Archivals 4 (aka this how we clean our house and our heads of hype foisted upon us by the beauty industry)….. :-D

Hello Skinlovers! 

Looky Looky whaat I found in my archives a July posting so I said why not give you all a bonus and here it is.




This month questions choices are varied! Cleaning tips for those who do their own housework (which I think a lot of you ladies need to get into it is good exercise you and your domestic helper, if you have one, can have fun doing that!), some miss manners advice, also how not to get scammed by the hype in the beauty business.

It is essential for all girls to know how to clean, cook and do laundry, especially if you want to send them abroad to study they will not be able to afford a maid and if they can shame on you for making a whole generation of spoilt brats (my Dad know how to iron and darn his socks if he should need to, and so do I) it is an essential survival skill.




Dear Miss Velour, I have a question how do you deal with chronically late people? I have friends who show up to seated dinners an hour late. What do I do?

Timed Out!



Dear Timed out, I am very harsh with my tardy guests (unless they have warned before-hand that they are going to be late.

It all depends here are some scenarios:

When you state that it is a casual get together with snacks, don’t get bothered by people being late, it is okay.
If it is a seated dinner, then you make sure you state a time you want them to be there, and explain to people that you are making something special and they need to be on time! Miscreants who do not phone or show up are relegated to cocktail lists thereafter, and the ones who phone and say they are going to be delayed can be forgiven ( I usually say to my hosts that I am going to be late, and they REALLY should start without me, it is only fair for the hosts), and I can’t make a fuss about what they are serving (it is rude). When invited to dinners I usually ask if there is fish on the menu, and if there is I usually either decline or make sure I’ve eaten before-hand and arrive in time for dessert! 😀

After all it is the company I am interested in more than the food…

In this town we have people who can’t make it on time and never will you make sure that these people get finger foods instead of your creations.

For far too long people have gotten away with very rude behaviour, not phoning to cancel or decline, not bothering with a sorry the next day these people should be left out of arrangements, and you will notice it is the same group that does it again and again…




Dear V,

Whenever I am out and about I get bombarded with science-babble  speak which drive me crazy, every product has a new and improved with a miracle ingredient to make me look younger, how can I sort fact from fiction?

Yours Science-fused!



Dear Fused,

Many a time in my answers I have stated the following (which I hold to be true): DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

Seriously it is a jungle with words like “Cosmeceuticals” which tend to throw you off with their pseudo-scientific talk, well here’s the harsh reality they’re not much different than any other product. A friend of mine phoned me the other day and she was like I have been using so-and –so product and my skin is breaking out like a teenager. So I answered cease and desist and start using supermarket products, and she’s like “Heavens forbid!” and I was like why not? They are better in most cases and more cost-effective they are also great. How do you get your skin to glow like that? Is another question she asked, to which I replied the self-same products! But if you want to know some essentials here you go:

  1. Avoid and be sceptical of products with Vitamin A, why? Well, the amount of the Vitamin A found in beauty products are minute and almost have no effect, whereas the medical ones will cause redness and peeling and photo sensitivity which will lead to skin blotching.
  2. Peptides yet another thing being touted as the miracle anti-ageing product, you can get this by increasing your Vitamin C in your food.
  3. Essential Fatty Acids are good for you they will keep your skin plump and lovely and this you get from your food.
  4. Don’t buy too many different creams that will irritate your skin.
  5. Do not use harsh cleansers or soaps on your skin, be smart and do not strip your skin of its protective barrier.
  6. Sun-block is essential you can get mineral ones and they are by far the best.
  7. Vitamins in creams are neigh on useless, skin cannot absorb the molecules of vitamins (no matter how much they claim micro-encapsulation) you want vitamins get it from your food and smoothies. Yes even supplements have come under attack, jury is still out on those….





Dear MissVelour,

I heard from my friends that you are a whizz at removing stains and cleaning things Do you have any time saving tips for cleaning up stains and anything else?

Yours Stained.



Dear Stained,

These are my favourite questions. I live for them!

Here are a few invaluable tips:

On removing stains from carpets and other things when you don’t have the spray on dry clean stuff…

Go to your bathroom and see if you have any shaving cream, yes shaving foam works wonders in case of stain emergencies. Squirt enough foam on your finger tips and put it on the stain cover the stain well, then wait for around a minute use a dry paper towel to absorb excess foam and as much foam as possible, then wet another paper towel with warm water to remove more foam, after that use a third paper towel fold it up to cover the stain then using your knuckles press the towel to absorb as much water as possible, throw it away leave spot to dry for a few hours then vacuum.

TO clean toilet bowls without using harsh chemicals! Doesn’t that sound nice and eco-friendly! 😀

Well,  a friend of mine uses denture tablets she pops two in the toilet bowl and then leaves them fizzing there over night in the morning she brushes and cleans the toilet bowl and it is sparkling clean. I myself go for the expired effervescent Vitamin C tablets. Same procedure, two to three tablets thrown in the toilet bowl wait a few hours and clean presto! Sparkly clean non-toxic cleanser.




Well dears this is this month’s rant and here it goes!

We have developed a sense of entitlement and rude behaviour which is very crass and conceited. We do not respect other peoples time (yes, I too have been guilty of that on occasion the difference is, I have a conscience whereas quite a few out there do not!), the desire to speak ones mind out and not really caring how or who one hurts is rampant to the point of being a pandemic, and when someone answers them back the y paint them as being rude and difficult!

I find that more and more kids and adults are intolerant, they decide that they can criticise others and think they can escape being criticised themselves, not on my watch sister not on my watch.
Save your lies for God I am only interested in the facts, and you the majority of you out there do not have them. So continue misjudging people and lose out on some really deep wonderful friendships and experiences just because your field of spatial vision was to narrow, and your snob attitude deprived you of a learning experience so rich and varied.
You lose out when you shut yourself off from different people from different back-grounds, although I am a firm believer in a saying I hear which goes: “Equal Children Play Best!” But remember never ever believe that you are better than anyone else because of an accident of birth, you should respect all even if your life is different.



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