More mothers day remeberances, and pictures of my late mother and Grandmother.

Hello Skinlovers.

In the spirit of keeping things real and disclosure (this is the type of thing I usually shy away from but I thought my blog why not! Why should I constrain and fence myself in by making laws for myself and rules which I do not really need to apply) so here we go.
Once again and with feeling.

On this day I remember the two biggest influences in my life, the ones who gave me the strength to be who I am (even though they didn’t understand it completely but they believed in individuality above all else).

My Mother & My grandmother (Who taught me how to Charleston when her hip was broken) who showed me what strength women have, the fact that my grandmother was tough enough to stand up to the Germans and run a farm single-handedly because the NAzi’s were after my grandfather. And my mother who left a comfortable living in Denmark and came to Jordan (Ramtha to be precise late 50’s a wasteland barely anything there), then Irbid, and then Amman.

She was mother, caregiver, inspiring, and above all else a humanitarian. She loved animals she detested anyone who didn’t, she taught me that old saying see ho an animal reacts to a human and know the human, and she was right.
She was on call for emergencies 24/7, Survived WWII, 1967 war where we lost the West-Bank, the civil war in Jordan (where she was still driving around in her little Red MG which probably saved her life because everyone knew it and knew she was an MD and saving lives on both sides), didn’t blink an eye or who weakness when Dad was injusred she soldiered on, yet she managed to always make the time to come and make sure easter was amazing, christmas a treat, and our birthdays were stunning, she had 3 boys and God help her right in succession after each other which on any given day was a handful, she managed it all.

She gave of her time and herself, she showed me what strength women have and how women should be treated and how not to let anyone disrespect you on whatever level for what you believe, and that you should fight for your belief, and above all else argue logically and with out hysteria.

Once again I salute the hard-working mothers, and also the stay at home mothers. All of these are super important. And remember people if your mothers drive you crazy it is through love and the innate sense of protectiveness, I have seen my mother in action when she felt anything was threatening us, a formidable oponent a Viking warrior Queen who steamrolled her way through any argument.

I remember her and my grandmother on this day with the jokes they played on us, and the amazing times they gave us.

This was one of her and my grandmothers favourite songs (the original was by Liva Weel 1932). 
This is a newer a newer version by Ulla Henningsen playing Liva.





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