On being human or not… How others dare to judge you because you care about lesser creatures who need your help…..

Hello Skinlovers,

Been a while since I had a good old rant (Yes I know you were all waiting for one so far be it from to disappoint) so here we go…


I am  on a group on facebook where people try to rescue abandoned and mistreated animals in Jordan ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/jordanappeal/ ) and yesterday some people’s true colours showed. 
There was this dog and it was on a roof of a house, and as most of you living in Jordan know there is a cold front hitting us now, so this dog is malnourished and had no cover from the harsh weather, my friends on that page tried to get it and rescue it and in the end came to an agreement with owner (but that is another story for another time).


Here comes the rant.
While this story was going on some arse-wipes suddenly started to comment on how trivial the group is and how people are starving and they were really being rude, and of course the whole bunch of us rhetorted in kind and this is my message to them hoping it goes out loud and clear.

We love animals! That does not detract from the fact that we are also humanitarians, who also care about people too, but in our eyes, animals come first because in this country of psychopaths who use religion as an excuse to mistreat and kill animals in such horrific ways (O the stories we could tell but we do not because your tender sensibilities would be hurt), unfortunately we are forced to be that way.

The fact remains some people out there sitting on their high horses dare to criticise us for doing good for the animals with sanctimonious phrases like: “You are so superficial, why are you helping animals when there are so many people out there starving and dying  (Insert whatever war riddled country in the region’s name here), you should be ashamed of yourselves” Yes they actually dare to pass judgement on us these shits who sit behind their pc’s criticising everyone yet do nothing themselves (and for the most part THAT generalisation is true). Steer away from the fact that they have been in our homes, had dinner with us, know us intimately (NOT!). Of course they know us so well they can pass judgement on us.

We do our bit for everyone and every living creature that we can.

HUMANS this virus that is destroying the earth with no thought to the future, they have voices to speak out for them and the animals DO NOT! It is a simple equation, in this land of ours where you can strangle a dog slowly and burn it alive (not only dogs but other animals as well), and simply turn around and say God said it was unclean, they forget that in Islam there is the story of one of the worst miscreants in Mecca who when the prophet saw him giving water to a dog (which is unclean in Islam) the prophet said “That man is going to heaven” so what does that mean you arse wipes out there condoning the nasty vicious behaviour? It means that even a dog has a soul and that it is part of the creation.

Now this I tell to those trying to sit in judgement on their betters and I say betters because we are. We care for the animals, we feed them, and we re-home them. We would do that for a lost abandoned child if we could, but we can’t save everyone so we do our best.

Stupid stupid fools who say we are superficial, my message to you is go shoot yourself in the head and miss your brains by half a metre, and then because you are still functioning as a drone a lemming you can take a mindless “Selfie” of yourself doing some profound thing and post it on facebook, instagram, or wherever. You are worthless dehumanised pieces of septic sludge (that’s the stuff found under the septic tank just in case you were wondering) your lives are devoid of any serious content, I have been to your facebook pages you hypocrites, you know who you are, I have seen your posts, so I can generalise. You attack us we respond in kind.

You call us shallow, funnily enough at our most shallow we shall still be fathoms deeper than any of you, we are the ones who care, we nurture, and we ask for nothing in return. While you! You think by posting pictures of any conflict you have done good? Do you think by spreading that viral chain letter you have accomplished anything? NO YOU HAVE NOT! (Give the deluded fools a round of applause). 

If you are on a page that loves animals and you want to post your small souled narrow-minded bigoted view of what we should do. Who the fracking hell died and made you God? You take your petty minded nonsense and go elsewhere and do not bother us, just go in silence don’t think you can shame us. You cannot because we are light years more advanced on the human scale than you will ever be cloaking yourselves in pseudo humanitarianism you are hypocrites and liars.

This is what I think, this is my truth, and  this is how it is.

As parting I shall leave you with a little anecdote for those who doubt or were confused by all the above (since a lot of people suffer from mental constipation and various form of ADD).
My late mother (a Doctor, an MD not a PHD) who was the head of the Scandinavian ladies of Amman (president of said group more than once) always allocated funds from the various bazaars to charities and one of those charities was HCAW (human centre for animal welfare, which is headed by Margaret Ledger), and she did that every time. Once a lady who shall remain nameless (a Scandi) antagonised my late mother by saying “Why do you give to the animals? There are so many humans who need this.” to which my mother affronted replied “You have been here too long then it seems, you have forgotten this little thing  which is that the humans have plenty of voices to speak for them , while the animals do not, and while I am president and as long as my table, which brings in more than all of the things you sell combined, I shall give to the animals whether you approve, and your approval and consent is neither required nor desired.” And that subject was never broached again.

Again I repeat once more and with feeling, judge us not, we do good across the board for humans and for animals, that the most of us prefer the company of animals is a reflection on how despicable the human state has become. Don’t blame us if we prefer the company of animals, for we have tried the company of mankind and found most of it sorely lacking and beneath contempt. Sorry for being that harsh but it is the truth.

You do not believe me, okay, take a step back and observe and I mean REALLY observe and dare to say I am wrong.

Have a good snow day Y’All.

Image ImageImage And ain’t that the truth.ImageImage My late MotherImage


Dogo and his morning greeting


To those of you who think Dogs cannot watch TV here is th irrefutable truth, Dogo does and he was watching a programme called (you are going to love this) “Must Love Cats.


Queen Margarethe II’s Dog in Caiix France

ImageHusky Whiskey & Shelly ImageImage


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One Response to On being human or not… How others dare to judge you because you care about lesser creatures who need your help…..

  1. It was the office i was consulting at that arranged the pick up for that dog – I tried to throw him food one day which felt rather odd and i though could get me in trouble, until i found out others in the office were doing the same (from a closer window). Enjoyed the Mecca story.

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