How safe do you feel in this town…..

Face crumpled copy 000 Shift your thinking 1511004_646854332052859_1535010559_nGreetings skinlovers!

Has been ages since I had a fit and a well-placed rant, so here we go.

Let me start with the political atmosphere surrounding us.
We are surrounded by unrest, we are bombarded with bullshit masquerading as “real” news, everyone has an agenda they follow which seems to boil down to us (Jordan) getting the short end of the stick.

The newly arrived US Ambassador has claimed we JORDANIANS are only 27% of the population (you know that is a first step in a pre-emptive suggestion we become the replacement state inorder to sooth the Israelis) well that is a huge truck load of Elephant manure. I love how foreigners come along and tell us what is good for us when their country is what got us into the mess in the first place. The USA’s continuous blind support of Israel has made it at the least an insincere partner in the peace talks, and why the hell should we listen to them they veto and naysay at every corner.
They create the strife and the terrorism and then they want ot combat it, really you do not believe me Isis, Da3esh, and Al Qaeda let us go back to who was the one that financed the Ayatollahs? Got the gist of the problem).
They make the mess and then use it as an excuse to start wars so they can sell their armaments to the region, this happens every time their economy takes a hit…..

As for Gaza need one say more, look at all the human rights violations the war crimes and the USA keeps on parrotting that the Palestinians must use restraint….. On what alternate universe have they landed……

Religion the fact that all these extremists are killing innocents, using fearmongering, and takfeer (accusing others of apostasy) all the things expressly forbidden in Islam shows they have nothing to do with Islam, and that self-appointed caliph who came from god knows where what is up with that. Sorry not in my name and he doesn’t speak for me, especially those of us descended from the prophet….

Then there’s the whole debate about the nuclear energy and powerplants. The government expressly went against the peoples wishes by promoting it, they ignore the parliament that asked them to stop the research all the while saying the government isn’t pushing that agenda (while putting little propaganda snippets on the state run television stating how proud we are of the engineers who are working on e reactors in the UAE, and saying they sent 20 policemen to learn to be security for plants like that, no that isn’t endorsing the nuclear ooption at all).
How the frack do they expect us to believe that that is the only option, they say they are all for alternative energy whil increasing the more than 20 million grant for the nuclear research and whittling away at the alternative energy grants, and cancelling for the third time the symposium on alternative energies. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

Again I stat we are waiting for the next big earthquake, and it is not a matter of if but a matter of when. And then where the hell are we going to get water to run that plant when we do not have water. And they refuse to build a desalinisation plant, or to use water from the red to the dead with generators placed at the lowest point to generate electricity and power, and what about wind and solar energies, these are not viable options according to the nuclear commission see what they did there, anyway numptys exist and they are running around saying it is the safest, REALLY? can I draw your attention please to JApan the most meticulous country which couldn’t control the meltdown, then we here who cannot even get the gas cannisters to work properly want to build a nuclear reactor?

And the list goes on.

So that was my rant for today hope you enjoyed it. đŸ˜€


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