Misunderstanding on Facebook (or language is a virus from out of space MKIII) or how people choose to willfully misunderstand.



Hello Skinlovers I am back again! 😀

I always joke and say to people “Misunderstand me correctly now!” and today this came into play. I re-posted something on my facebook (see below) and the discussion that ensued made me giggle, because obviously some one missed the point of the humor in it, and then I got the following which I played along with as one is open to opinions differing from ones own, here’s where the funny part comes in I get called absurd (or at least the post does).


So this exchange takes place on my wall and post and I was going along, so maybe I didn’t make sense or maybe the other party needs to re-read the post to understand it. I thought it was self-explanatory.

  • XX: Being an atheist and believing religion isn’t real is the same thing.
    ME: I call them Faerie tales for grown-ups. Especially when they make fun of other faiths then one says well the same could be said about yours, just because it is common does not make it so.
    ME: To each their own and don’t force your belief or disbelief on others is basically the credo here.
     XX:  Well atheism isn’t a faith, it’s a lack of a belief in a deity. Virtually no one believes that all deities described actually exist, so most people are atheists to a certain degree. It’s not fair to call their skepticism a fairy tale.
     ME: Note what I wrote I said I call them faerie tales for grown ups especially when they make fun of other religions and faiths, it is a matter of dragging religion in as an excuse for oppression and bigotry. Whereas I prefer the whole live and let live just don’t bother me with it path.
    That said I live in a country where faith and belief are becoming something of a hindrance to progress socially and we are slipping back and down a slippery slope into the dark ages.
    My whole life has been immersed in religion and such, being descended from a prophet, a sufi saint it has been the bane of my existence to see how people misrepresented religion and how twisted it has become.
    Thus one says leave well enough alone and just believe in what you want to, and be wary of anyone who speaks ina divine beings name.
    ME: And the same applies to science which has become like a religion unto itself, and it too is fallible. 
     XX: How on earth is a system of accurate measurement, repeatability and logic like a religion?
     XX: The idea that disbelief in a deity or stating that disbelief is “oppression and bigotry” is easily the most absurd thing I’ve read on Facebook today, congratulations.
    ME: Because people started to believe that science had all the answers and explained everything, and it keeps on shooting itself in the foot time and time again. 
    And if you read the whole thing it was simply stating that it is okay to be an atheist but not to put down others, it’s okay to be a Christian but not to be a bigot etcetra, and the list goes on to end with a joke.

    It is called humor.

     XX: No one believes science has all the answers. Science is a method of discovering answers. There’s still a lot we don’t know. But we know a lot more than we knew before we started using the scientific method.
    ME: Just like there are people who believe in divine beings and put all their faith in that, there are also those who have put science up on the same type of pedestal, and that too is a sad-but truism.
    Both parents were doctors, and my Danish grandparents agnostic, so science and religion where constantly under discussion in the various households, our conclusion believe what you want to believe as long as you do not harm others simple credo to live by.
    And above all else nothing is beyond being poked fun at especially when some take it to ridiculous extremes.
     XX: You just said that religion shouldn’t be made fun of, now you’re saying that science should be made fun of. Your arguments don’t make sense. Have a good night.
     ME: I said everything can be made fun of if needs must be. Science. Religion too, but that happens when either of them try to control or dictate you. Then they’re fair game.
    Me:  And if you noticed I didn’t write the post I shared it in the spirit of humor, it seems that was the point missed.

    Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a big fan of God or sciences fanclubs, and if I find something ridiculous I will poke fun at it, but that does not mean I am going to disrespect you for having a set of beliefs other than mine, no not at all. I come from the school of live and let live but do not drag me into your mess or try to force me into your way of thinking, and that covers everything from religion to politics to comic books, you choose.

    But this encounter made me think the other party was either really bored, or drunk, or both. I mean seriously to get all butthurt because of a jokey post like this which in itself was a positive post as opposed to some of the other ones I have posted which were more scathing, go figure. I blocked out the persons name because it isn’t my place to name and shame just yet. 😀
    I mena it also shows how people selectively skim over something and still refuse to understand it even if you spell it out for them and try to explain it in a rational way. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. 😀 
    O well…


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