Travelogue yet again ( More tales from the rare but rich travels of Malice in Blunderland)

Hello Skinlovers!

Did anyone miss me, I guess not.

I haven’t been writing for a while, and that’s simply because I am not your every day I had a cup of coffee kind of blogger, and those who follow me know that by now.

So as most know I am on a mini-tour of Europe. And so I am quite erratic in my writing.

Here we go at the start of my trip I made it a point to catch up with Hanne Gaard Groenlund ( an amazing woman she drew a fantastic oil painting of me in the 90’s and has now moved on to textile sculptures.




Hanne now is amazing a true lady who uses her talents with crochet and artistic flair to shed light upon things we normally would ignore in our desensitised media quick fix dominated world.  (pictures above are from 2007).
I have always admired her poise and under-stated sharp insightful wit.

Here is one of Hanne’s creations which was made for the Danish Cancer Fund and it was sold at auction to raise money for research:

Hanne G Hanging breasts

We met many years ago and she is still high on my list of people who made an impression on me.
Cafe sommersko in Copenhagen was where we had our reunion, Hanne felt that this was perfect because it remained unchanged and like we remembered it, so we wouldn’t be distracted by changes.
We rehashed the past caught up on who did what and where and then we continued to a Vernissage of a young artist Hanne had group exhibiton with a few years ago and she had been invited.
So off we went to Gallerie KANT, we walked along the roads window shopping and browsing pointing out the things we liked and thought were fun, let it be said we have different taste, yet, we had also many similar likes.
Hanne and I were rather impressed with the Artist exhibiting at Gallerie KANT, his name is LARS WORM, and his work was focused mainly on textile form art (which is predominated by women artists and not the usual domain of males), he did a bang-up job of using textiles, wood, and metal and the sensitivity of his art.

Here are some pictures of his works:
20131025_173212 20131025_173224 20131025_173232 20131025_173241 20131025_173310You have to see them up live and personal to truly appreciate the finesse that he has, it is a sensibility usually associated with women artist (that is not meant to be sexist, but rather as a social criticism). The pictures are as they are in-Situ so I apologise for the lack of vibrancy but that is how the lighting was a bluish white kind of light which when taking pictures gives a deadish look.

Still at KANT we met the owner and he said there was another exhibit at the other side if we wanted to see it, and of course we said yes, we went over and saw it at which point being a chheky git I saw the storage open and saw some pieces I liked, so I asked if I could take pictures for my blog, and the owner said of course you can please feel free.
Here is what I took. 😀

Birk Bjoerlo from Norway:
20131025_172708 20131025_172719 20131025_172725 20131025_172738 20131025_172826The works are rich and yet subdues in colours, they are lovely and the smell of freshoil paint was heavenly.

This was the trove found in the back-room:
20131025_172833 20131025_172840 20131025_172847 20131025_172853 20131025_172901 20131025_172908 20131025_172929 20131025_172939

After browsing through this fun part, Hanne and I decided to cut through Bolton’s Gaard to see how the location of my old soirées (Mizz Velour Nights sponsored by Tuborg) looks today.  We were surprised to see a couple of restaurants there and a fitness centre but in general it was unchanged snapped a few shots and walked back to where Hanne had parked her bike.

20131025_173544 20131025_173601 20131025_173616 20131025_173625 20131025_173653 20131025_173700 20131025_173706 20131025_173728Hanne was enjoyable company and she is as always a delight to be around, relaxing, no stress.

The feelings I had when stomping around my old haunts were those that memories usually are in my books those of Bittersweet fondness, but absolutely no regrets at all.
I will write more later until the be careful and be safe.


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