Foodage and quenchers and all things good for your skin! (aka a lot of things have been said but jury is still out on some). :-D

Hello Skinlovers.

And we are back here is a little tid-bit for you about nutrition and skin quenchers……

Feed your face by Moo! 😀


Every single cell in your body relies on a constant supply of nutrients to keep it healthy. So the starting point for smoother skin is a well balanced diet. Here are some foods to put on your shopping list.

  • Olive Oil: Although a lower fat diet is definitely preferable to one that contains a high percentage of fat, it’s a mistake to cut out fat completely. Our diets must contain Essential fatty Acids these are important for your skin. The best all-round healthy option is to look for oils or spreads that are low in saturates and higher in mono and polyunsaturates such as olive oil and sunflower spreads. For healthier skin try and incorporate these into your everyday diet. But do NOT use it for frying it changes molecularly and turns into something that can damage your health, coco oil, or peanut oil, and/or Corn oil because they tolerate higher tempratures.
  • Carrots: Rich in carotenes, the type of vitamin A found in plants. A lack of it can result in skin blemishes and doctors have used it to treat acne and other skin disorders. Most fruit and vegetables have varying amounts of vitamin A – other sources are broccoli, spring greens and other highly coloured fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs and fish liver oil. Do not take vitamin A supplements unless advised to do so by a doctor.
  • Marmite and Vegemite: Make these your friend (it is an acquired taste, most people who went to English boarding schools or were brought up in Australia will testify to this) they contain a variety of B vitamins. These are vital for your skin and a deficiency can lead to dry, cracked skin, also found in liver green leafy veggies and whole grain cereals.
  • Oily fish: Oil – rich fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon contain Essential Fatty Acids, which are thought to be important for healthy looking skin.
  • Oranges: Packed with vitamin C which like vitamin E, is an anti – oxidant and may protect against damage to skin cells by free radicals which can age skin more rapidly. Vitamin C helps fight skin damage by strengthening the skins collagen fibres. There’s also plenty in other citrus fruits (Pomegranates), dark green leafy vegetables, bananas, avocados, green and red peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Eat your greens to stock up on Vitamin E, an anti oxidant that stop harmful free radicals damaging the body’s cell and ageing the skin. It supplies the skin with moisture and is thought to combat dry skin (that’s why Vitamin E is used in so many skin care products). Also found in cereals, egg yolks, wheat germ, vegetable oils and nuts.
  • Chicken & Lean-meat : Choosing leaner meat will reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet. Try to avoid frying and roasting meat and cut off visible fat. Experts say the most of us have too much saturated fats in our diet (also in dairy products) and need to cut down.
  • Full Fat everything: Recent studies from Scandinavia (yeah I trust them more than I do that corrupt body called USFDA) have proved that everything full-fat actually might help you shed the pounds, full fat cream milk and butter and such, again everything that has not been processed.
  • Rice: Whole grains like brown rice, pasta and high fibre breakfast cereals contain Zinc which is vital for taking Vitamin A from the liver to the tissues. Research has shown that extra Zinc in your diet can improve your skin, and is an immuno-booster . Also found in seafood and nuts.
  • Lemons: Cut out tea and coffee in the morning and squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water. Contains Vitamin C and cuts down on caffeine, which can affect some peoples’ skin. Note that if you take supplements of any kind Caffeine inhibits their uptake.
  • Tea & Coffee: These have now made it back on the list of allowable things because they are filled with anti -oxidants and are good for you ( a caveat not proven yet people taking blood pressure medication should watch out when drinking green tea, it seems it interferes with the absorption of said medications but the jury is still out on that one). 


Anything processed and artificial, also you can try and avoid multivitamins (which more and more studies are proving are actually damaging to your health), your vitamins should be gotten from your food (and if you live in certain areas where there are no fresh food sources or organic you can use frozen veggies and fruits as they still retain more nutrients than anything bought fresh because they are flash frozen).

