Dreadful Summer of Discontent fast approaches… So I go Retro Goth (Musings on a past imperfect, fun-filled and sometimes drug addled it was the 80’s & 90’s after all)….

Hello Skinlovers,

And we’re back!

My trials and tribulations have started (this means that the tmeprature has gone up and the sun is shining, which in turn means “Heaven knows I’m miserable now”). 

It’s been a while since I posted a fashion/glam piece so here we go some links to articles which will be followed by my opinion piece and some photos stolen from the interweb and from my own personal archives (nothing much is left since my portfolio of 15 years was stolen a few years back and getting replacement photos is neigh on impossible).

So off we go singing “Come  little children I’ll carry thee away to a land of enchantment”…. Thank you Edgar Allan Poe….

For those of you who weren’t around in the 80’s here is a little Catch-up for you…


This usually happens in fall/winter but this summer has brought it along too funtimes

We the originals are not happy at all, or we are in a bittersweet mixed up way because now all is available all the time in any season Yaaay Sniff Sniff wipes away imaginary tears…

And for those in search of unleashing their inner Gothness here you go and you are welcome:

Growing up in Amman in the 1970’s and “80’s it was strange when I opened a magazine smash hits and flexi-pop and saw kindred souls, there they were the birds of paradise (the New Romantics which gave us Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Ultravox & Visage amongst others, there are many more. BUt also fascinating was an off-shoot from Punk and New Wave called GOth: Siouxsie and the banshees, Sisters of Mercy, The Damned, & Specimen. Dead can Dance, Christian Death, Fields of the Nephillim, some say this mortal coil and cocteau twins but I leave that up to you). Their pale faces painted in either flamboyant colours gender bending their way to infamy and noteriety, these creatures were bright and Dark (I don’t think people have ever lumped New Romantics & Goths together but I did and do, they seem to be made of the same mettle). I started to wear make-up (I had a terrible case of Acne and then my skin was chemically burnt by an incompetent dermatologist and that is why I went into skincare).
Imagine that a small town like Amman suddenly had a phantasmagoric creature in its midst, as if landed fron the heavens or spat out from the bowels of hell! 😀 (Yes that was the common reaction, no one knew what to do with me, as I was not a girl nor trying to be one but was pretty exotic enough to pass as one, ANDROGYNY all the way baby).

After finishing my GCE’s I left to London to study fashion design and Commercial Art (Graphic Design before it was called that). Anyway while in london I also enrolled in a beauty school to learn beauty therapy, and after a fall-out with my Dad I had to support myself through all that by working in the Hippodrome in Leicester square (UNder-age and very Bolshy I got the job by a freak accident of fate but that’s another story for another time), anyway being young, exotic and somehow attractive I got a job modelling as a female too and doing female impersonation, I have been asked if I felt like a woman and my reply was and still is NO I DO NOT! I was paid damned good for my performances and it was an excellent conduit for my talents in dance and singing, but I digress, back to the topic at hand.

Goth, not EMO. Goth was a mood, and ambience a style of expression which was dark and morbid but not whiny, hence and why it still is popular amongst the disinfranchised youths (EMO came along later and people tend to get that confused), it was dark, it was stylish, it was morbid, andscathingly critical. The white face, the leather,latex, it tapped into Victorianism and ancient styles and dipped its toes into the BDSM fetish culture which was fringe at the time before it made it mainstream, we looked down upon the weekend dabblers, the ones who bought their wares instead of making it themselves, well, as a designer I was both happy and sad. I sold some of my designs to places in Hyper Hyper in Kensington High Street which was around the corner from Kensington Church Street where Antenna was (they pioneered extensions) this is all happening in London in the 80’s.
So there I was working two jobs, going to two schools and seriously not getting any sleep so the natural progression at the time was to find something unnatural to keep me awake and I did (again another story for another time). I travelled the world modelling on catwalks and in magazines, a sort of Freak Unique as Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) would put it, my look was a melange of Boy George (we resmble each other) and Pete Burns. It was fun. It was exhausting. And YES exhillirating.

Goth for me was an unleashing of my Darque Persona, her name was Toxina De Sextasie aka. Madame Sextasie and her Evil sister Hysteria Von Synthesia. It was a most magical time. It was a time filled with hanging out with International businessmen, show people, High-class callgirls and boys (who realised how young I was, they were very protective of me and wouldn’t let any lecherous dirty old farts near me). I was very lucky.

The only thing in fashion now that strikes my fancy is CyberPunk, it is refreshing to see all these creatives recalling the geist of the old days in a lovely science fiction throwback to Jules Verne and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a very under-rated film).

So here are some links to stuff that recalls my good old days:






Make-Up tutorials (for Ze Ladies & some men if they want):


So now go ahead and practice and have fun with it…..

Well here are some images and all that for you to check out. 



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