Blushing Bright or not! How to avoid the most common of Make-up mistakes!

Bonjours Les Amants des Peaux! 😀

Today we discuss one of the most common mistake Ze ladies make in make-up application.
Are you ready, once more and with feelings from Les Archives:

THE MAKE UP MISTAKE MOST women make.            (Or Learn to blush with style)


Applied correctly blush will infuse your face with a natural healthy glow and vitality.
Unfortunately in Amman (and some other places in this universe), it is often misused. In fact, and I know most western make up artists will agree with me it is the most misused cosmetic (followed by that unsightly tattooed dark line around the lips, and the dark lip-liner, what’s up with that? And the dreaded Smokey Eyes! What is the look we are aiming for? Just Dead? Or just battered?)…Are you using your blush to best advantage? Check yourself against these tips:

  • When you use blush, you should look as if you just blushed for real, or have a little colour in your cheeks. For most women that means applying blush in the pork chop shape (i.e. The apples of your cheeks on the highest point, that is my preference all depending on the shape of your visage). Feel for the top of your cheekbone beneath the middle of your eye. You should apply the blush from that point up along the cheekbone and finish with a light curve of colour near tip of your eyebrow. One exception: If you have a round face, you might want to apply your blush slightly lower on your cheeks or wherever colour occurs naturally. (But do not try to contour it with blush; it usually doesn’t work.) in most cases sheer matte colour looks most natural, or a shimmery neutral. Less is better- because it quickly loses credibility when it’s overdone.
  • For best results with powder blush (some say the easiest kind to work with, depends on whom you ask), apply foundation and then powder as a base. Then run your brush lightly over the blush compact (the more up market the brand, the lesser the times you are supposed to run the brush, I usually say two strokes should suffice). Blow on bristles to remove excess colour. Brush on blush with a quick crescent-shape stroke. Clean your brush on a tissue, and then blend blush with short, feathery strokes. If you use a good brush you will have colour dispersed just right.
  • A tip: If you are not sure where your blusher should be applied try this. With no make up on, run up and down the stairs for a few minutes, or try dancing insanely around your room for 20 minutes, then stop and look at yourself in the nearest mirror. Where your skin has the highest colouring, that is precisely where your blush should applied! It makes your look more natural.
  • Finding the right blusher brush is hard, so here are a few pointers to help you: The ideal blush brush is a larger than the standard issue compact blush brush size. A bit more expensive, yes, but worth it- because a good brush will make powder go on like a dream. Look for a brush with soft, natural bristles (if using minerals you should get a combo natural-synthetic one). The bristles should be about 6.5 cm’s long and fluff out to 4 cm’s wide (if you have a very small face you do not need one this big). Brush hairs should be densely packed, and the end of the brush slightly domed or angled to distribute colour well. A good quality check: Gently tug on the bristles; they shouldn’t come out. Brushes I like are: M.A.C / Inglot in various malls.
  • Colour rubs or colour washes deliver the sheerest blushes of all and have excellent staying power. But applying them well takes a lot of practice. Apply them after you have put your foundation on and before powdering. Dot on colour with your fingertip (On the apples of you cheek, I usually make three dots) with a light touch, then quickly blend with fingertips or sponge depending on your preference. Then powder.
  • For light all over colour – another option with colour rubs- apply moisturiser, then dot on colour and sponge blend. Apply a light layer of foundation over the colour; the colour wash will barely show through.
  • The mousse blush formulation! Put a small puff of mousse in your palm; blend until it reaches a creamy consistency. Dot on colour with fingertips and blend with a blush sponge.
  • Find your best blush colour: If your skin is Ivory-Beige, use pink toned blushers. If your skin is Olive or Yellow toned, use warm peachy blushes. Some blushers are perfect for all skin tones, as they tend to be mixes of all shades pink & peach, browns & bronzes etc. All in lightweight formulations.
  • You can also use Bronzers in various formulations instead of blushers they give a wonderful colour. Guerlain’s Terracotta line is amazing with all the various formulations it is decastatingly gorgeous (and smells good too), now if you are going for a subtle look get the Terracotta formulation for men it has no shimmer in it and works fantastically for that subtle barely made-up look (these can be found in Gifts Centre Abdoun and Dabouq).
  • You can also apply Bronzers on the eyelid, cheeks, and mix some of it with a lip balm to create a beautiful Monochromed look that looks elegant and sophisticated too.
  • Nars makes some highlighting sticks which I love, the best colours and shades are found in the line called Orgasm.
    I prefer the sticks to the gels especially if you have just applies full make-up.





  • Do not choose a blush that is far more intense than your natural skin tone. Too dark a blush makes your cheekbones recede. Brownish & purplish blush makes you look bruised that said you can use them as a shaper and contouring.
  • Do not over-apply blusher under fluorescent lighting. Whenever possible check blush by natural or incandescent light I apply my make-up in neon white, but that is because I want it to look great in any light but I can assess how much blush is needed you might not be so lucky..


 So my lovelies here is what is to be done, another but a bit more drastic way now that it is summer is to apply a total block under the eyes and on the highest area of the cheekbones to stop colour from reaching there, and then at night apply a bronzer lightly over the untanned area this will give you a natural high light (but caution must be used or you could wind up looking like a reverse raccoon. Just Saying. 😀

Christy Turlington from a magazine shoot, this is a more high fashion naked/bare look.



A more Editorial look with an amazing pink coral look which has to be modified and toned down for real life (if you are of a more demure nature or keep as is when going clubbing).



A totally over the top look for anyone wanting to play around and have some fun.



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