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Hello Skinlovers

I delved into the archivals AGAIN! Yes dammit it is hot out there and I have the attention span of a sick-flea and the memory of a plankton……. Deal with it.


October Mz.Velour & Beauty


This month Mz.Velour tells us (much against her principles) how to achieve the much wanted “Sophisticated” Smokey Eyes look. The look she admits is fun, but it’s so commonplace and clichéd that it isn’t exciting anymore.


Dear V!

I have always wanted to try the Smokey eyes “look” I think it looks so sophisticated, please can you advise me?

Yours Smokey.


Dear Smokey!

That’s Mz.V to you!

I really should scream and throw myself out the nearest window!

Okay! Here we go! Once and for all! Next one to ask me about Smokey eyes is going to get an extra large make-up brush stuck in their nostril, SO PAY ATTENTION!


After applying your foundation on cleansed skin you start working on your eye area. Remember to sprinkle loose translucent powder under your eye area and on your cheek bones (The Smokey eyes look is very messy and the colours used are dark, which when falling onto the rest of the face can cause a horrible mess and ruin your day/night).

Choose which type of Smokey eyes you want, there’s the classic which is shades of black graduating to grey or the more adventurous, where you can use any shade you want from the colour wheel. You can use shimmer or matte eye shadows.

Step 1: Apply the lightest shade of your colour of choice to the whole eye-lid area stopping 1cm above the crease line (apply with a brush, sponge applicator, and/or fingers).

Step 2: Smudge the darkest shade over the eyelid stopping right in the crease line.

Step 3: Use a liquid liner (or a brush dipped in non-alcoholic toner swirled in the darkest shade) along the lash line. Then remove the translucent powder with a big brush, brushing in an upwards and outwards motion (this adds highlighting).

Step 4: (Recommended) curl lashes, apply false eyelashes (either individual lashes or pre-shaped & cut strips), and re-apply darkest shade to disguise any traces of lash glue.

Step 5: Use loads and loads of mascara both on upper and lower lashes (This is the one of the few times I actually encourage my clients to put mascara on their lower lashes, and here an even more daring thing to do, you can use flase lashes on both the upper and lower lashes for that extra showgirl ooomph). Then add Highlighting shimmer just under the eyebrows at the brow line and blend into brows.


There you go! That’s the Smokey eyes look, it’s easy to do, just like finger painting. It can be fun, but I am just not that into it.



Beauty Feature.

This month one discusses Cosmetic surgery invasive and non-invasive techniques, to further your understanding and to enable you to make an informed decision whether to go under the knife or not. How to go about making your own mind up and not succumbing to peer pressure.


Mack the knife it by MOI! 😀



As a beauty therapist and professional Styling Image Consultant, I come into contact everyday with ladies who ask me if I approve of plastic surgery. To which my reply is usually a resounding yes, I believe that we all have something we do not like about our appearance, so, if there is a way of changing it and you can afford it, you can always convince yourself that it is an investment for the future, then, do it!
But be aware that plastic surgery is an invasive act (there are less invasive procedures nowadays which I recommend that you research before going under the knife) and that it is not without risk, be it paralysis, disfigurement and/or death.

Before succumbing to the lure of “Mack the knife” (as I fondly call it), you can stave off the affects of ageing (let’s face it the is one of the most common reasons for surgery) by using less invasive and less harmful techniques a woman shouldn’t think of cosmetic surgery until after she reaches a certain age, and that is above 55. I know it seems as if the world has suddenly been struck by an epidemic called “Deviated Septum” (that’s what I get told from the women who suddenly have a new nose!), the enticing call of the knife is like a siren’s song to most women, but believe me it is not the best thing to do, plastic surgery like house hold products has a “expiry” date which depending on if you are a smoker or not can be shorter (if you are), the Classic full face lift lasts about 7 to 10 years (some lucky people it’s even longer). Note that if you are doing corrective surgery which is different from cosmetic, it is better to do it after the age of 25 when your body has reached full maturity, and when it still is producing enough Collagen to make the skin bounce back and resilient.

