Game of Thrones ans an IMperialist Orientalist Metaphor, and how I have a love hate relationship with all things Lebanese. :-D

Hello Skinlovers!

I am back again.

I was reading about the backlash this young Australian faced when he dared to critique Game of Thrones.


The Great White Hope strikes again, something we still indulge and reinforce in the region, where Westerners are treated and paid better than their middle-Eastern counterparts even though we might have more experience and higher degrees. In Arabic it is called “Marad il Khawaja”….

I like the way he deals with his detractors and critics smart and witty.

And as one person says it is fantasy! While it is an escapist literature (as most sword and sorcery books are they are also venues for some to indulge in fantasy and speculative fantasy where you can write about things, and get away with it, because after all it is fiction), I adore this genre, I like games of thrones, I can see what irks the critics of it. BUt again people it is fantasy and please everyone will see what they want to see.
That said back to my Marad il Khawaja thing (translated it means The sickness of the Lord and master).

So now you know what it means let me explain a quirk we have all across the middle-east. 
If it is not the Khawaja then it is the Lebanese, Jordanians for instance will pay double or triple for some workmanship (even if it is shoddy) if it is foreign or Lebanese (Lebanese consider themselves Phoenicians and not Arabs, [insert snicker and chortle here] yes I love them they are talented, hard-working [they have an amazing work ethics and I am not being facetious here] and mafia-like so what is not to like) yes I know I am going to get a lot of flack for writing that but hey this is what I heard and experienced more than a 1000 times in my life my opinion is what counts here as it is my domain and my observations.
At least they help one another and do not attempt to destroy each other in that sense like we do (I know I know I am generalising but like I said in another previous post this country is where generalisiations come to flourish and thrive, we suffer from “Crabs in a Barrel syndrome”), harsh, maybe but it is also a sad-but -truism. 

Whenever I am in discussion with productions they try and force down my price by threatening to bring in a Lebanese or some one foreign I just go ahead and spew my vitriole and acid in a sentence that says go ahead pay triple and double, or would you like my to whip out my Danish passport and charge you quadruple, it is both sickening and at time disheartening, people just do not seem to learn.

That is one of the main reasons I also have pulled back hugely from the so-called film industry in this part. I can give you an example (and they will deny it of course they will), here we go. It has come to my attention that a certain Science fiction film series were supposed to  come and film here, but went to the UAE, why you ask? Well, finaces pure and simple. They were offered a shit-load of money and incentives to go there, and yes there is equipement from another production there so they just had to rent their equipement so that more than halves the costs (they didn’t have to pay transport and shipping fees to get them, nor did they have to buy them), but here’s where the schadenfreude comes in, they didn’t realise they will be filming in summer heat or that the holy month of Ramadan would be upon them, which means as anyone in the region will tell you especiallyUAE total laziness and paralysis all across the board, but let us wait and see what happens at extra production costs too. Now that is Kismet, if they had researched a little more they could have worked their way around that one easily.

Anyway, I find it all a trifle amusing in a tragi-comical way life is certainly full of twists and turns and sudden plot changes…

Have a great Palm Sunday.

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