Hair-Raising Fabulous! :-D

Hello Skinlovers!

Like I said in a previous post, I am trawling my articles from various publications and have decided to repost them here as a matter of public record and archiving online.

This one is about hair and how to acheive the fabulous hair. As with other articles I will try and update them to make them a bit more relevant where needs must be.

20 Steps to fabulous hair! 😀 

Kick start shinier healthier hair with these essential pointers, after all well groomed head of hair will attract a lot of attention and envy or so television and adverts would have us believe!). Anyway don’t do it for others, but for yourself.


  1. Your hair will look both neater and healthier if you have a trim at least every six to eight weeks to snip off split ends and maintain shape. Remember this: It doesn’t make the hair grow faster, that is all due to genes and nutrition.
  2. Be realistic about your hairdressing abilities – DO NOT ATTEMPT to dye your more than two shades lighter or darker, cut more than your fringe or use a home perming kit without advice from a professional. Go to a hairdresser unless you want to risk a hair disaster.
  3. If you wash your hair everyday, use a gentle shampoo, formulated for frequent use and only give it one wash. Baby shampoos are excellent for this, I usually take a bottle and fill it quarter full of baby shampoo and the rest with Perrier or ionised water, and that is all you need.
  4. By eating a healthy, well – balanced diet you will improve your overall health which is important to strengthen your hair and make it look shinier. Top models take vitamin and mineral supplements, Zinc and the vitamin B group, Wheat-germ and Brewer’s Yeast, for glossier hair.
  5. Protect your hair from the damaging and drying effects of the sun when you are on holiday or just exposed to a lot of sun – Spray on or slick on a gel containing sun filters.
  6. Avoid hair accessories which dig into your hair as they will make it split. If you tie your hair back most days get Ouchless bands by Goodie they don’t drag and break the hair, they are made from Latex and are kinder than normal elastic bands.
  7. When using a styling product, most of it should go on the roots a little bit on the mid-length and just a smidgen at the ends, unless otherwise directed by the manufacturers.
  8. Detangle damp hair with a wide toothed or Afro comb (preferably made of wood). Hair is at its weakest when wet, so forget about using your normal brush as this will break and stretch your hair.
  9. Use the right hair products for the condition and type of your hair. Using the wrong products can make your hair problems worse and your hair can become really unmanageable.
  10. Do not blow dry wringing wet hair. Blot it first with a towel and wait a few minutes before using your drier – hair is easier to style when it is 80% dry. Also if you insist on blow drying try to use heat activated styling products which smooth and moisturise your hair utilising heat.
  11.  Go easy on the styling products! I know most people think more is more, but in reality less is more. Using far too much styling product and swamping your hair in mousse and gel or sprays can weigh down your hair, and make it look lanky.
  12. Give your scalp an occasional massage (or better still get someone else to do it). Not only does it feel good and relieve tension, it also boosts circulation and helps supply the roots with essential nutrients. Start from the front and work your way back by moving fingertips in firm circular movements, concentrating on the base of the head right where the skull joins the neck.
  13. Watch your alcohol and cigarette intake. Models who want their hair to look immaculate only indulge occasionally because overdoing it can make your hair thin and oily.
  14. Constant perming and colouring will leave your hair a dry, frizzy mess. Don’t have more than two perms a year, and always leave at least a month after a perm before having colour added.
  15. If the ends of your hair are dry and porous, switch to a gentler shampooing technique. Massage shampoo thoroughly throughout the hair easing the suds through to the mid-lengths and ends. This is generally sufficient for the drier, more porous ends and there is no need to scrub this delicate hair. Also when applying conditioner there’s usually no need to apply conditioner at the roots, it is enough to start from the mid-length working it to the tips as that is where the most wear and tear occurs.
  16. In my experience it is advisable for most people to get or give themselves a deep hair treatment every four to six weeks, in order to boost shine and softness. For best results: Apply conditioner, wrap hair in cellophane wrap and wrap a warm towel around that and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse as usual.
  17. In the sun, it is best to keep your hair covered as much as possible. Here’s a tip for those with long hair: tip your head forward and then Cut! (Just kidding!) Tip your head upside down and brush it. This brings new hair to the top, making sure that the same strands aren’t always exposed.
  18. YOU CANNOT MEND SPLIT ENDS! The only cure is to cut them off. But once your are split end free, conditioner will help keep your hair soft, healthy and less likely to split in the future especially if you use a hair serum designed specifically for the tips of the hair (usually silicon based) it adds shine and strength. Can double as a fantastic shimmer lotion on your skin.
  19. Brush or comb your hair from the roots to the tips always, gently starting at the ends and working your way upwards towards the roots. This detangles the fine knots in the hair and decreases the chance of hair breakage. If you start at the top or the middle and yank down you’ll damage your hair (and besides it is PAINFULL!).
  20. The kinder you are to your hair, the healthier it will be. Although backcombing and teasing will make the hair appear fuller, doing it regularly will split and break almost every strand. For extra body back comb the roots only and brush out gently at the end of the day.
  21. Dry shampoo has resurfaced for those who are really busy and it comes in various shades for light, medium, dark, and grey hair, it is an amazing pick me up.
  22. People are more aware of their environment so go for Klorane and J.F. Lazartigue shampoos or ones specifically labelled as eco-friendly and harmful chemical free.

    So possums here you go a little run-down on the joys of fabulous hair achievement.





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