Cakes, Biscuits, Crisps, and Pastries contain a lot of hidden fat and eaten too often lead to an unbalanced diet, which is not good for your skin. Also avoid processed foods, white rice and refined sugars, major health damagers I repeat (you gain sooooooo much weight!). Alcohol and smoking will and do damage your skin internally and externally ( although a glass of red wine a day is now considered beneficial, I said a small glass not a Bottle!).

Life is to enjoy and your body is like a machine it needs oiling and maintenance especially after the age of 25!

The only white thing you should put on your food is Chia Seeds, it suppesedly regulates and makes you lose weight (the jury is still out on that one but I thought I would share it with you…..

Drench to quench your skin by ME! 😀


With all the different weather changes we go through, the main victim in this case is your skin, you go from a warm indoor climate to a potentially cooler environment and vice versa. All these changes wreaks havoc upon your skin, it can dry it out and make oilier, it can make it flaky and red, not to mention the raw and taut feeling.




  • Always use a moisturiser to suit your skin type.
  • Oily skin needs moisturising too, you can use the lines from Garnier Synergie pure, L’Oreal Pur- zone, or Skeyndor Hydrafresh with SPF 10. There are plenty of lines out there try and see which ones are best suited for you. Himalaya products are good and do not strip your skin of its essential oils….
  • Use a moisturiser with at least an SPF 5 in winter, and an SPF of 10 minimum in summer (unless you are skiing then you need a 30+ SPF) indoors, and a 30+ outdoors. Otherwise use a separate sun block or tan protector, oil-free naturally for the face.A great company is an Australian brand (they have the best sunblocks down under) called Ego they make a line called sunsense so far the best sunblocks I have tested.
  • Use two different moisturiser formulations, one that specifically gives you protection from the damaging effects of free radicals in the day- time; and a richer or treating (depending on your skin type) at night.
  • Switch to lighter formulations in the summer because the heat and humidity (depending on your location in the world) don’t dry out your skin as much as cold weather).




Scientists are continually developing new products to improve the skin’s texture. Although some dermatologists swear that a cheap, basic is just as good for your skin as an expensive formulation, there’s been a boom in products with added ingredients to help repair, restore and boost the skin’s natural functions, among the ingredients we saw making prominent headlines were these two:

  • Anti-oxidants: You’ll find lots of creams nowadays have these ingredients added to them. Oxidation is a natural process of deterioration caused by the effects of the environment; including the sun, pollutants such as carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke and acid rain. Anti-oxidants help combat this harmful chain reaction and protect against long term damage, like wrinkles.
  • AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids): These mild fruit acids take away ugly dead cells that remain on the skin making it look dull. They work like a more a sophisticated exfoliator and make it easier for other skin improving ingredients to penetrate. They can have a drying effect and often need to be used with a moisturiser.
  • Enzymes: These are usually extracted from Pineapples, Papaya, and Guavas, these mild exfoliants supposedly work by breaking down the collagen that holds the dead skin cells to the fresh ones far milder than AHA’s, ideal for sensitive skins.




Why you should not use the same moisturiser day and night (unless it was specifically  formulated for such use): The principle difference between day and night moisturisers is that most day time moisturisers tend to have high sun protection factor (SPF). There’s no point in night creams having one, unless you’re a bit odd and do a lot of sleepwalking! The other thing is that your skin can take a richer or treating moisturiser when you and your skin are at rest. During the day a really rich formula would look too greasy and at this time your skin is busy trying to protect itself from external pollutants and the sun. Lots of daily moisturisers now contain ingredients, which help your skin in its fight against these environmental pollutants. But in reality all day-creams can also be used at night especially if they are treatment ones, pare down your beauty routine if you want to 3 major products. A mild none-soapy cleanser (foaming or noe depending on your skintype and preference). A good moisturiser. And a sunblock. THese should suffice unless you have a problem zone like the eyes then you can invest in a serum which you apply on the areas of problematics and then wait a few minutes and apply moisturiser.




Instead of using a moisturiser before applying foundation, sweep a mix of rose water and glycerine (any pharmacist can mix it up for you) over your face. It sits between your skin and the base so make-up won’t get creased into the lines of your eyes and mouth. Basically an old fashioned primer from the days back when when primers were not invented (before the 80’s). 😀


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