Life Hack for the illusion of Flawless Skin (Or how not to look like a caked plaster of Paris statue).

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Here we go again yet another treasure trove from Les Archives D’Enfer:

Cheat Your Way To Flawless Skin


Fake your way to perfect skin with these sneaky short – cuts:

a)     The perfect shade of foundation blends in perfectly and looks like your skin – only better!

b)     A foundation designed especially for your skin type makes your base look completely natural.

c)     Cleverly applied concealer hides uneven skin tone as well as spots and blemishes.

d)     Use powder to matte down naturally shiny areas like your chin and nose.

e)    B.B. & C.C. creams (formulated for your skintype) these younglings on the market are amazing they are packed with all sorts of luscious goodness, SPF’s and some are mattifying, you can use them alone or as a make-up primer and they are stunning.

f)    The right tools help you achieve a flawless face – check out  M.A.C. brushes (Taj Mall & City Mall) you can also buy brushes online there are many and you do not need to get super expensive ones wait until you see some on sale and nab those, sponges and puffs for a professional  – looking finish.


Colouring Up:


The fast track to flawless skin is getting the colour of your foundation spot on (English for right/perfect). The perfect shade hides uneven skin tone without adding any obvious colour. Choose a base that’s exactly the same colour as your skin, try it on your jaw line and not on the back of your hand – if it’s invisible then its perfect. Getting the colour right means you don’t have to put on a full face of foundation if you don’t want to – if it’s the same colour as your skin, you can apply it just where you need.

Can’t find a foundation that matches your skin? Then you might be using one that’s too pink. Most foundations used to be pink based, but that trend is fading, you can now find shades to match nearly every skin colour and type, the reason being that the cosmetic manufacturers have realised that most people have a yellowish tone (or Olive as it’s known in the biz), if you find that your base is wrong, you can buy a primer to lighten up (yellow or white), to liven up (mauve), to even redness (green) primers can be found in liquid, cream, and lotions, but a warning do not be to generous in their application or you might wind up with a grotesquely coloured face.


By the way do not be afraid to mix colours of foundations to get the perfect shade, think of it as painting, be careful to use foundations with the same formulations, as a moisturising foundation could clash with each other, and flake.


Foundation Course:


Choose the right formulation for your skin type to help your base last longer:

  • OIL FREE/ MATTE FINISH FOUNDATIONS: Good for oily skin, some contain powders, mattifying active ingredients, or Dimethicone (a form of silicone which creates a layer on the skin without suffocating it), they minimise shine and prevent clogged pores.
  • DEMI/SEMI MATTE: the latest look is not as flat as matte, gives a silkier look with light but good coverage and feels more like real skin.
  • MOISTURISING FOUNDATION: Helps dry skin look fresher and feel smooth (you can make your own by mixing your favourite moisturiser with your foundation for a ore dewy look).
  • TINTED MOISTURISER: Gives light coverage, so it’s ideal for summer. It will even out drier patches and gives your skin a healthy sheen. Make your own by mixing moisturiser with a few drops of foundation. (BB creams fall under this category too)
  • EXTRA COVERAGE: Heavy duty and high in pigment, the idea behind this type of foundation is actually to dispense altogether with concealer, this is the foundation that covers flaws, marks and uneven areas in one sweep, not for the timid, as most of them are mask like so you really have to be cautious in choosing the right shade. A hint here when in doubt choose a shade that is exactly one shade lighter than your skin.
  •  CAMOUFLAGE MAKE UP: This make up is the highest in pigments; it is used to cover birthmarks, hyper-pigmentation, Vitiligo (a skin condition where you get white patches instead of dark, usually genetic, the skin loses its pigmentation), tattoos, and scarring. It is usually found in sets of three, a palette (containing 6, 12, or 22 colours for you to blend), a powder, and a setting spray all waterproof. They can also be bought individually.
  • LIGHT DIFFUSING MAKE- UP AND LOTIONS: These are excellent cheaters, there are many on the market, can be used on their own or with normal make up for a glow, some contain SPF’s and others don’t. They give the skin a radiant look, and minimises the lines and imperfections.
  • COMBINATION FOUNDATIONS: Specially formulated oil – free foundations for combinations to control shine in the T-Zone, but moisturises dry skin.

CLEAN SWEEP: For perfect skin in double quick time, try a cream to powder foundation most of which is a silicone-based cream, which dries to a powdery film and is ideal for oily skins, or a powder foundation, which sweeps on in an instant and dry for a matte finish. Apply with a damp sponge for sheer coverage and retouch with a dry sponge during the day

 On the spot:

There’s no need to wear a full face of foundation to cover up a spot or blemish. You can cheat like this: Find a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly. Blend over the spot with a soft brush (for that professional touch) and follow with a dab of powder to set it. For the more adventurous of you get a concealer in 2 shades darker than your skinton or one shade, dab it on the spot, blend edges well powder then apply foundation in your skintone, and that usually creates an optical illusion of smoothness. NEVER USE A LIGHTER TONE AS SOME WOULD SUGGEST. Actually you can trawl the net for make-up that neutralises Redness.

If you prefer wearing foundation, but can’t find a concealer that matches it perfectly, I suggest that you mix a bit of concealer in with your foundation – that way you get coverage of the concealer and the colour of your foundation.


