My opinions on the article “Don’t hide your real face: 10 reasons why you should wear less make-up by Alexia Lafata”. (Tongue in cheek but valid still).

Hello skinlovers!

I came across this thing in Elite Daily so I thought I would repost it with my own comments and opinions added to it my answers will be in parenthesis so as not to be confused with Alexias… FYI I loved the article because it did touch on a very relevant topic.

Don’t Hide Your Real Face: 10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Less Makeup by Alexia Lafata.
(while I do believe in less is more cookie cutter blanket statements irk me but Alexia writes well).

Don’t Hide Your Real Face: 10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Less Makeup

Why do you wear makeup?

I wear it to enhance my appearance and to feel pretty. I wear it to not look dead. Some girls wear it because it’s fun, because it attracts the boys, because it plays up specific features.
(Well said! Some girls and boys wear it because their skin is undergoing major upheavals and they really cannot face going out without it on).

I usually wear concealer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and some eyebrow pencil. This isn’t even a lot; some girls I know wear all of that plus foundation, more eyeshadow, false eyelashes, bronzer, blush, highlight and whatever else is out there to convince us that we aren’t beautiful enough as-is.
(and some wear all that because they just can do it in under 10 minutes and enjjoy it, but yes sometimes it might be a bit too much).

There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup. Makeup can be a really fun way to express yourself, and there’s no harm in wanting to look good. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to wear less makeup.
(Kudos for the experiment everyone should do that let your skin breathe as they say, models do it whenever they can).

I’m filling in my eyebrows less, forgoing eyeshadow, minimizing eyeliner — and, surprisingly, I’m feeling more confident than ever.
(That might work for Alexia but some people actually need it, maybe they shouldn’t slap it on like Poly-Filla but they have to be taught that).

I urge all women to try to wear less makeup. It seems counterintuitive, but the days I’m the most confident in my appearance are the days I’m wearing less.
(Works for her but not for everyone, she is assuming that everyone is running around looking like Bozo the clown, but some people need that crutch they really do, whatever the reason might be they might suffer from and extreme lack of confidence ergo they need the war paint).

This is because I know people are looking at my face and seeing and reacting to the real me, not a super-dramatized version of me. And the closer your makeup mirrors what you really look like, the better.
(cannot argue with that one well said, but again depends on the drama acted out on your face).

Here’s why:

1. If we are trying to combat the body ideal, we should also try to combat the makeup ideal.
(While this might be true in a lot of cases it goes out from the premise that women are cluless muddle headed creatures who do not know what is good for them, sometimes women actually like to look like a polished version of themselves).

There’s a lot of amazing talk about trying to combat the ideal body type, so shouldn’t we be trying to do the same with makeup? Women are expected to cover up pimples, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s more, men have social permission to just let all of that fly. Which is totally fine! I just want the same liberty. Sometimes, I’m too lazy to cover up my dark circles and I don’t want to feel really terrible about it.

Have you ever noticed how it’s not — at all — a big deal when a guy gets a pimple? It’s less noticeable and nobody really ruminates about it, but when a girl gets one, it’s the absolute end of the world.

We’ve never been socialized to care about whether or not men cover up; we only care if girls do. Let’s even the playing field. My skin is not perfect, and bros, neither is yours; that’s okay.

(I agree in principle with the above, but seriously if a woman does go out without a stitch of make-up and dark circles, and pimples it also sends the message of “I have given up” and then she will have to field a million questions along the lines of “are you feeling okay?” “Are you tired?” “Haven’t you slept?” etcetra and that will add to the misery and also will erode self-confidence).

2. You’ll spend less money.

Wearing less makeup is just practical. Women spend an exorbitant amount of money on beauty products, some of which we just throw to the side and unknowingly let them rot in the depths of our makeup drawers.

InStyle reports that women spend an average of $15,000 on cosmetic products in her lifetime.

Imagine cutting that number in half. You could probably afford a way better apartment, live in a nicer neighborhood, go on at least two vacations, eat healthier food and generally improve your quality of life. Priorities, people.

(Again sound reasoning and actual common sense, but flip it and you will have the pampering of self aspect, plus the instant gratification thing. Instead of buying expensiva name-brands she should make it a quest to find something similar in a lesser price range category. Upside more products for less money spent).

3. Applying makeup takes up way too much time in the morning.

How much time would you be saving by not prepping your face for foundation, making sure your winged eyeliner is perfect, or scrutinizing your uneven eyebrows?

According to Allure, women spend an average of 18 minutes on their morning makeup routine.

Eighteen minutes! Imagine if that went down to five minutes! What if your makeup routine consisted of just concealer and mascara? You could sleep later.

You could have a healthy breakfast. You could feel more relaxed. You could do some damn yoga. The possibilities are endless.

(18 minutes that’s a bit too much most women have it down to 10 minutes and less. Here’s and Idea:
wash your face, pat it dry, apply moisturiser with an spf all over the face and the eye area, and apply your BB/CC cream and then colour in the face, presto your face is ready).

4. You’ll feel lighter.

On hot days, makeup feels like a wool blanket without any kind of ventilation. And when you sweat, your makeup just pours down your face, tinting your normally clear sweat to light brown or pink — maybe even blue if your eyeshadow is adventurous that day.

