Travelogue the saga continues! Bits and pieces from a trip worth waiting for.

Hello Skinlovers,

Here we go again.

Some bits and pieces from my trip I shall not bore you with detailed accounts of every little thing just the highlights.


Cherina and I have been chillaxing, not stressing out and running around, we finally got me a Danish number and may I say if you are in Denmark and need a number go to 3G at kultorvet and ask for Rene, a most presentable, charming, and charismatic young man who was very entertaining Che and I are HUGE fans! 😀
So the phone situation is fixed now I have to sort out the clothes thing.

We went to sneaky fox a shop which had exactly the style I am convincing Che to do a 50’s kind of look, glam and flirtatious yet all woman.
She tried on a couple of dresses she will buy a Black one on Wednesday with some shoes and gloves and I will post pictures.

We went out last Friday, after going around we stopped at a restaurant called Portugalo ( in Noerregade, and it was amazing I got the veal and Che got the chicken stupendous food excellent portions, and dessert was Calvados baked apples with cinnamon sticks, chic, small cosy and simply wonderful.

It was REALLY good, one thing I can say so far is that the food is delicious and the meat exquisite.

We returned home to change we had bought tickets to “PAN – Retro” supposedly a revival of the days gone by.
So we went expecting to see a bunch of the old gang. But no, it was the usual rip-off of people wanting to make money at the expense of the “Community”, and what was worse, they hadn’t even hired any of the Dj’s from that era, it was a flop at its best and an unmitigated disaster at its worst, and they even had the drinks watered down. I got Che and I a Gin and Tonic which tasted of Soda-Pop. It irks me. The only thing retro about the place was that Rene and I were there….

Then it was off to Never-Mind for the closing of the night, the place was packed (unlike Pan which was empty and what was there was NOCD), so we got our drinks, and people-watched. I have to say Che stood out uniquely at both places, in a sort of Girl before Swine thing because she was dressed to the T’s in a Herve Leger Bandage dress and her hair and make-up were fabulous.
Any way, the Dj was a little munchkin who didn’t know how to mix, he also had no segue into songs from BPM to a complete another it was like being at a high school dance!




All I can say so far is that Copenhagen night-life is boring,but, we had fun. I forgot to mention we started the night at Oscar’s before heading to PAN.
The reason for my utter disappointment in that arrangement was simply because PAN was our stomping ground, our Haven, it was fun, Kitsche, and rowdy.
We had our friends, it was our tribal gathering water hole. We partied with Depeche- Mode & Erasure there. We were drugged up strung out and yet the sense of community was strong, most of us looked out for each other. And then to met by the crap we saw, not cool at all.

So we left Never Mind and went home a bit more than disappointed.





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