Travelogue Day 2 ( The European edition) aka “Malice’s Adventures in Blunderland).

Hello skinlovers!

So back to another adventure filled narrative this being part of the second of my european adventures.

Second day I woke up ( well, didn’t really get any sleep it seems my body’s thermostat has gone on the fritz it cannot regulate cold or hot any more). Had an excellent breakfast and then was joined by Adrienn, kept her company and we headed out to the MAC flagshipstore where we looked around and were shown around.
The staff were friendly and professional, I didn’t buy anything there but decided I wanted to go to Sephora which was next door, there were a lot of goodies and it was like letting a kid loose in a candy store, I showed remarkable restraint with not buying much but I did buy one excellent product a moisturiser that covers all! 🙂


After Sephora we went to the MAC-Pro Shop, where I went slightly wild.

20131012_115449 20131012_115659 20131012_115049

I said slightly wild not WILD! 😀

Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Master-class but not before stopping at a quaint little Bistro to eat.

20131009_102231 20131009_102336 20131009_122443 20131009_133907 20131009_134228 20131009_155459 - Copy 20131009_155755

THe master class was amazing Rick Baker is a GOD I fell in love with him and his adorable wife seriously down to earth and simply adorable. You had to be there the atmosphere was simply electric to see a master craftsman at work and to be allowed this experience is simply humbling, he is so great and yet so humble.

20131009_170636 - Copy


Rick Baker, Moi & Michelline (Astounding model who was in character all the time I am awed).

20131012_115858We got some freebies of course being a greedy cow I had fantasised that they would give us the three monster collections products, but no that was not to be… 😀 (Seriously they have already paid for the trip all expenses come on what more do I want… I want MORE!) 😀

After the master class it was home to the hotel to change and take an evening walk around the area, galleries Ecole des beaux arts and all that jazz Caron shop, Swarovski, Karl Lagerfeld’s own shop etc. 😀

20131009_193933 20131009_194600 20131009_195812 20131009_200544 20131009_201604 20131009_202026 20131009_204017 20131009_204515 20131009_204522So Ends the second part of the Travelogue, the third day was spent in the airport and getting to Copenhagen where Cherina met me.
Went to her place in Vanloese and then went shopping (As we dooooooooo) 😀

I am out of here for now tomorrow will be posting some more stuff and opinions. 😀



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