When your skin Rebels trials and tribulations of sensitive skin in ever changing climates!

Hello Skinlovers!

I am back with a few tips instead of a rant (Well, knowing me there’s a mini rant in there some where)…..

Sensitive skin is the bane of some people. For instance you can call me Tefal hotpoint when the weather starts warming up (and not by much too) and getting sunny then I break out in Rashes, spots, hives and if it gets really hot I get a chocking attack like asthma where I cannot breath, that is me and my ene my the sun.

There are many out there these days who have some kind of allergies and/or Rosacea here are a few tips on taking care of that with a few links to some websites too…

Here we go:
Kiehl’s have a brilliant rescuer and stress reliever for the skin that rebels.


This is a good site for the ones who want to know if they suffer from Rosacea or are indeed suffering from it.


Marbert a German brand I adore make an excellent line for skin prone to redness.

Here are some great brands for covering and concealing the scars and redness in no certain order:
http://www.vichy.co.uk/dermablend/range/r412.aspx (although I can testify to the brilliance of this product).

And my SOS product for this summer for oily skin:

And speaking of Oily spot-prone skin here’s a little tid bit fo you guys:

Dreaming of a Spot Free face…


Nearly everything you needed to know about spots and how to avoid them ( I mean if I said I knew everything about spots I would be a millionaire and I wouldn’t be writing this!).

History of the spot:

From about the age of 13, hormonal changes cause our skin to produce more oil (sebum). When there’s too much oil to escape through the surface of our skin (if we could tap that source of oil, teenagers skin, we would be so rich), it blocks the pores, which leads to blackheads and white-heads These are usually where the hair follicles are, dead skin accumulates and the debris blocks the pores resulting in infections and ergo spots, if the blockage is deeper. And when we are really unlucky, even deeper down in the skin, bacteria start releasing chemicals that act on the sebum, and give you the ever-unwelcome SPOT.



  1. Keep your skin as clean as possible, avoid using harsh products just because your skin is oily and spot prone. It has been proven that stripping the oil away makes the sebaceous glands over compensate by producing even more oil. Use products which are gentle such as tea-tree oil based lines.
  2. Don’t over scrub your skin, assuming that just because it is oily it is as tough as old boots. Gently Does It.
  3. Look out for products that are mild, non-oily, non comedogenic (non-blocking and blackhead forming), and mildly antiseptic.
  4. Drink plenty of water, it helps flush out toxins and waste products from your body before they get a chance to fight their way to your skin surface.
  5. Zap black heads before they turn into spots, by making sure you scrub your face and use a mild clay masque, you can use honey as a scrub and masque which is an excellent antibacterial and cleansing healing product.




    • Reduce pre-spot swelling by wrapping an ice cube in a handkerchief and pressing it to your face.
    • Try applying an eye drop that removes the redness from your eyes to the spot (You can use an old medicine blister pack put a couple of drops in each blister compartment and freeze, you have you sos remedy for those days when you need a quick relief)..
    • Resist the urge to fiddle with it, and use a spot fighting medicate concealer a shade darker than your skin tone (if you use a light one you’ll only be drawing attention to it, an excellent one is GUINOT medicated concealer from Guinot centre in Um-Uthaynah) to help the spot disappear in a day or two (yes it takes that long deal with it!).
    • In case of utter and complete desperation you can get a dermatologist to zap the spot with an injection of cortisone right in the spot.
    • Medicated creams from the pharmacist is an option too, salicylic acid, sulphur resorcinol, Oleic Acid,and benzoyl peroxide are the usual ingredients, effective and varying in strength.




  • The holistic/natural way to attack a spot is this: Dab vinegar on the spot followed by tea tree oil, or an essential oil from a citrus plant/fruit. That should dry out the spot, and then you can add a dry oily like sweet almond oil to soften the skin and to avoid scarring.
  • NEVER EVER squeeze your spots you’ll only lead to skin scarring.
  • Pure Tea – tree oil dabbed on spot, antiseptic healing oil.
  • Clinique anti blemish spot treatment (Salicylic Acid).
  • Rimmel Clear complexion cover and care.
  • Medicated foundations.
  • Antibiotics in topical solutions.
  • Contact your dermatologists if your problem doesn’t clear up or improve in 4weeks (it usually takes that long for you to see an effect), in some cases your doctor might prescribe a mild hormone pill to balance out your skin, or as the last resort they might prescribe Accutane/ Ro-accutane ( A concentrated vitamin A, only agree to this as a last resort, it plays havoc with your body if you are a woman, and be sure to read the material accompanying it, it might save your life, also research it before you take it, it has been linked with severe depression in Europe).
  • Any Medical Doctor prescribing The above medicine without disclosing the full side effects is criminally negligent, it should not be used as a quick fix, but as a last resort.





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