Here is a list of non-invasive procedures to try out before going under the knife:

  • Microdermabrasion (Crystal peeling): This is a system where you blast small crystals, which is like when you clean the surface of a building from dust and grime, the effects can be seen almost immediately, the skin has a glow the reason being that the dead skin cells have been removed and blood is circulating faster. This makes your creams more effective, it doesn’t involve any pain, and there is no downtime (the time you take off to recover from surgery). Works best with light therapy, which is recommended for oily skin and aged skin.
  • Laser: This procedure is used for wrinkles and scars (can also be used for hair removal, but that is a different laser and with a different wavelength). Some people swear by this, as it is a bit invasive I would not recommend it, especially if your skin is a dark shade, you must avoid the sun for at least 2 months after doing it, and the first few weeks avoid any contact with people especially small children of school age. Your skin is totally defenceless from any attack of viruses or bacteria, so be careful (down time for this procedure is usually 2 weeks, sometime more).
  • Restylane (Hyaluronic Acid): This is a synthetic derivative of an acid which is produced naturally in our body. This is called a filler something like Collagen but lasts longer can be used anywhere on the body to fill lines and scars. This is one of the few fillers that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction in people (as with all foreign matters put into the skin you can’t be 100% sure that it will not cause an allergy, so be careful you can develop an allergy to anything, even if it say “Hypo-allergenic” on it).
  • Peels: These come in various forms and strengths, and can be Fruit or chemical based for example Alpha-Hydroxy, Beta-Hydroxy, Glycolic, Retinoic & Phenol acids, these strip away layers of the skin (depending on the strength) they cause redness, irritation and skin flaking. Your skin literally starts to peel off (Max strength), turns red (Med to light). When a skincare  cream promises you that your wrinkles will disappear in a few days, it usually contains one of the fruit acids, which irritate the skin causing it to swell, thus diminishing the appearance of the lines.
  • Whitening and laminating your teeth: Would you believe it that by whitening your teeth with a mild bleaching agent can actually make you look younger, strange but true. Laminating a sort of epoxy layer that is put on the exterior of the teeth to make it whiter and stronger, ideally used to correct minor flaws.

These are a few non invasive procedures that can stave of the knife, there are dozens more but that is up to you to research, or write to one asking specific questions and one can answer them.

Now on to the more invasive procedures, I personally believe in corrective surgery, cosmetic surgery is up to your vanity. A lot of unscrupulous doctors are out there, they think of the cash register and not the individual, that’s why we have production line breasts and noses (seriously since when do we Arabs have ski-slop noses or pug noses as we call them), the amount of nasal mistakes I have seen are innumerable. Some doctors are behaving in an irresponsible manner by giving their patients whatever they ask for, well, that’s very worrying, they seem to be ignoring the fact there’s a disease out there called BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) a psychological disorder in which a patient cannot see anything except their imagined flaws, whatever they may be.

Over the years plastic surgeons have realised that it is better to target problem areas than to go on a full frontal attack, this means that if you have bags and lines around your eyes, the doctor would suggest an eye lift rather than a whole face lift. This could be a blepharoplasty (the removal of fatty deposits from around the eye area) plus the removal of saggy skin in the eye crease area this would immediately tighten the skin and give your face a youthful appearance; this could be topped with Restylane filler in the nasolabial folds plus lip plumping. This one variation, another is that when you have decided to go under the knife, you could get several procedures done in one go, something like chin liposuction (a thin needle that suctions out fat from specific targeted areas), endescopic-  eyebrow lift ( three to four small incisions made in the hair line through which small flexible tubes, which are a camera and several instruments are inserted to manoeuvre the muscles and lift the eyes) , full body liposuction, and breast augmentation (sounds a bit like extreme makeover does it not!). You must take time off from work and avoid strenuous exercise, and for you Yoga aficionados out there you must NOT do yoga if you’ve just after you’ve had any form of these surgeries performed.

