Archivals 3 (aka the advice heeded or not still valid).

Hello Skinlovers!

Gramma’s back wit more archivals this time from the dreaded files of Mizz Velour…..
So in this piece scents, miscarriages and other stuff….

DEC. Mz V.

This month we tackle miscarriages, men who reek of the wrong scent, racism, and falling for gay guys.

Life is funny you look around and you see things which at one point or another will upset you or bother you.

Ladies please join the campaign to tell men that the “AXE Effect” only works in ads, and dousing yourself in a whole can of that noxious stuff really makes you gag.
Subtlety is the key word here, fresh, clean, and sexy is the ultimate turn-on, and not the stench of cheap deodorants…

O yes and open your minds, expand your horizons, and set your imagination free…

Gaga (no not the singer) for guys

Ms. V Help!

Every man I fall for turns out to be gay!
Why are all the sweet, kind, sensitive and decent guys into other men?
People are starting to call me a “Fag-Hag”. Is there something wrong with me that I can’t find a nice straight guy?
Yours Gaga for gay guys….

Dear Gaga
The problem is not that you are attracted to gay men. The problem is that you are not attracted to straight men. You are operating under the assumption that heterosexual men will not be “sweet, kind, sensitive” guys. Then when you meet a straight man, you’re drawn to jerks because you are looking for your expectations to be confirmed – on some level you feel safer and smarter that way. Maybe you are scared of being hurt. Or maybe you do not deserve the love he could give you. Or perhaps you have ambivalent feelings about sex and fell more comfortable around men who aren’t who you know aren’t interested in you in a sexual way. Instead of wondering why the guys you fall for “turn out to be” gay, start getting to work on why you are not drawn to straight men. There are lots of funny, gentle, smart straight guys in the world.
But until you have faith that the guy for you is out there, there’s no way you will find him.


Racist Relatives.

Dear Mz. V.
My husband was recently killed in a car accident, so my 8 months old son and are living with my parents while I get back on my feet. My husband was black and I am white. I love my parents and they have always been good to me, but they were opposed to my marriage because of my husband’s race. I loved him and don’t regret marrying him, my son is my whole life. The problem is, they don’t treat him with the same warmth as my sister’s children, who are white.
They are the only family he has besides me. How can I help them overcome their racism for his sake?

My dear poor child,
Your parents aren’t bad people, but they are ignorant. Patience is your best tool in educating them.
Give them time to get to know your dear little boy and give him a chance to charm them in spite of their prejudice. Let them see the delight you take in your son and the comfort he gives you in your grief.
Try not to resent your parents’ preference for your nieces and nephews. Remember you will be moving on when you get back on your feet, and if you teach your son your values about what makes people worth loving, he will never have a shortage of people in his life who love him back. In time, hopefully, your parents can come to love him through you.
And if they never do? That will be their tragic loss.


Miscarriage Misery

Dear Miss Velour,
Last year I had a miscarriage during my third month of pregnancy. I am pregnant again. What can I do to prevent another one?

Dear Worried,
Miscarriages are surprisingly common: As many as one in three pregnancies end in miscarriage, many before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Three fourths of the miscarriages occur during the first Trimester, and in most cases the exact cause is unknown. When a cause is found, it is usually a life threatening abnormality in the developing foetus that would have prevented its survival outside the womb.
Less often, the miscarriage stems from a health problem in the mother, such as a hormonal imbalance or a structural irregularity with the uterus. What the mother did during her pregnancy- her diet, weight gain, exercise, and sexual activity- is almost never to blame. The one big exception is cigarette smoking. Some studies suggest that the risk of miscarriage increases 30 to 50 percent among women who smoke a half pack of cigarettes or more during the Pregnancy.
Maximise your baby’s health by starting pre-natal care early – before the end of the third month – eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting lots of rest.


Dear Mz.V,
How do you tell someone that you hate their fragrance? I am dating a new man and I can’t stand the scent he wears?

Why did you date him if you didn’t like his fragrance in the first place? Just asking!
Because Sex and scent are so closely linked, it’s important to cure your fragrance incompatibility problem if you have any hope for the relationship (I am talking to you as an adult). He will probably be insulted if you tell him he stinks, so I suggest buying him something new that appeals to you. If you tell him that you heard about this great new scent, checked it out, and found it incredibly arousing, he is sure to want to try it. When you are shopping be sure to avoid any scents you have loved on previous boyfriends – scents are processed in the area of your brain that evokes memories, and you will want to keep the past in the past. Instead go for something totally new.
To be honest I like my men to smell of old fashioned soap and water, and baby powder (imagine my surprise a male friend of mine who I would never think of in “that” way suddenly seemed so attractive and I could not fathom why, well, I asked him if it was baby powder I smelt and he said yes, mystery solved.).
The Burberry men colognes, Hermes, and Thierry Mugler Angel Men (A*Men) limited editions (you might be lucky and still find them online try here: ) they are brilliant (they come in Coffee, malt).
Now I might hazard a guess my dear if you dated him and he smelt fine (men rarely change their preferred colognes) and if suddenly his scent has turned two options spring to mind.
A): He’s ill, illness can cause the body chemistry to change which in turn changes how scent and perfukes smell on people.
B): You might be pregnant, not saying that this is a fact but a “might”, if you suddenly are overly sensitive to scents it is one of the clear signs of pregnancy….

Hey if that is the case wow and congrats (I think), and if you are not happy well you should’ve used protection.

Okay people bigotry is just wrong, whether it is colour blindness or homophobia, show me a man who hates gays, and I will show you someone who is very, very unsure about their own sexuality!
Live and let live gays are not freaks nor are they child molesters by the way.
Intolerance shows weak minds and weak spirits, ignorance and stupidity, that type of behaviour does NOT belong in the 21st century. Deal with it! Get over yourselves and move on. If you do not approve then ignore, but do not try and be smart by trashing them or belittling them, remember they are everywhere whether you like it or not.
Nobody “Normal” ever invented anything of use, and without a lot of the gays you would be running around naked.
And do not even dare to use the term unnatural while quoting t religious dogma… We’ll shelve THAT discussion for another time, suffice it to say HYPOCRISY reigns supreme in these our modern times….


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