Sun Damned (Or how to be a skinfriendly sunbather) :-D

Hello Skinlovers!

Back again am I! 

So since sunlight is here and everyone is insisting on going out, and then they get sunburnt and expect me to repair the peeling and all that like I am a miracle worker and a witch and simply wave my wands and smear potions and lotions and their skin will be like old, sorry in most cases I can acheive that but please do me a favour and help me out (I have succeded in covering burns, scalds, scabs and all that but sometimes one doesn’t succeed. But blame only yourselves for being numptys and not being alert). SUN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.
And if you are taking any form of antibiotic, anti-histamines,  and some medications please realise that you are more photosensitive than usual, read the pamphlets and ask your GP.

Okay here we go the sun article from some years back. Enjoy! 😀

Are YOU a skinfriendly sunbather (as if such a thing exists it is an Oxymoron). 😀


Recent studies have shown that more than 70% of visible ageing and damage done to the skin is from the sun (Photo-damage). Here’s a quick little test, to see just how good is your Sun “I.Q.”! (Remember to only tick the box if your answer is a resounding YES):

  1. Do you use a sunscreen with UVA & UVB (UV: Ultraviolet. A or B: The grades of the suns rays strength), or one with a high TPI (Tan Protection Index)?

If you don’t then switch to one that does protect against one or both immediately! UVB rays penetrate the upper layers of the skin and are the main cause of burning and skin cancer. UVA rays are present all year round and penetrate more deeply into your skin, damaging the supportive collagen and elastin in your skin so that it sags wrinkles and ages prematurely.


  1. Do you use a sunscreen that has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of more than 8, or a TPI of 70?

The skin on your face is easily damaged so use a higher SPF or TPI. Forget going for a deep tan (It never lasts long on your face anyway!) and save your skin by using a fake tan and/or tanning powders.



  1. When sunbathing do you reapply your cream regularly and more often if you swimming or sweating?

I sincerely hope that you know when it’s time to top up.

Multiply the number after the SPF to work out how long you can stay in the sun. If you normally burn after five minutes an SPF6 will let you stay 30 minutes before burning. Also remember that towel drying and generally getting hot, sticky and moving around can rub off your protection.


  1. Do you put sunscreen on your face before you go out in the sun?

Sun protection products work by binding on to the surface of the skin. If you leave it until you are on the beach you’ll probably be sweaty and it will not stay on properly. Always apply your protection at least 15 minutes before going into the sun.


  1. Do you wear a facial sunscreen (or a moisturiser containing one) all year round, or at least from April to October?

There are a lot of them out there, Skeyndor, Ego Sunsense, Nivea with Q10, Caudelie, and Phytomer. Nearly all brands have at least one product for daytime protection.


  1. Do you slap on sun block on your nose and lips?

Your nose is extremely prone to burning and peeling – nip the problem in the bud and always use a total block. Lips also need a heavy duty care as they have no melanin to give them natural protection, which means they crack easily, and for you lazy ones out there, there are now products that double as eye and lip protection with SPF’s of more than 50+


  1. Do you think sun-beds are bad for your skin?

There’s a trend yes even in Sunny Jordan for people to use sun tanning beds before going out in the sun. In the belief that that will stop you burning, the rays emitted by the sun-bed are mainly UVA but these rays still cause premature ageing and, in the long term, can cause skin cancer. Be ultra wary of fast-acting sun beds because the UVA dose is likely to be mega. One more thing…Having a sun bed session before you go on holiday will not stop you from burning. It changes your skin colour but not the way the sun does. Outside you’ll be exposed to UVB rays, which will burn if you do not use a high protection factor.


  1. On holiday, do you hop in the shade at midday?

No matter how high your sun protection the burn-ability factor at this time (11:00 – 15:00 if you are going to be really strict) is sooooo high you would be insane to stay out (hence the Spanish Siesta is an excellent idea!) or grab a snack in the shade instead and it’ll be one in the eye for premature wrinkles.


  1. Do you wear glasses with decent, protective lenses?

Don’t say you bought them dirt cheap downtown….Please! Invest in a pair in a pair of quality sun specs and you’ll not only protect your eyes but ward off crows-feet and premature wrinkles (if only from squinting).

Sun is evil and horrible you need only 25 minutes of exposure to produce the Vitamin D needed for your bone density health calcium absorption and all that, but double check to make sure I am not making this up, research it with various sites from the Osteo to the sun sensitive and allergy sites. I am allergic to it so I am biased.

In case you want to know something truly frightening check ou the tests to see which sunblocks are effective and which are not, which are carcinogenic and which are not. Also let me add some recent studies have found out and claim the SPF are suspected culprits in the abnormal mutations of cells sunblocks are not (the most effective sunblock is still Shade and Zinc Oxides so dip into the diaper cream too, which is an excellent zit zapper too).

There you go sun sun sun and wrinkles go away…. 😀



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  1. Haitham says:

    So in my case.. What do I use? 😀 Don’t tell me polish wax

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