A new trend has been on the rise, and that is the one where you can combine a holiday to the far-east with a cosmetic operation, you can book these online and then travel to Malaysia or somewhere equally exotic, you will stay in a 5 star hotel which is connected to the hospital, and after you’ve finished with the surgery your recovery will take place in your very own hotel room with a trained nurse in attendance then a few days later you can go down to the beach and be lazy there, the good thing about that is that you will not be the only one looking like a survivor of a train wreck (you will bruise) that’s the upside, the downside is this, you cannot ask for the doctors credentials and you cannot be guaranteed the results.

Which brings me on to the next word of warning, the truth is in the pictures. I mean that before undertaking any form of cosmetic surgery you should research the physician thoroughly, you should ask to see his work, you should ask around about him and if you feel uncomfortable when you meet with him and /or if he is evasive and non-communicative, you should get up and leave his office as fast as possible, this is your health and body you are gambling with and should not be left in the hands of someone you are not comfortable with or who is not forthcoming with the pros and cons of any surgical procedure, this is called informed consent, and is very vital to any form of treatment.

You can research everything on the net, but beware there are a lot of charlatans out there, if you are considering surgery in the states or in the United Kingdom, you can always check if your physician is board qualified or not. If not run for the hills. If you feel daring you can go to Brazil, where most cosmetic procedures tried and untried have been perfected, they are the geniuses of the makeovers and experimental surgical techniques.

The truth is that the only one who can decide whether you should have cosmetic surgery is yourself, not anyone else, if your spouse starts to suggest breast augmentation you suggest penile implants, never ever undertake surgery because you are depressed and you somehow might think it will change the outcome of your life, the reality is, it will not. You have to make a serious mental examination to see where and why you dissatisfied with your life, there are people who espouse the philosophy of looking good feeling better, but that doesn’t extend to surgery, it is a philosophy used in the make up world to boost confidence and self-esteem in cancer patients, not just because your nose appears to be too big.

There are several excellent doctors in Jordan, for legal reasons we don’t mention any names, and you can find out about them researching and word of mouth, but remember as good as the doctors are there will always be that one patient whose results didn’t satisfy them. Also worth remembering that the cosmetic surgeons cannot perform miracles so do not expect that either, not to mention the fact that also your own body has a say in the results. If you smoke there will be consequences, if you are prone to hypertension you should inform your physician, about this and all other ailments you might have before you go under the knife

I know several people who have had something done and they do feel better about themselves, and I also know the opposite, as I wrote before it is a very personal issue that only you can decide on, and no matter how many people you consult it still is up to you.

To help you make an informed decision I have found two books which I tell all my friends to read, they are:

  1. “CHANGE YOUR LOOKS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE” By Michelle Copeland, D.M.D, M.D (Harper Collins). This book is written from the viewpoint of the physician it details the cost, recovery time, upsides and downsides of most surgical and non surgical procedures, plus the estimated costs in US dollar.
  2. “DIARY OF A FACE-LIFT” By Toyah Willcox,(Michael O’Mara Books Limited) celebrity singer/actress/ famous personality chronicles her face lift, right from the decision to have a face lift and a detailed blow by blow account of what she went through. It is written in a light chatty humorous manner and is rather a fun read. She erases the taboo on discussing subjects like a face lift; it is a testament to her courage in revealing that she had a facelift. She has written this book as a helpful guide to what people go through prior and post operation.

    I am also leery of the fact of plastic surgery these days, and fillers and botox because what I am seeing as a world wide pandemic is that women are starting to look like sex changes, which is logical in many ways since a transgendered woman wants to be the perfect specimen of the female species, and thus she hones and perfects her look to achieve that goal, but what is happening is that everyone is starting to look like caricatures of themselves and womanhood in general, a sort of warped male fantasy of what the perfect woman should look like, Inflated Lips (Trout Pout) & Breasts (Melons or grapefruits you take your pick), they are starting to closely resemble these special very high end expensive sex dolls, and that my dears is what I am against, when a woman reaches a parody of womanhood then it is time to get professional help. But again that is my own humble opinion. And not necessarily a fact.

    You all take care out there in the heat and remember your sunblock.

    Me as A- muse Face crumpled copy Drag on4 1 Intensity


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