work……

Addendum (18th Nov. 2014):
I know I am at times scathing with my opinion but here is an explanation, in order for Us (Jordan) to have a decent Art & Fashion scene, we have to first weed out the copyists and the imposters, you know them you see them at every opening pretending to understand all the art yet they are full of hot air.
Fashion, the world of fashion is so fast-paced, and we aren’t capable of keeping up with them (through no fault of our own, by the time things come on the market in magazines they are already past and outdated and gone the way of the DoDo) we do not have the people who have the vision (yes I am talking to the people in the print media the owners of said magazines) to see you need to get people out there to scope and sleuth and ferret out the newest styles and trends, instead the editors are left to do all that online, and if I wanted to I would do the same as a customer, I have heard it time and time again, that people are not interested in looking at something and then to discover  “can be found online” it gets them angry. People want to know what works here and now, and also what is available in the country. Some people (myself included) do not like or feel comfortable with online shopping, for many reason the main one being that other than online credit fraud, you have to deal with the customs and excise people who put VAT’s as it pleases them and with no rhyme no reason.

The way of the print magazine is slowly dying (and that is a pity) people do not want to pay to advertise, and online magazines are the way of the future, but the smell of print will be missed, it was an industry that was so fast-paced and fun, but no matter what online is the feel of paper in your hand is amazing and cannot ever be replaced.

I just wish some of the magazine owners would cough up the money so as to afford and accord the journalists the possibility of making said publications on par with Europe or anywhere…..
We are treated as a container for the cast-offs of Fashion & Beauty (as I mentioned earlier on in this post), I do not buy my clothes in this town, and why should I when I bought some jeans and shoes from Aizone (sister shop to Aishti from lebanon) this is what happened. The jeans tore within 3 wears, and the shoes cracked from a couple of days of weariing. So you see whwere my suspicions arise from.

Anyway this was a deeper clarification to the fashion & magazine dilemma.
And becaus of the lack of foresight Fashion shows become Fashel (failure in Arabic) shows.



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