Travelogged! :-D (because I have so many pictures and it would be a snore fest if I tagged a descriptive on each one) Deal with it!

Hello Skinlovers,

I really should develop the habit of sitting down once a week at least to put the pictures from my travels up, but since I didn’t La Deluge ca commence now! 😀

Bratislava – Vienna – Bratislava again.

(where I deem it necessary I shall put in a description but most speak for themselves, and of course there are doors). 😀


And then some Vienna….




And then back to Bratislava again….





Okay so that is it for THAT part of the journey the story continues.
Let me say Bratislava was a cute town Vienna is more appealing, and there was something odd about the whole atmosphere of the towns.
Architecture kicked arse, food was excellent in bothe cities, people were friendly the youngsters were most definitely trying to speak English which is always an added plus in tourist/student cities abroad.
Lovely trip it was.




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