When you wear less makeup, you feel cleaner. You feel lighter. You don’t feel that weird layer on your face threatening to melt off in the sun or blow off in the wind. You can itch your eye or your cheek and not worry about streaking your makeup.

(Well if you are a complete numpty and do not know what products to use, yes indeed this will happen. But if you use products that have a mattifying and cooling effect and a setting powder ain’t nothing going to make your face budge).

5. The guy you like/are hooking up with will see your natural face sooner than you think.

This is not to say that women wear makeup for the pleasure of men. But if you’re dating or hooking up with a guy, a sleepover usually comes after a hook-up session, especially if it’s four in the morning and your dorm or apartment is across campus or across town and you’re exhausted.

If you choose to stumble home at 4 am, props to you. If, however, you’d rather navigate in the daylight, you’ll end up staying over and waking up in the next morning with a face full of rubbed off concealer, removed eyebrows, and mascara and eyeliner that’s been f*cked off. And your guy will probably see. Even if it’s your first time hooking up.

He will see your real face. You’ll be surprised to find that if he thought you were hot last night, he probably won’t hate it this morning.

(Well men are fickle creatures).

6. Honestly, the guy you like/are hooking up probably doesn’t know the difference anyway.

People, especially men, don’t really notice subtle changes in makeup routines. I enjoy asking my friends if I look any different on days where I wear less makeup, and they say they hardly even notice.

Even more hilariously, I’ll ask guys the same question, and they’ll respond with, “You wear makeup?” Once, I had winged eyeliner on and my boyfriend asked me if I put on extra eyelashes.

The point? Men don’t notice sh*t.

(True That, but if you have a tendency to wear extra amounts of slap/warpaint well trust me even the most oblivious man will notice, now if that is good or bad we live it up to them).

7. It’s better for your skin.

The Huffington Post reports that out of the 1,000 carcinogens banned in Europe, the US has only banned nine of them.

What’s happened is that scientists are merely “improving” on chemicals used in beauty products by shrinking the particles down and making them stronger, allowing them the absorb into the skin easier and penetrate outside layers (that once served as a protective barrier against these toxins) more effectively.

You can get around these with real, natural beauty products, but be careful: Most beauty products that claim to be “organic,” “natural” or “herbal” are anything but. A website called Skin Deep exists to help you find out whether or not a certain makeup product is safe. Definitely check it out.

(Well…. Again that depends on your skintype and problems. If you have oily problem skin you need that stuff, but if you have been blessed – damn you- with perfect skin you do not need all the extras).

8. Taking your makeup off is the biggest b*tch.

The worst part about wearing makeup is taking it off at the end of the night. Sometimes we get so lazy about taking makeup off that we actually forget to do it, which leads to acne, increased pore size, premature aging, eye irritation and styes.

There is truly nothing worse than stumbling home from a night out and going to bed, only to wake up and look like you simultaneously got punched in both eyes and a colony of vicious red bumps formed on your forehead. And this can happen after only one night sleeping in makeup. One slip-up and makeup has not only not enhanced your beauty, but it has, in fact, contributed to making you uglier.

(some people consider it like meditation the application and removal, they get into a “Zenned state” while doing it which makes them far more able to cope with the day, and you have to remove it or else).

9. It’s so easy to do.

Wearing less makeup and getting people used to seeing you like that is so easy. It’s like weaning someone off caffeine or social media: slow and gradual.

In high school, I used to wear bottom eyeliner and I got myself and the people around me used to seeing me without it by gradually making the line thinner and thinner until it disappeared forever. Now, I just wear eyeliner on the top.

Start by removing one piece of makeup first, like maybe your eyeshadow, and wearing your face that way for a week. A week is a decent amount of time for people to get used to what your face looks like without eyeshadow.

Then, remove another: maybe the eyebrow fill-in. Let another week go by. Soon, you’ll be down to the bare minimum, and nobody will have noticed that you were doing anything.

(Depends on where you live and which cultural norms there are, in the middle east the no make up look is a huge No-No in certain circles).

10. Nobody looks at you as much as you look at yourself.

Finally, if you’re freaking out about the prospect of wearing less makeup, know that nobody scrutinizes you as much as youscrutinize you. I repeat: Nobody scrutinizes you as much as you scrutinize you. 

Nobody is paying as much attention to what you look like, to what your clothes look like, to what you’re saying, to that weird pimple on your forehead, to the fact that your under-eye circles look slightly darker today. Nobody.

People are stuck in their own little worlds, worrying about all of those things about themselves. So don’t worry about it.

(Again I repeat depnds on where you are living, in the Eastern world it is all about the observation of people and judging in a lot of cases, it sad but true).


The above article had a lot of sound common sense in it but in cases like cultural differences and simple folk it is just not applicable if you show any signs of weakness tiredness or nonchalance they will land on you with rumours and innuendo.
I thought the piece well-written and quite informative but again like I said if Alexia lived in Jordan she would be toast. 😀


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2 Responses to My opinions on the article “Don’t hide your real face: 10 reasons why you should wear less make-up by Alexia Lafata”. (Tongue in cheek but valid still).

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    great post! what you write is true, but i still think that buying and using makeup is really fun (and you feel amazing) ❤

    • descantia says:

      That was the whole premise of my replying to the article, the idea that make up is fun and you should indulge because it has a certain therapeutic value. 😀

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