On Beauty & Ugliness Inside and out! (musings of a superficial mind)….. :-D

Hello Skinlovers!

It is Thursday (which is when we start our weekend, first day being friday), and I was having an inner discussion with the voices in my head, we were tackling the issue of beauty. Sort of wondering what defines beauty?

I was spurred down this rabbit hole by two treatises by Umberto Eco respectively titled 1) On Beauty. 2) On ugliness.
I think everyone should read them it is an interesting look on what beauty and ugliness is, just like truth it is subjective.

A firm believer after all these years in the beauty industry, I came once to the conclusion that “Beauty is EVIL!”. Now before you all jump down my throat at that statement, I know and realise it is more nuanced than that it is a wide grey zone filled with myriads of possibilities for interpretation and cannot be define by a blanket statement as the on I used. That said I still believe beautiful people rarely develop social skills, not their fault but the fault of a superficial society that judges you mainly on your looks.
We live in such societies these days, tall beautiful people will earn more than theirplain-jane counterparts, even if they have the same qualifications. I admit if I ran a business I would want a gorgeous yet compitent stunningly beautiful team, eyecandy a feast for the eyes, but that’s me and I am superficial at times and evil doesn’t phase me! 😀

Vapid people irritate me a lot, and society has become that. Fixated on people who have no moral compass and their brains are emeciated like their bodies, and these are the self-same people who presume to sit in judgement and tell others how to live their lives.
Irony in case are people who are life coaches (yet funnily enough more than 80% of them are divorced), and then there are those who are personal shoppers simply because they buy a lot of stuff and their “friends” think they have taste. The artists who copy and claim originality (yes I have mentioned those in another post), I do not want to deal with these people though I can scrimmage in the mud along with the best of them.

Back to topic, the ideals of beauty differ from country to country and from generation to generation, this is good and this is bad, yet funnily enough there are people who are timeless and can withstand all the vagaries of time and trends. Audrey Hepburn being one of them.
I find striking is more interesting than palin old beauty (which in my eyes is quite forgettable). I go for exotic and quirky, nothing turns me on like a longish face with chiselled features and ears that stick out a bit, and ginger hair I am sold on that.
It’s not that I prefer my NOrdic/Teutonic tall Visgoths and Vikings, but, I find as an artist that chiselled features are fantastic (hence the rise of countouring/shading’s popularity) people want those slavic Scandinavian cheekbones and chin, which I believe is engineered into our deepest genetics. THe woman will want a man who has broad strong shoulders and a chin you could cut butter on, it goes back to the caveman’s genes of him being a good hunter and provider. While the men will want a buxom lass with a good set of child-bearing hips (I am not being sexist here justrecounting the desires, think Kim Kardashian’s booty).

Whatever your tastes and/or fetish is these days you can find something for everyone, but what is still astounding is that women of colour are rarely represented within the media and the few that make it are always a glaring minority or not considered “Black-Enough”, it is a strange thing.
When I was in the states I noticed something funny  a lot of Blackmen were attracted to the petite Asian girls, without fail, everytime we were out in a crowd (most of my friend were Japanese, Pinoy, or Korean) we would always be surrounded by them and nearly had to beat them off with a broom, it was a curious study in human rellations it was like honeyed water to insects astounding really but still informative.
I also asked my friends what would be considered beautiful and when I mentioned Iman as an example my congolese and Nigerian friends said she was too white, whiole Alek Wek was a symbol of true African beauty, strange how the preceptions are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if anyone say it is what’s inside that counts slap them, there is no such crap, you will see people are attracted to shiny pretty things and that is just the way the world  wags, we are NOT X-Ray machines we are fickle, superficial beings who are visual and that is how it has been for years without a fail, so the faster we resign ourselves to fate and the overwhelming power of stupid people in large groups we can all be happy.

That’s my little rant for today ENJOY! 😀

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