Musings of a twisted fed up and bored by humanity in general. Or how to have a conversation with yourself that goes nowhere.

Hello Skinlovers!

I thought I was done for today with postings and then I came across scribbled musings, you know the type of thing you scribble down while having meetings, phone conversations that are endless and drone on and on, so you wind up having a whole sidebar conversation in writing with yourself….

Here then are a few such scribbles….

What did I expect to uncover here_
The truth I answered.
“And if you find the truth, will you be able to die happy?”
You know I never liked those Siamese-Twin questions where it is assumed two queries are linked at the hip….

Real? Real you say!
You don’t know what is real.
I will take what you so ignorantly refer to as fairytale and myth over your biased collection of interpreted history anydayy, and over your political forces that you naively claim shape the world.
All this ALL MATTER [ illustrating the point by tapping the table lifting a cup crumpling a napkin] THis is the stuff of the cosmos… To you it is real, only it is temporary.
And the Supernatural, the unexplainable, the stuff of spirit?

Welcome to the modern world where any idiot with a pc, a laptop, and a smartphone and access to Wi-Fi is under the illusion that they are relevant, and that they can spew out nonsensical crap and hearsay as gospel truth.

Sometimes things are better left in the past, even if the “The mental health professionals” says differently but they are so wrong. Not every wound has to be poked and opened, and not every wrong to be re-examined or dragged screaming into the light.
Better to let it heal even if it doesn’t heal quite right just let the scar tissue thicken because it will never heal right.

You know I can rip you to shreds and do my nails too.

Nothing anyone says before the ‘But’ counts.

What we reckon we deserve and what we get are two very different things.

My condolences on your recently departed integrity.

When they are out to get you Paranoia is a good way of thinking.

I have a splendid idea! How about you perform a real life stunt, a Salto-Mortale if you wil without the aid of a crash mat, and we can call it the theory of ‘Did he fall (on purpose)? Theory.


O screw it with alphabetising.

Get ready for a deluge of words…. 😀

On Clebrities:
For although celebrites are very good at being clebrities (they wouldn’t be if they were not), most of them are absolute no-marks when it comes to being a caring partner in a shared relationship: they just can’t do it. It isn’t in them to do it.
Not that ordinary folk blame them for being this way. We do not. After all, it is the ordinary folk who have made these people celebrities. Which possibly makes us to blame or not.
No, not: it’s not our fault. We have given these people celebrity. They owe us we seem to think. And as you have huddled in rain-soaked or  brnt under searing sun hordes to cheer them at their celebrity marriages, it is only fitting they give us something in return: the entertainment of their celebrity divorces. Let us be honest here, who amongst us can genuinely claim we do not thoroughly enjoy a really messy vcelebrity divorce. We love them. We really do.
We love to read all about the mud-slinging, the accusations and counter-accusations. And if there is a bit of domestic violence in the millionaire mansion, we revel in that too. We even love the petty squabbling about who gets custody of the pet lama.

On Arab women and Oligarchs wives/girlfriends and make-up:
The faces you see at the weddings (Major Arab social events or as I like to call them selling off the singles to the highest bidders), those faces which peeped forth amidst all this big hair had the looks about them of jungle clearings, which kept the encroaching follicula foliage at bay only through the medium of extreme cosmetic cultivation. As studies in the over-use of make-up they were non-pareil.
Their looks ranged from an explosion in a paint factory (Where every colour on the colour wheel is used on the face where in the end it looks like a rainbow melted on their face), to The bunson burner backfire eyes (aka Arabic make-up and most recently Haifa Wehbbeh make-up), the exploding plant nursery (when every bit of flora from the garden and flower shopr is propped up in their hair), and last but not least the broom factory explosion (overuse of false lashes).
These idealised images of supposed feminine beauty. Features are exaggerated, increased or diminished; the eys and mouths were much too large, the noses all far too small.
They wind up looking like warped blow-up dolls or transgendered women proceed with you outrage here! Let me explain what I mean by that.
Simply put a transgendered woman strives and suffers for her beauty to look like the ultimate in feminine perfection, the trim waist, the small nose the lips, the cheeks, the eyes, theyebrows tattoed or lifted or both, until they are barely recognisable as themselves yet strangely look like they are all related a sort of “Sisterhood of Aesthetic Surgery”, the woman look the same, talk the same, and worse still you start to think have I landed in a production of the Stepford wives.

