A humbling happening that reflects humanity, a passing thought on Cancer.

Hello Skinlovers!

I posted a video which showed of friends & family of a cancer patient who shaved their heads in solidarity with their friend. And I was thinking like there is no way in hell that would happen in this town (Yes shaving your head is drastic no need to do that) but there are other ways you can do it.

Here’s the link:

There is no “Locks for Good” (this is a charity where people donate their cut locks so that they can be made into wigs for people who have cancer and sometimes cannot afford wigs)type of thing in this town, but those of you who know about it, can maybe point there rest of us to something similar in this town Amman/ Jordan (Like I said it as far as I know does not exist). An old childhood friend of mine sent me a heartwarming message that her daughter (a Teen and you know how vain they can be) is growing her hair to donate it to a cause like that. Now isn’t that something people I applaud the young lady (will not mention her name, because, another thing they are at that age is self conscious) but the point is:

Why doesn’t it exist? VANITY is the answer.our ladies are vain of course it is a huge step like that especially in a society like our where a woman (not all but in a certain class actually scratch that in all levels of souciety ignorance exists) is scared to get a mammogram or a check-up because if she has diagnosed with cancer her husband will divorce/leave her, and don’t you dare say it doesn’t happen it does and I know it for a fact so zip it on that point. Idiots exist worldwide but I am talking of here in Jordan now. And the stories abound like that. Also here’s an example a Sheikh left his wife while she was on her death bed dying of cancer, shinning example of manhood and bravery, and piety. And there you have it.

Back to topic I digresses. Okay! You don’t want to shave your hair, instead grow it and donate it, and if not teach your kids something about civic duty, and humanitarian work, for me the mother of that young lady has just shown me what true parenting i,s she has reared her daughter to be a conscientious human being, and that is amazing.

There are things like “Looking Good Feeling Better” which is where designers, stylists, make up artists and hairdressers help people with cancer who are undergoing, have gone through and survived treatment to cope and deal with it by bolstering their self image and making them realise that hair is just another accessory…

It is a hellish disease this cancer very few families in Jordan have escaped it’s deadly touch. It is as if nearly every other family has been affected by it, why exactly this part of the world is suffering with such high incidences I do not know, but the fact of the matter is that it is here and it is here to scare the living crap out of you.
And do not believe the crap of anyone telling you if you have passed the 7 year benchmark you are free and clear, don’t be complacent, and know this if you have had it that is most probably what is going to get you in the end, after all it is an immunity disease that is oppurtunistic it strikes when you least expect and at the most times of stress, be safe, be alert, be aware, have yourselves and your family checked, especially if both sets of grandparents and parent s have had it or succumbed to it, then you are a high risk group, do not be complacent be vigilant, get screened get checked and never settle for anyone’s advice and above all research it all, and do not internalise your frustration and anger it is thought that that too causes cancer.

My heart goes out to one and all who are suffering from this, and the families that are going through this. I salute the survivours, and I send out prayers and meditations and a hopeful wish that the ones who didn’t make it are indeed in a better place and looking down on us and protecting us.

Just a thought…


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