Concealer isn’t just used to cover spots, use it under your eyes to cover dark shadows, on eye lids to create a good base (on oily skin I prefer the use of powder foundation on the eye lids, this creates a good base for eye shadow and doesn’t collect colour in the eye crease), you can use it around your nose and on your chin to hide redness. Apply it with a fine tipped brush or cotton bud, then blend into your skin by patting with your fingertip, wait a couple of minutes before applying your foundation so you don’t wipe of the concealer. Powdery concealers dry quickly and won’t slide off after 5 minutes.

Four flaws sorted:

  • Red Cheeks: either use creams that sooth your irritated skin and are formulated for sensitive skin, and use a foundation with extra coverage, or get to work with some colour correcting products (the primers I mentioned before do a good job), they tone done the sallowness or the high colouring. My little extra trick if skin isn’t spotty and such is to barely cover the redness so as to use it as a natural blush.
  • Dark Circles: Use a light-diffusing product under your foundation. Pat it under your eyes, on your cheekbones, or in other areas like around your nose and over fine lines then put your base over the top. The difference is amazing – the light diffusing effect gives the illusion of a more radiant skin.
  • Dry patches: some bases cling on to dry patches and go flaky. Avoid using this by using oil – based moisturising foundation, or mix your moisturiser with your foundation, and apply to the dry areas.
  •   Cloggy under eye concealer: remember concealer is a very concentrated foundation, meaning more pigment and less cream, which leads to a drying effect and thus lines. Dab on a touch of eye cream or light moisturiser.

 Q. & A. Time:

Q: What causes sensitive skin?

A: There are two major causes. The first is lack of sebum (the skins natural oils). Oil on the surface of the skin protects against the aggressions of environment like pollution, wind and cold and limits the effects of sensitising ingredients in cosmetics. The oil is part of the skin’s surface protective layer, which, if damaged by environmental factors, chemicals like alcohol or harsh exfoliators, means the skin cells become vulnerable and eventually sensitive. The second is using lots of different products on the skin, which can eventually cause it to develop sensitivity, so try to find a range that suits you and stick to it.


Q: Is it really necessary to use toner?

A:  Unless you use a rinse off cleanser you should really use a toner to remove the last traces of cleanser and refresh your face and refine your skin, making it receptive to moisturiser. And you must try and avoid toners with alcohol in them, since they will roughen the skin and make it coarser.



Q: What’s the best way of getting rid of red, flaky patches?

A: Using a gentle facial scrub will make your skin look smoother. However, it is very important to choose one that has very fine particles that won’t irritate the skin, large particles or granules in a scrub can be very abrasive. Also avoid scrubs if you have break- outs and spots, as the scrubs may make the matters worse.


Q: Can I do anything about open, enlarged pores?

A:  It is virtually impossible to get rid of open pores, but look after your skin and they should become less obvious. Keeping it clean is obviously important to prevent blackheads and over production of sebum, which could stretch the pores even more. The only way to really get rid of enlarge pores is through a surgical technique, which requires you to be knocked out completely by Anaesthetics, that is called Dermabrasion, you literally sandpaper two layers of your skin away. Recently there have been advances in the laser resurfacing areas, but that isn’t advisable for people with dark skin tones yet!


Q: What’s the best ways for me to wash my skin?

A: Depending on your skin type (dry skin should ideally use cleansers that wipe off followed by toners), a gentle and upward and circular motion is best because it stops you pulling and dragging your skin. You should also consider two others things:

  1. It is important to cleanse small areas, like the sides of your nose, well and to rinse thoroughly.
  2. Always use a separate eye make up remover as it is made to dissolve eye make up without you having to rub around the delicate eye area. Hold a cotton wool pad soaked in eye make up remover against your eye for a few seconds, then sweep away carefully.
  3. Coconut Oil is an amazing product ingested or applied topically to melt your make-up, it is amazing for ALL skintypes, dry oils for make-up removal is amazing too the Asians have use it for eons.



5 Minutes to the perfect face


Here’s the quick, easy way to apply the perfect base.

  • Apply foundation in natural light or in fluorescent light and check your profile for tell- tale streaks.
  • Mix it with a little moisturiser if you need to thin it out and make it easier to apply.
  • Dot foundation on your forehead, nose, mouth, chin and cheeks.
  • Blend well with a sponge in light downward strokes for the smoothest effect. Or you can stipple (lookit up a painting technique which makes your foundation more natural and less cartoony).
  • Dust on loose translucent powder all over your face with a powder puff, and brush away excess with a brush. Only use pressed powder for retouches, as using it directly on foundation will make it look cloggy.
  • If your face has a tendency to shine then you can take a tissue and rollit around your fingers and in a VERY light rolling motion dab away excess oils before resorting to  powder, this way you will not get that caked look.
  • If skin is oily very oily try this product Vichy Normaderm Total Mat, it is like an antiprepirant for the face but doesn’t clog the pores.

    Have fun and remember your sunblocks Enjoy the sun in moderation, remember a little bit of sun can be good while too much of it willaggravate the skin.

Photo by Khaled Herzallah

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  • Photo by Moi! 



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