Ladies and Gentlemen and variations there-upon. When you say no offence intended be sure that a lot of it will be taken.

On Depression:
Here’s a simple formula for those of you bleating about depression, and it goes something like this:
Lingering Malaise = Depression
Sadness = Temporary fleeting
Feeling down and blue = Boredom (Suck it up and get a hobby).

On Ethics and arguments:
Remember the recipe for a good confrontation is eye contact, breath control, and a shovel in your car just in case. Keep calm and carry a tranq gun! 😀
We are living in a world gone PC crazy, also the flipside where instead of discussing everyone winds up personalising things and name calling, so sad the state of affairs.
Where liars and thieves take the upper hand and decide what goes in society.
I for one refuse to kowtow to them and pander to their crap, I call them out on their BULLSHIT and I say loud and I say it clear.

Well, scruples be damned! I would have worked with the devil himself if it would have brought my enemies down; Sadly the devil was unavailable.

Some scribbles of wisdom:

  • The memories we fear are the precise ones that haunt us.
  • My justice is not so swift but it is magnificent in its glory.
  • “Global Deafening Silence” (This occurs whenever Israel does anything wrong, the world says nothing).
  • Your words are about as much worth as tits on a turtle.
  • Pray to God you say. I do pray to him but it seems my prayers are going straight to voicemail.
  • A person without secrets is like a scarecrow without stuffing.
  • You are brilliant but not God’s gift.
  • It’s not your life when your decisions impact me.
  • Born on the upper scale/crust between vicious and Versace.
  • A riddle wrapped in an enigma and razor wire smothered in Hermes.
  • People are going to tell you who you are all of your life. It is up to you to push back fight back and punch back and say no. You want people to look at you differently. Make them!
  • Joseph Campbell said “Find a place inside you where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain.
    I say but what happens if there is no joy? What if joy never found its way into a being never found a receptacle in me, the constant wear and tear of pain, betrayal, and disappointment that I experienced as a child left me bereft of joy and semi-anhedonic.
  • I always dreamt of a better place then I realised a better place existed, in me, nowhere else just in me. That is when I resigned myself to this existence.
  • You can say it didn’t work out because of irreconcilable differences. He was different and I don’t reconcile.
  • If you think it is complicated and ambitious. You should see the lists I used to send to Santa and the tooth fairy.
  • And hail with common sense the mighty warrior fell.
  • You thought I do not believe in luck you are so wrong! I just don’t believe in good luck.
  • I do not mistake practicality for sentimentality.
  • The erotic possibilities of excruciating pain.
  • Let us play it the American political way: We put out a press release, express concern, and do nothing.
  • Love your enemies in case your friends turn out to be bastards.
  • I am not good nor am I evil I am just inevitable.
  • I have a brilliant idea for those west-Ammani brats who want a tattoo! A label that says ‘Empty Space for Rent’.
  • You are about as useful as trying to use a croissant as a dildo. It doesn’t do th job and it makes a mess.
  • A man who doesn’t trust people that means a man who can be trusted.
  • 1001 nights dreams my foot! This just turned into a 1001 Nightmares.
  • Every person is corruptable, you just have to know what they desire and dangle it enticingly before them just out of reac, barely attainable, and youwill get them to walk through fire.
  • The absence of proof is not proof of anything.
  • Settle it in a civilised way. He begs for forgiveness and you get expensive jewellery.
  • Once you rule out the impossible whatever remains however improbable is the truth. (Einstein I think).
  • It is better to honour someone’s opinion while they’re alive to appreciate it.
  • I do not have or hold a grudge none of my enemies have survived.
  • That sir is an excuse NOT an explanation.
  • That’s not a threat, but a question with a hint of malice.
  • Do not confuse desire with reality. Also when the rule do not agree with one; it is sometimes necessary to change the rules.
  • With every loss there is a beneficiary.
  • Nice shade! Did you wear it so the people on the moon could tell how tacky you are.
  • It’s the world we live in not the world we want.
  • The new wave is always laughed at then it takes over.
  • One more out of the American political playbook: Money Muscle and the naturalisation of ones enemies.
  • You still need Sin to be Sincere.

So there you are some little nuggets of wisdom, some mine smoe were handed down to me by my late mother and grandmother. We are a family that has always had a cynical morbid outlook on life. Our favourite season is fall/Autumn when everything is dying or gooing into hibernation and changing.

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