Skin Nastie and how to avoid them….

Hello Skinlovers!

Here we go another one from the archives just for you! Remember this was written as we approached fall but the advice is sound still in order to glow you need to take care of your skin, I have edited and updated it a bit……   😀


The Skin Nasties By MOI!


Blackheads, white-heads, painful cysts – a beauticians way to keep breakouts at bay ( I am not promising you any miracles!).

As we slowly approach fall, you will find that working out in the cooler, crisper weather- can leave you feeling and looking fitter than ever.
Unfortunately that fall glow doesn’t always extend to your face. You may assume that since you sweat less outdoors in cooler weather, pimple prone skin will dramatically improve.
But for some active women & men, it gets worse. Doctors aren’t sure why but speculate that the mild peeling from summer sun exposure may temporarily clear up the skin during the hot months. Prespiration can also set off breakouts once you move your workout inside to a hot gym by causing overactive oil glands to absorb excess sweat and bacteria, or the dead skin cells clogging everything.

None of us want to see those reminders of teenage angst spreading across our face again. And thanks to dermatologists & beauticians growing understanding of how to treat adult acne we don’t have to.

Your best defence is to wash your face – especially at the hairline and the neckline- twice a day, and after every workout. Use a soft terry cloth and scrub gently (harsh scrubbing can irritate existing acne and can cause even oily skin to flake and dry out).
To suds up use a mild, low to no fragrance soap -I recommend that you also use a soap-free facial wash- There are many out there these days (Clearasil, T-Zone Tea tree oil, Himalaya Neem foaming facial wash, & Clean & Clear are good examples) these remove the dirt and grime without drying and/or irritating the skin. There are several formulas and consistencies, some even contain a mild scrub to dislodge the dead skin cells, again a word of caution do not overdo the scrubs.

To further minimise the chance that exercise will lead to break outs, always remove make up – especially foundation- before a workout and reapply it only after washing your face. If you are prone to back breakouts, wear a leotard that’s low cut in back and shower right after exercise using a long handled brush or a loofah and an anti-bacterial soap.

If regular face washing don’t prevent pimples, battle back with adult anti acne formulations, which are less drying versions of teenage remedies. Ingredients to look for that help reduce black heads and small pimples: Benzoyl peroxide (no more than 5% anything stronger will be counter-productive), a mild antibacterial agent, also Salicylic acid, which sloughs off surface skin as well as dries up oils, Triclosane an excellent anti bacterial, and Tea tree oil. My advice for chronic breakouts is to use aforementioned products everyday on the clear skin too as a preventive measure. The trendiest additions to the arsenal is AHA (AlphaHydroxyAcids) and the other acids, a mild natural wrinkle fighter, but beware some people are sensitive to it, and it may make the problem worse.
Azaleane is also not bad (Aka Azaleic Acid) supposedly this prevents the dark pigmentation in scars and skin.

Sometimes it takes a dermatologist’s treatment to clear up acne. See a doctor if a blemish becomes infected, the acne seems to be leaving scars, you breakout constantly or you develop a cyst – a large, painful, pus filled blemish. Many doctors will prescribe Retin- A, which can peel off the surface layer of the skin over a period of weeks or months, for simple cases of black-heads, small bumps, or white-heads, oral antibiotics and topical ones too plus Retin-A to treat larger cysts and pimples. Though Adult acne cannot always be eradicated (i.e. you’re stuck with it for life), it can be controlled. There are some medications that seem to promise miracle cures, starting from the mild to the strongest: Natures Cure, a homeopathic approach (pills and a topical spray, all natural,extremely mild) can be bought online.

Birth control pills (yup only for the women): By doctors prescription, as it is suspected that some breakouts are hormonal, and it seems that it sometimes helps.

Ro-accutane or Accutane: A highly concentrated dose of vitamin A acids there are so many side effects, you have to take a blood test monthly some say weekly while on a course, it has been linked with chronic depression and suicidal tendencies. And doctor’s who prescribe this medication without going through the whole list of available medications are criminally negligible and should be sued for malpractice.

Some Doctors prescribe a double attack of topical antibiotics mixed with retin -A or Azaleic acid, and then some light therapy and mild peels.

The Beauty Editors Favourite Lines tried and tested:

  1. Clearasil.
  2. T- Zone.
  3. Clean & Clear.
  4. Vichy Normaderm
  5. Bioderma Sebium Global.

All the products are available in pharmacies nationwide. They are mild and effective and cost friendly.


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